hey guys welcome back in another episode
of what I eat in a day on ketogenic diet I just had my lunch I have chicken
breath some broccoli slaw with a little bit of mayo and half of an avocado the
chicken breast was from a whole baked chicken I made yesterday so by the way
go watch that episode after this one it was a hilarious one me and my hubby we
were playing charades you’re gonna have some good laughs today is the first day
when I’m little bit craving something sweet so I’ve decided that for snack I’m
gonna make a keel crepes so you guys don’t wanna miss that recipe it’s gonna
be awesome yummy and I’m gonna teach you how to do
it so yeah guys those crepes are absolutely
amazing it really hit the sweet tooth spot I
only used one ounce of cream cheese and one AK you put it in your blender you
blend it on high didn’t you put the little butter onto a pan and you fry it
about what in half minutes from each side and while it’s done simple as that
two ingredients guys amazing so good look at that it’s just so good and that
this all together has only 166 calories and six net carbs so I make and I have
ants or two ounces of cheese just to pump my calorie intake and my fat a
little more up but other than that I’m like really really happy how that turned
out I really love it let’s go oh ah hope you baby hope you guys it’s a
time that you actually get to know me a little bit so I am from Prague that’s in
Czech Republic that’s a little country in the middle of Europe and I guess you
noticed my accent so that’s where I’m from I came in
United States in 2012 as an au pair so I was watching after kids and living with
the host family while I was going to school and travelling and then I met my
husband and I stayed here if you had some questions for me you can always
leave some comments down below and ask me I would be happy to answer all of
them they see let’s go axel this is our lovely house on new wheels
we can’t wait to take off and travel full time so I got my four-legged babies
back home after a little walk and I’m all ready to start doing the dinner it’s
about 7 o’clock I’m thinking about making zucchini boats filled with the
shredded chicken from the previous baked chicken I made yesterday so that should
be awesome with some little cheese and broccoli I will show you how I make it scrab it good did you like the dinner I
loved it okay guys the dinner was really
delicious I loved it it was crunchy not sunny at all yeah babies doing dishes
well the recipe actually asked for cooking the zucchini on its own in the
oven for about half hour which I completely skipped that step because in
my experience the zucchini will just get soggy and not good so I advise you not
to do that just put all the fillings in the raw zucchini and cook it all
together for about 20 minutes and then out of five minutes with the mozzarella
on top so just melted it nicely can you hear it it’s raining again I’m
really happy that they managed to actually take the dogs out at least for
a little bit welcome to the Sunshine State
all right let’s don’t sing did you feel me no just the part where you don’t have
a hair in fact I was careful how’d you like it so guys I don’t know if you can hear me
there is a stun to storm again pretty loud so I’m just gonna have my little
dessert I’m gonna have to spoon of this natural peanut butter and the call of
the night I’ll see you tomorrow bye if I don’t check with you tomorrow we
probably flooded or dead or something hit by a Conda


  1. Guys Today is DAY 7 Since I started Ketogenic Diet and my Journey Into Ketosis. I tried Keto Crepe/Pancakes and they were Awesome! Weight Loss is ON!

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