Doctor Mike Goes VEGAN For 30 Days | Here’s How My Body Reacted…

Doctor Mike Goes VEGAN For 30 Days | Here’s How My Body Reacted…

100 thoughts on “Doctor Mike Goes VEGAN For 30 Days | Here’s How My Body Reacted…

  1. herbivores eat vegetables (grass mostly ) all the time and they are some of the most flatulent creatures on the planet AND are always fat(-ish) . what would be the correlations to humans doing the same?

  2. So is it safe to say a vegan diet isn’t for everyone?? So it’s not the number one healthy option? It is different for everyone’s different physiology? Or is there a recommended diet that is the best option from a medical professional for all to follow??

  3. The gas and bloating is REAL. When I first became vegan, I had the same issue. My family hated me😂 it went away after the first few months.

  4. I’ve been vegetarian for 6 years I went vegan for a year but couldn’t keep it up. Lived on vegan ice cream

  5. Challenge: Do this Vegan challenge again, but maybe a vegan partner and with a proper nutritionist who teaches you HOW TO COOK and MEAL PREP, without being so dependent on processed snacks!

  6. Have you ever watched forks over knives? it sounds like you ate waaaay too much processed foods, I don't think the processed food helped, but it's really great that you tried the diet, I'm trying to eat a plant based diet, I don't think is as restrictive if you cook your meals ahead of time and plan ahead. Preservatives can cause gas, not necessarily a vegan diet, but I think awesome that you gave it a try

  7. Can you do a video about soy products! There is so much information out there that is soooo conflicting . Is soy bad for you or nah?? Lol

  8. I challenge you to eat a WholeFood Plantbased Diet for a month 😀 It is scientifically the healthiest diet for us humans. It is how vegans should be eating ( not all the processed and junky foods )

  9. Vegan does not necessarily imply WFPB (whole food plant based) diet.
    The diet you went thru seems like "meat replacement" diet, not really a whole food diet.
    You can find whole foods from your corner grocery store. You don't need any packaged branded thing mimicking meat.
    You can find probably all information and scientific evidence you need at
    The only issues with whole food diet is deficiency of Omega-3, B12 and B3, which can be tackled naturally or with suplements.
    Yes, flatulence happens for one week or two, since your trillions of friends in your gut are not used to the new diet.

  10. Try going whole food plant based and not vegan…much better results according to the scientific evidence based nutrition.

  11. I've been vegetarian for 2 years now and the worst part is being gassy it kinda went away after 2 months. I only started because I'm allergic to red meats and decided to give it all up.

  12. I have been a vegetarian for over a decade so I have a lot of experience with this. I think I know why you had stomach problems. You dove in too fast. You need to wean yourself off of animal products slowly or your body will react poorly. Also, you need to avoid fake meats and stick to getting protein from legumes. Fake meats are mostly onion which can cause gi problems. I hope this helps.

  13. Why aren't doctors given nutritional training?

    Why don't doctors inform their patients that processed meats are considered a class 1 carcinogen (same category as cigarettes and plutonium) by the WHO and that dairy significantly increases rates of breast cancer?

  14. Restrictive diet? I eat soo many different foods and I eat 100% vegan, and I have a lot more will power when it comes to working out then my meat eating friends

  15. Dr mike you know the vegan is very dangers diet for diabetic people ?i got so sick with it because I was low on protein my iran and triglyceride was so high and they had to put 3 stint in my vain , I hardly have any energy to move around , I had to take so many pills and My A1C went to 6.9 , I change to low carb diet and boy I feel %100 better brought my triglyceride low to normal and my A1C to 5.6 and back to have lots energy again . Maybe people who are not diabetic can be vegan but us it is really dangers 😢

  16. Vegan diet is all about cooking, u did snack, processed food Vegan diet which obviously not healthy, I don't get it, you said something like Vegan diet can be healthy if done right and then you re doing it wrong, I'm confused asf :-/ I guess you eat only chocolate bars and KFC thought out the whole week on your Mediterranean diet 😀 sorry for being honest mate.

