Diet Planning | How to Keep a Food Diary TO LOSE WEIGHT

Diet Planning | How to Keep a Food Diary TO LOSE WEIGHT

Hi, beautiful ladies. Andrea here to help you lead your best and
healthiest lives. In today’s video, I’m going to show you how
to keep a food diary. So by the end of this video you are going
to fully understand this great tip that will help you towards your weight loss goals. If you watch all the way to the end, you will
also learn the six practices that current evidence shows, you need to learn and fully
understand, in order to reach the goal weight that you’re desiring. I’ve helped hundreds of my clients use this
exact process to go from tired, low energy and overweight to then bouncing back into
my treatment room full of life, excited that they finally fit into those clothes that they
haven’t used for ages, and thrilled that they feel good in their body again. Okay, so let’s do this. Step number one, grab your computer or even
a pen and paper and let’s put together a food diary template. I find on the computer it’s best in landscape
view, as that gives you more space and better visuals for everything that you then need
to document. Along the top, put the days of the week. I like to leave space for the date, and for
my current weight, plus any pluses or minuses of weight that you’ve gained or lost since
the day before. Down the left side, write the sections you’d
like. On the templates that I give to my clients,
I always have the following, on waking, breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner,
drinks and exercise. Print out eight sheets, so that’s eight weeks
worth. And that’s the minimum that I believe you
really need to do in order to lose and maintain the weight that you’re wishing for. Staple these sheets together, put them in
the kitchen, on the bench where it’s really easy for you to then write and document every
bit of food that you have every day. Step number two, decide on what approach is
going to be your best way for your weight loss. Everyone is individual, so what works for
you may not work for somebody else, and what works for somebody else may not necessarily
work for you. You need to use your own research and perhaps
the help of a qualified health professional to get the best plan that’s right for you
and your body. If you do what you’ve always done, it won’t
work. You definitely have to make some changes. So just writing what you’ve always eaten in
your food diary isn’t the key. You need to make positive changes, and then
document that in the food diary. Weight loss and weight management is a challenge,
and finding an effective solution to this problem needs a holistic approach. When looking at the most current evidence
on weight loss and why it’s so difficult to maintain, simply putting weight gain down
to a lack of willpower is not the answer. It is so much more complicated than that. I recently attended a course on weight loss,
and current evidence shows there’s a couple of things that you really need to do in order
to lose the weight and keep it off. Incorporating the following six principles
will result in reduced cravings and greater weight losses without your body bouncing back
to the previous weight. Okay. The first one. Low to moderate diet palatability. So that means, you don’t want the food to
taste that good. The more simple the flavors, the less likely
you are to eat more. The second point, adequate protein. You really need to have protein with every
meal because that is part of what helps keep you full, and stops you from eating as much. The third point is that you need to have either
fat or carbohydrate restriction. So some people will work better with one or
the other, but whatever it is, you need to choose it and stick with it. You also need diet breaks, so having a fat
or carbohydrate restricted meal for a certain period of time, and then coming off that and
going back onto a clean eating or Mediterranean style diet will then allow your body’s set
point to reduce and stay there. I’ll do another video soon, more about set
points, because I’ve got so much more to explain and tell you about those. You also need adequate sleep. Without sleep, your body is not healthy, and
it’s only a healthy body that can lose weight and keep it off. And the last pointer is exercise and time on
your feet. We all need to do a minimum of 30 minutes,
three times a week to get the best benefits that we can from exercise, and again, that
will help keep our body in the healthiest state and will keep the weight off. There is so much more that I can say about
these six steps. So I will definitely make more videos expanding
on all of these points soon. If you’re interested to hear those, make sure
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notifications for when I release these videos. Okay. I digressed. So let’s go back to step three of the food
diary. Now you have your plan, you need to make sure
you stick with it. And I think one of the best ways to stick
with a diet plan is definitely to document it every single day so you can see what you’ve
eaten and keep it in that food diary. A couple of extra tips for you. On waking, have a big glass of water, about
500 mls. So many of my clients are actually dehydrated,
and there’s no way you can lose weight if you’re dehydrated. So start the day with a big glass of water,
and get yourself on the right track. Another option is to start the day with a
glass of warm water with a squeeze of half a lemon. The half a lemon juice really helps the body
detoxify, as it’s a gentle detoxifier on the liver, and it also helps to alkalize the body,
setting the body up for greater and better place to lose weight. For each meal, stick to your chosen plan and
try and just eat real food. I know it sounds simple, but I know it’s so
much more complicated than that. So try and avoid packaged foods, but if you
have to eat food that comes in packages, turn them over, read the ingredients list, and
make a decision from there. If there’s any colorings, additives or preservatives,
it’s off the list. Those types of additives cause inflammation
in the body and a body that’s in a state of inflammation will never lose weight. If you see the name of an ingredient, and
you don’t know what it is, or it has a fancy scientific type name, don’t eat it. It’s most likely not natural. Okay, so now you know how to keep a food diary
to help you hit your weight loss goals. If you need any extra advice on clean eating
or exercise, I’ve developed a really simple, easy to follow program called Total Body Tone
Up in Under 3 Weeks. You can download the PDF guide and watch the
video for free by clicking the link below this video. If you found this interesting, let me know
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