Do This Routine Every Morning To Get Shredded

Do This Routine Every Morning To Get Shredded

100 thoughts on “Do This Routine Every Morning To Get Shredded

  1. I really wished youtube could allow uploading pics on comments so i could just upload my day 1 after watching this video and then get motivated for the rest of the weeks by critics of social media😂🤟

  2. So thankful. You've been helping me through my workout time a year from now and still following you . Thank you man 💪❤

  3. damn i'm so out of shape i can only do one round before i'm out of gas. One time every morning should do it till my body get's used to it. and when i'm done my body feels like goku after he used the spirit bomb on vegeta just wrecked lol

  4. If i made a video of me doing this workout. y'all would be traumatized for life. YouTube would have to call in counselors for everyone that watched.

  5. Definitely have to try this! Just curious, why are Chris' toes tipped during his explosive push-ups? wouldn't that cause unbearable strain on your shin?

  6. Bruh, jus won yaself a sub 🙂 Definitely added in both morning and evening routines into my sesh. Blessings from Trinidad

  7. This is a great combination routine. I am pretty sure that if I do this everyday consistently, I will get ripped!

  8. Ugliest tattoos I have seen in a while. Poor lad. Great shape though…but those are permanent, he will be out of shape one day. What a shame.

  9. Wow… I've been working out with hasfit HIIT for about two months. I'll give this a try! I'm female so I have a feeling I won't get a six pack by just doing this… but worth a try damnit! Check back in 2 weeks! 🥰
    Actually.. I've been dealing with weak wrist. I don't think I can do the push ups… might take me a few months or more before I can do this right. 😥

  10. Bro this guys house looks like where they shoot adult films… Not only is it all white but the smoke alarm needs a change (1:33)😂😂 If you know u know

  11. Well… I'm 53, and I do a minute of leg stretches to avoid sciatic issues. Then I do 20 crunches, then, 20 push ups. Then, I get dressed and ready for my 10 hour workday. May begin doing mountain climbers in the evening. Just don't have enough time for a full routine.

  12. I did this today as part of my plan to break the weight loss plateau. I nearly died, had to cheat to make it through the 3 circuits. Surely going to improve by 3 months doing this circuit.
    For a guy like me fully into weights, this circuit is great hoping it helps my diet in shedding the last few pounds. I just want to sleep now after this. Tomorrow is my leg day god save me.

  13. This is so hard I did this workout and I’m only 12 and I still have 3 more rounds it’s so hard tho and I only have a 4 pack

  14. Round one…jeez…well I got my wrk cut out for me..his goal/mission statement…to make ever1 n America fit…..(keep up tha good wrk)…need to make that ThenX wrkout beat n2 a cd if aint done it yet…to sale n yalls apparel shop…on yalls tour…u need to get on a ninja worrior show aswell…(like if yall wanna c him on a ninja worrior show…r not)…

  15. Those are not burpees, just saying. You are doing a pushup and then a jump.
    With burpees you lay down completely with your chest touching the floor and then stand up as quickly as possible jumping if you can, it is not a pushup.

  16. So can I do it every day even if I work out 4 days in a week really hardcore?
    (you can work every day, and you can work hard. But you can't do both)

  17. Definitivamente sos un guerrero cris.lo pongo en traductor para enterle lo que desis espero algun dia vengas a latinoamerica🚀🚀🚀😎

  18. anybody else just enjoys watching him doing the workout because it’s rest-day and you’r kinda addicted to exercise and try to compensate through this? 😄

  19. If this is a morning workout are you implying another workout can be done later in the day? What about letting your muscles rest? Don't get me wrong if I can do this and a full workout later in the day I will do it.

  20. I've been doing these since I was born. I'm 6ft4, slender built, handsome as FUCK and could roundhouse anybody here! Fact.

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