Diet & Exercise Aren’t Enough // Drew Manning Fit2Fat2Fit

Diet & Exercise Aren’t Enough  //  Drew Manning Fit2Fat2Fit

*heartbeat* I used to think health and fitness was just working out and eating healthy food until I put on 75 pounds on purpose Drew Manning, he’s a personal fitness trainer… The ‘extreme experiment’ of Drew Manning… One man is taking a journey from being fit to getting fat… So no exercise for six months and I basically live off the typical American diet of processed foods. Hard rock muscles, everything else, very lean and you thought, “I’m going to put on 70 pounds”… Let’s see…my waist okay, so I’m still around 47.5 inches… The idea for Fit2Fat2Fit came from me noticing a disconnect between my clients, who were overweight, and me Because I couldn’t understand why it was so hard just to do what I told them to do. I’d give them meal plans, I’d give them workouts like ‘okay, here’s what you do, you do it, and then they would tell me: ‘You know Drew, I cheated on the meal plans…” ‘…I didn’t follow it exactly…’ ‘…I gave in and had soda or cookies this week.’ And so I was thinking of ideas of how I could better help them, and the idea of getting fat on purpose, as crazy as that sounds, It was like a lightning bolt moment in my head where I’m like, I need to do this, it was like a calling. The hardest parts of this journey Where moreso on the mental emotional side so so physically I knew I was going to get fat, I knew I was going to get man-boobs and a big gut… …but what I wasn’t prepared for was how this was going to affect me mentally and emotionally. And here’s the thing: When you grow up your entire life ‘in shape’ part of your identity is based on what your body looks like. So if you’re always ‘in shape’ your entire life That kind of, you know, who you are. Right? So once I lost that–once I put on the fat… I kind of freaked out and I didn’t know who I was. So I would go out in public and feel so uncomfortable and so self-conscious and I would want to go up to complete strangers and tell them, ‘Hey, I’m not really overweight, here’s my before picture… …go to this website. This isn’t really me, this is just an experiment i’m doing.’ It really did affect my relationship with my wife affect my relationship even with my wife it affected me as a dad, it affected my personality and that’s…that’s the scariest thing. So my self-esteem, my confidence levels took a hit the bigger I got and so that was the hard part to deal with was my self-esteem–being out in public or getting out the shower covering up in front of my wife. Let’s weight on the scale here… *surprised laugh* …269 lbs! Your insulin was way high this is your liver ultrasound… …and you sir, have a large, fatty liver! Really? -I know you don’t drink, but you should have been drinking the last 30 years because you have the same liver. You’ve gotta change your life style. There’s no pill for it… …there’s no pill for it. So here I was, self-conscious, freaking out with, you know, lack of self-confidence and it really changed the way I saw myself because it really forced me to look at myself as more than just my physical body and see my clients from a different perspective as well Because I realized how much of transformation or change, is mental emotional. They don’t look at themselves and they don’t realize what they have to change on the inside first… Their relationship with food… Their emotional connection to food… Why they can’t be consistent with workouts or diet People gotta dig deep. Go back to their childhood sometimes, sometimes it’s trauma sometimes it’s abuse. It’s not easy to overcome. If people are willing to put in the work then they’ll be able to have a healthy relationship with themselves and with food and they’re able to embrace this as a lifestyle change. I used to think health and fitness was just working out and eating healthy food But that couldn’t be farther from the truth. *heartbeat*

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  1. I Have a question ! So I have osteoarthritis & severe pain In my Lower Lumbar( L4 & L5) also woke up on day with not being able to walk on my left foot for a few moments in the morning but managed to get through the day with pain( come to find out I also have ( Plantar fasciitis) which depresses me due to no rst & not being able to do the things I love Most,hiking walking dancing etc.., & I have been on the Keto Diet since April 2019 , I`v lost approx
    20 lbs not in the shape i used to be due to the pains I have, & not being able to do some exercising . What would you suggest ? Something that's not going to cause More injury to my back. ect….

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