Diet Plan at Home | New Diet Plan | Diet Plan for Weight Loss | Diet Plan to Lose Weight

Diet Plan at Home | New Diet Plan | Diet Plan for Weight Loss | Diet Plan to Lose Weight

Hello Friends, This is Aditi & I welcome you to my kitchen. Today I bring to you a new diet plan this diet plan is somewhat different from my previous diet plans but this is as effective like the previous one’s. you can lose upto 10 kgs with this diet plan in 1 month you will get really good results with this diet plan. you can very easily follow this diet. you won’t face any problem I sincerely hope that all of you will like this diet plan! If you like this video than just press the like button. You must also subscribe to channel by pressing subscribe botton also tap on the bell icon to receive timely updates from our channel. first of all we will prepare this drink which has to be taken in morning on empty stomach. here we have taken sabja/ basil seeds basil seeds were kept in water and they have swelled up quite nicely. you may also use chia seeds in place of basil seeds. we will pour luke warm warter mix it well mix 1 tsp honey honey should be of good quality. if you are diabetic than please don’t use honey. squeeze half lemon into the mixture so we have added lemon and honey this drink needs to be consumed in early morning on an empty stomach. and in the night before going to bed. So you have to take it 2 times a day. in the morning you can also add a pinch of cinnamon powder for increased efficiency of this drink. if you don’t want to add cinnamon powder then you can simply add some ginger juice. if you want to see this video in detail, then we have provided link in the description box. after 1 hour you have to eat an Apple. up next is your breakfast in breakfast you have to take overnigh oats you can also add other seasonal fruits in overnight oats. apart from this there are many oats recipes. you will find links to oats recipe in description box. now lets see what we have for lunch Lentil (Masoor Dal) -125 gm you can replace it with Green Gram or any other pulse you find tasty. Onions, tomamto, turmeric, salt and chopped garlic we have to add. we will transfer lentil into cooker. wash lentil properly before cooking them. add 5x water to lentil add one small chopped onion add one chopped tomamto 1 tsp turmeric powder 1 tsp himalyan pink salt you can buy this salt from online store, link has been provided in description box as well as in the pinned comment. we have added chopped garlic as well you can also add 1 chopped green chilli if you wish to. you may also add asafoetida (heeng) don’t add any oil or ghee of any type in this recipe. mix properly and then apply lid onto pressure cooker. we will cook this on low flame for 10-15 minutes after 1st cooker whistle comes. I checked after 15 minutes we can see our lentil dal has been cooked nicely with good consistency. we haven’t used any oil or too much of spice. if you wish you can add a chopped green chilli but you should not add red chilli powder you may also add black pepper if you wish to. Rice 125 gm wash the rice properly let’s cook the rice! we will boil the rice in water and strain out extra water once rice are cooked. we will make rice in an open utensil and not in a cooker pressure. we have added rice to already hot water we will stir the rice and water and let the mixture cook properly. cook it at a medium flame with container covered with lid. we will keep stirring in between to check if rice have been cooked properly or not. this can be done be putting few rice between fingers and crushing them. our rice have been perfectly cooked. now we will strain out excess water. now we will serve the lunch one full bowl of lentil curry. the lentil curry we have prepared is enough for one more person and even after that 1 small bowl will be left for night. so this is your lunch lunch consists of 1 bowl rice, 1 bowl lentil(masoor) dal, cucumber and a bowl of curd. make sure you chew the food atleast 32-40 times so that food mixes with your saliva and is broken into fine pieces. this lunch has to be taken atleast 5-6 days in a week. if you eat a chapati in between make sure you chew it properly. chapati should be chewed 32-40 times till it becomes a liquid like consistency. this will stop overeating and you will feel more satiated with less food eaten. here we have sliced a watermelon we will put some soaked sabja or chia seed on top of sliced watermelon. sprinkle some crushed mint leaves and eat this whenever you feel like snacking. watermelon is easily available during summers and keeps you hydrated. this turns out to be a really tasty and healthy snack. snacking on this is good for health. around 110 gm broccoli around 110 gm mushrooms we will chop them accordingly. this preparation is for dinner add little olive oil in non-stick pan, almost 1 tsp now add chopped mushroom and broccli you have to cook according to your preference if you like it crunchy then cook a little less so that some rawness remains. but if you like it throughly cooked then first cook broccoli and then cook mushrooms. Otherwise musrooms will get overcooked as they are delicate. now add himalyan pink salt. mix it properly. both broccoli and mushroom have turned brown. I like eating it chrunchy so I will keep them slightly uncooked. so our dinner is ready to be served! now we will serve it. you have to eat this 2 days in dinner and then on 3rd day eat only fruits in dinner. you won’t eat salt after 6pm it will be best if you can stay on a fruit fast for 1 day in a week. you have to avoid salt during that time. you may also eat tofu salad in dinner. it will be a good change tofu salad is an excellent dinner option and we have posted its link in description box. so this is your dinner. I have told you about everything this diet plan includes. it is a full day diet plan. so keep in mind what you have to eat and at what time. this diet plan will help you loose weight quickly. if you follow it dilligently you will for sure lose at least 10 kgs in a month. keep in mind to eat you food propely and with a calm mind chew it properly at least 32 times. chew it till it becomes water like consistency in mouth. drink as much as water. if possible drink at least 1 glass/hour don’t eat junk and deep fried food. If you can’t help then keep a day in week when you can eat junk food. but in moderation also make sure to include some physical activity in your day. you will be able to loose weight without being hungry take it as a challenge and you will succeed. if you enjoyed watching this video then don’t forget to click the like botton and subscribe to our channel right now!

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  3. Hii man main last 2 week se try kar rahi hu mene 3 kg kam kiya hai without exercise bus yhi diet plan follow kiya hai….abhi continue karungi 10 kg tak dekhti hu kitne din main hoga or share bhi karungi apke sath…thank you so much mam

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