DIY Milk Crate Ottoman| Build Crate Seats For YOUR HOME

DIY Milk Crate Ottoman| Build Crate Seats For YOUR HOME

Hello, I’m Jennifer from Jennifer Decorates
and today I have an exciting tutorial on how my husband and I collaborated to make this
really cool ottoman that is made from a milk crate carton so stay tuned. Hi and welcome to my living room. I would describe my living room style as industrial/vintage. The chair behind me, I actually got two of
them at a garage sale for $40 and I had them recovered in this gorgeous grey houndstooth
fabric. After sitting in them, we realized we needed
an ottoman. So, we were shopping in an antique store and
came across this really cool wood milk crate. I love it. It says Gurtsy Farms on the front. It’s made with galvanized steel. And on the inside are the bars that held the
glass milk bottles. On the top, it kind of looks like little feet
but that was to make the milk crates interlocking. So, my husband actually came up with this
idea. It was that this would make a really cool
ottoman and would go with the style of our living room. So let me show you how we did this quick and
easy, easy project. You want to get a really good measurement
of that little metal post that sits on the top. Get a good measurement of your width and your
height. Purchase a piece of plywood that’s going to
be taller than the height of the little metal post. At least, a 1/4inch taller. The reason for the plywood being taller is
because you’re going to cut out the little notch for the little metal post, but you’re
not going to cut all the way through that plywood because we’re going to cover the fabric
over top of it so it’s just going to fit in there really snugly on top of the milk crate. I purchased 2inch foam, took a marker, traced
the pattern of the plywood and cut out my foam using scissors. Next, you’re ready to staple your fabric over
your foam and onto the plyboard. You do have to be kind of careful on the corners
and staple close to the edges because you don’t want to cover up your corner cut out. So if you’d like to do this project, you could
find a very similar milkcrate carton at an antique or vintage store and I’ve also seen
them on sale on eBay. Thank you for watching and be sure to subscribe
to my channel and have a wonderful day. Thank you!

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  1. I saw this post and made one out of mine!!! I also added the decorative upholstery tacks around the outer edges of the cushioning. I am enormously pleased and was grateful to find this DIY because it helped me figure out how to do this. I couldn't find any 1" or more plywood, so I used 3/4 but the way the holes were dug out for the metal deals that stick up an inch – i still managed not to break through to the other side of the plywood and i love it. It's one of my favorite things! So thank you!

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