49 thoughts on “Do Harvard Students Know Why Cows Produce Milk?

  1. Watch part one of these interviews here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M9aAP9RTT4M
    Watch my Harvard class on veganism here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J0-vfvJOzr4
    As always, thank you so much for all of your support everyone!

  2. As a horticulturalist with two degrees in plant sciences…..the spinach tree line fucking killed me. Omg Harvard.

  3. i watch many of your videos and i'm always amazed by the answers you get from most of the people… they are completely different to the answers and reactions i witness whenever the vegan subject comes to a "popular debate" in my environment 😐

  4. Taste or life? I have both. After a period of adjustment, one can enjoy plant foods just as much if not more. People accustomed to eating meat like the taste of meat. People no longer accustomed to eating meat think it's disgusting.

  5. Not sure if the indian guy took the next logical leap from 'Milk is for babies'' to 'what do you think happens to the cow's baby when humans take all the milk'

  6. Cyotes are pests almost as bad as wolves, they'll eat a calf while it's still alive, nice coat buddy buy another one

  7. Sir Ed! , you let some hunters of the hook very easily sometimes:(.
    Anytime you hear some one describe the cayotee , rabbit , bear or a dear etc…as a pest , ask it if we as humans have become the pest to the planet as a whole by killing what we feel like killing , then disturbing the natural balance ???!!!

  8. Maybe I haven't watched enough videos, but do you ever have people who are downright rude? For instance, I offered someone a donut and said it was vegan and he proceeded to chant steak at me for about a minute (I believe the chant was "steak steak steak on donuts. steak donuts. steak donuts" or something to that cadence). You often have rational conversations on your videos. Do you run into folks being downright disrespectful?

  9. Fuck dude. FINISH A SENTENCE. I can't stand people who don't finish sentences because they're sneaky people. They don't really want to commit to a statement.

  10. Just watch the video of Bobby's perspective about Ed, he did some research about him and omg are those true? Someone tell me, can not trust anyone now?

  11. I'm watching every single one of your videos and other activists videos so I can talk to my family staying calm and logical! Thank you so so much for all of the work you are doing Ed you are an incredible human being

  12. I love how thoughtful the smarty pants are. I always say that you should find the person's currency, and then you'll have an easier time converting people.

  13. Why do cows produce milk? Because they're pumped full of hormones to trick their bodies into lactating. I thought everyone knew that. Same reason why chickens keep laying eggs nonstop.

  14. Interesting to see you interview people who semi or entirely agree with you, it’s a nice change of pace that breaks the tension of the really aggressive interviews.

  15. I propose you something bigger. Organize an officilal debate inside the university as Joey did. With prepared panelists against veganism. Instead of debating random unprepared people on the Street. Where all the university is there listening. With votation of people who changed minds before and after the debate.

  16. This guy is better than stand up comedians! I think of him now everytime I field dress a deer or fill my cooler with fresh fish! He cracks me up with the sincerity with which he tries to talk normal human beings into buying his vegan nonesense…good luck! Praise God and pass the steak!

  17. blah blahblah
    How do people not know how or why cows milk is made? 🤣 As a mom whose breastfed and been milked, I can assure you cows aren't in anguish in the milking process haha babies cry when it's time to wean in any species.

  18. While we're on the taste/life importance, what's more important, your feelings or sentient life. It's just like when people get scared of spiders/bugs and kill them like their the plague. Most spiders are harmless and are more scared of us. I don't think there should be punishment for killing bugs but what the fuck people? Treat others how you want to be treated.

  19. Off topic a bit and nothing to do with morality, but I thought I'd mention how quickly tastes and habits can change. I was lacto-vegetarian for forty-five years. I went vegan six years ago. Cheese has lost its sensory appeal. It seems way too greasy.

    Just an observation for those considering the vegan diet who think it would be very hard to give up food favorites. Those favorites change fast!

  20. Your a bloody good bloke Ed , always a pleasure to watch your videos & your very fair way with people 💚🌍💚🌍

  21. But can they see why kids love cinnamon toast crunch?

    Bonus: Cinnamon toast crunch is a far superior product in the absence of milk.

  22. I wouldn't want to cut a tree down because I don't need to. The tree will bless me with fruit, oxygen and a home and shelter for animals 🌳

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