Depression: What if it’s Your Food (2018 Theory)

Hey, this is Dr Barry. In this short video, I want to talk to you about depression. Millions of people in the US and Canada Australia and the UK suffer from depression, from mild, to debilitating. And my question is: Depression. What if it’s your diet? What if it’s your food? I think that’s a valid question and let me tell you why I think that. But first if you have anyone in your life, who you love, who suffers from depression, please share this video with them on Facebook or on Twitter or on Instagram. Send them an email. Let them have this information so that they can decide for themselves whether it might be their food. So let’s talk about this. Everybody’s probably heard of the chemical imbalance theory of depression. But there’s a problem with that. Did you hear what I called it? The chemical imbalance THEORY. Because although there are billions of dollars made every year on the medications, the antidepressants, that were marketed to us constantly every minute of every day on television, on the internet, in magazines this theory has never been proven. Yeah that’s right, you heard me right. The chemical imbalance that you maybe even said, “I have a chemical imbalance”, how do you know you have that? Because your doctor said that. How does your doctor know you have that? Did he tap your spinal fluid or your brain fluid and send it off to the lab and say, “Yep there it is, there’s the dopamine or a serotonin imbalance, and therefore you need this pill.” That never happens, right? So even at the very upper echelon of adacemic medicine, this is still just a theory. All of the studies that were done to show that antidepressants work and that that the chemical imbalance theory of depression is true, are tenuous studies at best. No randomised controlled trial has ever proven that a single human ever on this planet has a serotonin imbalance or a dopamine imbalance. or an alternate, there’s no research, there’s no proof of that, it’s just a theory. But based on that theory multiple drug companies have been able to convince the FDA that their drug fixes these theoretical, um whimsical, uh probably not even real chemical imbalances. And so you’re stuck taking a pill, or two or three, every day for the rest of your life to control a chemical imbalance that’s only a theory that’s never been proven. Now that doesn’t really sound like a great way to practice medicine to me, it’s always bothered me. And so, also when you look at the research on this antidepressant or that antidepressant they’re often set up as almost just silly sham studies, they don’t really prove anything they may prove that this particular pill is 1/10th of 1% better than placebo or that this pill is better than that pill but the end product is based on some score that you take a questionnaire and you fill it out after you’ve taken the medicine. Nobody taps your spinal fluid, nobody taps your brain and actually checks the chemicals. See what I’m getting at here? This is a theory. That billions of dollars are being made upon each year. That you’re suffering under each year, because you’ve got to take this pill for the rest of your life and also think that something’s wrong with you for the rest of your life: you have an imbalance. In your brain. Nobody can see it or find it or quantify it or prove it, but you’ve got that and you need to take this pill or these two pills or these three pills. And so my question is: if studies repeatedly show that the standard diet causes inflamation in the gut – – it causes inflamation in other places too – – what if that inflamation also extends to your brain? If various parts of your brain are inflamed, they’re not going to work properly and that could lead to depression, right? The SAD diet with all the “vegetable” oils misbuilds, or or uses the wrong kind of fat to make your cell membranes with, to make your neurons and your synapses within your brain. If you’re not eating good healthy fats, your brain which is composed about 60% of fat, it has none of the raw materials it needs to make new fresh brain cells. So therefore, that might lead to some depression, right? If the SAD diet damages your neurons and damages your synapses, that could probably lead to some disordered thinking and some depression don’t you think? Now of course my theory is just that as well, it’s just a theory but I’m honest enough to admit that. Whereas the chemical imbalance theory is reported as fact in all circles of medicine. So Let’s set the stage. Of course if you have terrible things happening in your life, that might depress you. Right? But I don’t think if you were eating a good whole-food ketogenic diet and your brain was not inflamed, if your brain was built of good healthy fats instead of the trans fats that are in the vegetable oils and if your neurons and your synapses weren’t damaged, by the toxins in the standard diet, I think your brain would be able to handle these occasional insults, and these occasional social catastrophes. and these family disasters that can get us down to the point when we’re eating the standard diet that we think we need a pill or two. I’ll bet and actually I’ve seen played out in my clinic multiple times that if you eat a good whole-food ketogenic diet, you won’t need that medication for depression or you may not need as many milligrams a day of that medication for depression. I’ve had multiple patients decrease their dose after eating keto for a few months. I’ve had many many patients stop taking anti depressants after a few months of a ketogenic way of eating because their brain is not as inflamed. It’s not as damaged. And the new neurons that have been made, and that does happen in the brain all the time, the new neurons are made of good healthy fats. The kind of fats that your body actually wants to make your brain tissue from. That’s what I see in my clinic and I’ve had so many people say, I wish I’d known about this way of eating 20 years ago when I was put on this anti depressant. They’d been taking this pill every day of their lives with the side effects being virtually unknown and very poorly studied if you look at the studies. Trying to fix something that’s “wrong with them” even though nothing’s ever been proven to be wrong. Maybe what was wrong all along was your food. Maybe it was your diet. Maybe once you get the cr*p out of your diet and feed your brain what it actually needs, it won’t be as inflamed. It’ll be built of the right things, and there won’t be the neuron damage that we see in autopsy brains all the time. Now if you enjoyed this video, please take one second and click the subscribe button and maybe hit the bell right beside it because then when I get a bright idea you’ll be one of the very first people to know. Also if my videos have helped your health in some way, you can click the Patreon link down below, sign up very quickly and throw a buck or two my way. It gives me more time to make more videos, so I can help more people. This is Dr Barry, I’ll see you next time.

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