good morning guys thank you for joining
me in another day of eating ketogenic diet and guess what guys would you
believe that our car actually has a license plate which says Sunshine State
like what a joke right I officially start to dislike Florida like the better
is being ridiculous raining every day well it’s about one o’clock so I’m ready
to have my lunch I’m gonna make a Cobb salad and I already have my coffee and
obviously my water with apple cider and lemon so I’m gonna show you how I make
this delicious salad so for the Cobb salad I have a 1 cup of spinach half of
an avocado half of an tomato 20 grams of shredded mozzarella cheese 1 Hardboil
egg 90 grams of grilled chicken and two slices of crispy bacon hey guys this is my delicious cup salad
it took me about five minutes to throw it all together I’m gonna use this to
prepare interesting it has only two cars for two tablespoons so what I wanted to
talk to you today about is that your body can store only two days supplies of
glucose so if you keep eating two days under 20 grams of net carbs you should
also enter state of ketosis orally process well I didn’t get my Kido strips
to test myself until day four so when I did test myself I actually found out
that I’m officially in Quito so some signs of that you’re in ketosis are they
say bad breath not me weight loss well yeah I did manage to
lose three pounds increased ketones in your blood and urine well yes I did
measure myself and I do have a pretty good amount of ketones in my urine also
appetite suppression I would say yes I do really not have any particular
cravings anymore for me it was definitely the thirst of you guys I’m so
thirsty I definitely drink almost double of a man of water I used to drink in a
day once your body enters the state of ketosis
you don’t tap into your insulin reserves as much as you would which allows your
body to actually release more liquid which basically means you pee more well
so your body forces you to drink more and I do really drink a lot now it’s so
far I feel really good I am losing some weight so it’s very encouraging also I’m
not experiencing any type of keto flu like everybody is talking about so I
think I’m really keeping my sodium level pretty high I do Lilly munch a lot of
saltiness but yeah so I’m pretty happy about that do you guys hear that crunch
so for awesome I’m gonna enjoy the delicious salad and I will check with
you again bye snack time I suspect time so today I made myself these cuties so I
took 6 slices of this mini hearts I may be bought at Aldi is if you wanna see
the keto hold and go watch my previous video mm-hmm and I got 2 ounces of
cheese in half of a big pecker and I just stuck it on this little scooters I
think it looks amazing I think this would be awesome also if you have a
party or if you have a friends over so just an idea for a keto friendly awesome
fatty snack these babies they each have about 150 calories what’d you guys think
cool idea or nah definitely cool so guys it’s 7 o’clock so it’s time to start the
dinner and today I’ll be making sesame elements doodles so let me show you how
I make it for two people you will need three zucchinis one cup of mushrooms one
teaspoon of sesame oil and one cup of broccoli slaw for the sauce you will
need quarter cup of peanut butter 2 tablespoons of soy sauce 2 tablespoons
of sesame oil quarter teaspoon of garlic powder some red pepper flakes then 2
tablespoon of sliced almonds paralyze your zucchini using paralyzer or
mandoline peeler I actually decided to just to zucchini as it’s really plenty
for two people mix the sauce ingredients all together you can use a little water if that sauce
is too thick for you at the almonds at one teaspoon of sesame oil onto a big
pan at mushrooms and the broccoli slaw and cook until soft when it’s them at the zucchini and cook
for another three minutes then transfer it into a pot mix the sauce and you’re
done yeah so it was really easy to make it
took me about 15 minutes that spiralizer you saw I purchase it on Amazon I’m
gonna leave you two link down below if you want to check it out
well the zucchini is about 90% made of water so you have to expect that the
fake pass that will be a little watery I’ll show you how that looks like whoa
but mine are not too bad and if you want to avoid that I have a great tip he
didn’t know when we went vegan we actually used to eat a raw zucchini
noodles and then you actually avoid this water nice well guys the day’s almost
over with dishes and now we’re just hanging we’re gonna watch some zombie
movie and I’m not too much of a dessert kind of girl so I just got myself some
back scans so I’m gonna just mention that and that will be it what I’m gonna
eat today so I’m gonna pose the macros right somewhere here for you and I’m
gonna see you tomorrow good night are you scared yet you

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  1. It's like raining in every other video of yours! Haha no sunshine there Iva, I can't imagine living there! Such weird weather

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