Diet Lessons ft. @BeerBiceps | Tarunanche Sanskar Varga | #VishayKhol

Diet Lessons ft. @BeerBiceps  | Tarunanche Sanskar Varga | #VishayKhol

-That’s so sweet! How many months has it been? -In the third month now. Wow! Crazy!! -No, mom. Enough, I’m full. -Shut up! You might know better in other things, but mom knows best in this. Sweety, it’s always better to eat a little extra when you’re pregnant. -All the pizzas and pistas you eat outside… -Pasta. -That’s what I meant. You know… Why don’t you tell your friend? Look how healthy he is! That’s because of the egg protein, aunty. Shiva, shiva, shiva, shiva! It’s Monday today! Anyway. What’s important is that you do eat. And look at you! You look like a malnourished lizard. Mom, I really don’t want to. Really! -So where am I supposed to store this now? -Why don’t you sit and I’ll serve you? -No, I’m fasting. I’ll make sabudana (sago) snacks for myself later. -I’ll just leave. Wait, wait. Let me give you the prasad. Your friend is pregnant! You’re gonna be an uncle! -Okay, I’ll see you. -Such a sweet boy. Ugh, this generation of yours! Refuses prasad?! This is not some ordinary sweet! It’s God’s blessing. And made with jaggery! These kids today, I tell you… They’ll never listen to their parents! Look at us… We eat everything and still never fall sick. And look at you… Such picky eaters! ‘Can’t eat this, won’t eat that…’ You’ll learn when your bones weaken in old age. -You’ll realize mom was right. -Aunty! Your bones are weak, not ours. 18 crore Indian people have Arthritis today; so many of those are from your generation. And it’s even more prevalent in women. There are many reasons! But the most important reason is being overweight. So… keep your sweets with you. And sugar and jaggery- both are equally harmful, as they have the same amount of calories… and the same glycemic index! Jaggery does contain minerals, but it still raises blood sugar. If she’s pregnant, make her healthy- don’t make her obese. Give her as much veggies and proteins as you can. If you don’t eat non-veg, it’s good for the environment. But that doesn’t mean chapati is the answer. Chapati and pizza- both contain carbs and gluten. It adds to your muffin top, not your brains. Pulses, kidney beans, sprouts, milk, yogurt, broccoli… There are several options. Don’t be quick to judge broccoli as a ‘Western-culture’ vegetable. Food does not have a nationality or a religion. In fact, the sabudana you eat when you fast- that was introduced by the Portuguese and was found in Brazil! It’s a kind of tapioca. And the recipe for that? It’s a pasta made of starch from root vegetables. It’s a kind of pasta! Pasta! You’re supposed to eat it after a fast, as it has starch in it. Starch! One more thing… You can’t eat fasting-special food when you fast! You actually have to fast! Don’t mind… Don’t be upset! This was just a ‘fast’ lesson. You’re welcome! Do let us know how you liked this video. Looking forward to your comments. And I’m not going to make her fat like me; I’ll make her healthy. -Please subscribe to Vishay Khol, Bha2Pa, and BhaDiPa. -Do it! -Also subscribe to Ranveer Allahbadia. -Please do! Aunty… Have some sweets? No! If non-veg… If non-veg… If you don’t eat non-veg… If you don’t eat non-veg, it’s good for the envi… Non-veg… -Don’t be quick to judge broccoli as a Western-culture… ugh! -Very good! It’s you who has weak bones, not us. Today, in India…

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  1. तुम्हाला Diet साठी मिळालेला सर्वात ' विचित्र" सल्ला कोणता?आम्हाला comment मध्ये सांगा.

  2. 'ळ' चा अत्यंत योग्य प्रकारे उच्चार केला रणवीरने अमराठी असूनही 👍👍👌

  3. Ha video Mi majhya aai, Maushi, aaji, taai, Mama, kaka, kaki sarvanna share kela. Ata Tari doka nahi khanar te maza.😅😂

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