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  1. Happy New Year Dr. Greger.  Love your videos and look forward to more in 2014.  I have had glaucoma for years now.  I'll be eating black currants from now on (if I can find them).  Was there mention of how many were eaten daily?  Thank you

  2. Great information but no mention of what serving size of berries we should be eating per day, only that we should be eating them.

  3. I'm not sure why I keep getting these in my video section…..I don't have Glaucoma…..Sometimes when you wear your contact lenses too long they get dirt on them…..And at times if you are sitting in the dark and light is shining on you, you may see the dirt on the lenses.

    The home intruder, psychopath stole my contact lenses supply and my contact lenses solution…..Can you believe that?….This wasn't a recent occurrence but kleptomania IS a disease of the mind….Stealing stuff you can't use or do not even need….My contact lenses prescription is unique to me.

    Called Specsavers to send my contact lenses prescription two weeks ago almost, still waiting for it….We can't give it you over the phone, so they claim.

    I met an old man on the train with Glaucoma….He could barely see….They have an operation for Macular Degeneration…so, I have read.

  4. My dear and wonderful father-in-law is now blind from this disease at age 90…(an engineer, what worse disease to have? They love to examine things, take them apart, fix and put back together…my own dad was an electronics engineer so I KNOW how they love to LOOK at stuff) I've been eating the blueberries to help stave off what killed my dad, colon cancer. So glad I'll have the added benefit to my eyesight, and thank you, Dr. Greger for ALL you do…happy New Year to you and yours!

  5. Thanks uncle Karl for giving me the link to this video. I recently had eye surgery and having minor, annoying side effects that I'm dealing with daily. Thanks again for the link, great advice!  Definitely picking up berries tomorrow. 

    Happy New Year Family & Friends !!

  6. Probably the most amazing info this week was a study on halting glaucoma progression with diet, while patients simply continued to worsen on medications: http://nutritionfacts.org/video/dietary-treatment-of-glaucoma/

  7. but in the study, they ate black currants.  can you get the same benefits by eating blue berries?  are they similar in profile??  my dad has glaucoma, I would love to add this to his diet.  thank you in advance!!

  8. Thanks for the video. Has anyone read this digital product called Burwan Super Fast Diet Plan? I've visited the sales but don't know if it's worth the money. Would someone who has been convinced enough to buy it please share their views? Thank you

  9. Viewers….This is another great compilation of these medical reports. Our cells ( especially the delicate nerves and retina inside our eyes) must be protected and can be protected.  This info can help prevent blindness…All you gotta do is eat real food… #cataracts   and #maculardegeneration  can be decreased.. #antioxidant  in food works. #DrSibley  

  10. Hi Dr. Greger, I am surprised that you do not tell people to eat a plant-based diet to better fight against glaucoma. What is the reason for this ?

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