  17. I am plant based, lost 40 lbs, feel happier and since I really focus on my nutrition i dont have any deficiency symptoms. I used to have a lot consuming animal product and plants.

  18. Can someone explain the gas and bloating.
    I just started the vegan diet and have been on it for 2 weeks now. Been having aLOT of smelly farts. pls help

  19. you got money from the pork industry to talk about how meat shouldnt be taken seriously as a carcinogen lol. Dont get nutrition advice from doctors, nutritionists and dietitions are for that.

  20. you got money from the pork industry to talk about how meat shouldnt be taken seriously as a carcinogen lol. Dont get nutrition advice from doctors, nutritionists and dietitions are for that.

  21. Thank you for doing this but you were not open, you did not prep for this or a vegan doctor or an experienced YouTuber help you? We, vegans, get help from Vegan YouTubers and our research. You made fun of the entire experience. Welcome to our world in a world of meat eaters in finding "vegan" eating options. You did not get informed about cooking for yourself. Did you work with someone that is an experienced vegan to guide you? This was not a serious test. You laughed this off and you were biased. We do not eat Oreos all day just to say we are vegans. This what hurts the vegan community. I hope no one in your profession comes to your profession as you did with "going vegan for 30 days".

  22. Thank you SO MUCH for talking about the embarrassing gut issues! My girlfriend and I both have GI difficulties that make things like vegetables difficult to deal with, and it's really frustrating to hear people claiming that ANYONE can be healthier and feel better with Veganism. Sorry, but my body literally does not deal well with roughage!! Lettuce and Kale comes out of me looking basically the same as when it went in 😖

  23. You had gas because of higher fiber intake. This can easily last 1-3 months. Our bodies are designed for high fiber intake and will adapt over time.

  24. I've been vegan since 2006. It wasn't something I planned. It just happened one day that I couldn't eat animal anymore. In thee US, 99% of farms are factory farmed. Watch "Eating Animals" which takes a look at the small family farm versus factory farming. How anyone can think that the way animals are raised for production don't negatively affect the health of a person is shocking. I believe it should be factored into human health assessments.

    Veganism is simple. People complicate it.

    I personally don't buy processed foods. I never did I was raised on a European diet of vegetables, animal, and potatoes with salad as the dessert.
    I eat a large salad at every meal, have a little bit of grains, an adequate amount of protein (tofu, tempeh, or beans), and fruit. 3x per day
    This was not far removed from what I was eating before I became vegan. The only difference is that I eat a lot less grains and have changed the protein source.

  25. People tend to drop 10 lbs when they switch to a vegan diet. This is normal. If you are worried about the weight loss and specifically muscle loss, look to all the vegan professional athletes. There are many.

    I challenge you to another 30-day vegan diet where you are actually eating healthy vegan meals. There are tons of delicious meals – way more delicious than animal-based meals – that you can eat. So many cultures have delicious vegan meals: India, Mexico, Egypt, Japan, etc.

    I tend to not cook meals often anymore though because I find it much easier to plan meals by portion according to category: vegetables + greens, grains, protein, fruit. If I cook a meal, like a chili with beans, vegetable curries with tofu, I just count it as a vegetable and make sure I get a proper protein portion.

    In terms of flavour, I just add spices: fresh garlic, cumin, curry, fresh lemon or lime juice, Japanese soy sauce (Shoyu, which doesn't have sugar added to it like the Chinese one), rice wine vinegar, red wine vinegar, balsamic vinegar, herbs, etc. I always add olive oil, Shoyu, and fresh lemon juice to greens.

    And you are incorrect about needing to take substitutes. All my blood profiles have been perfect. I do take B12. In Canada, we see dietitians (not nutritionists) who are are registered certified professionals.

  26. I’m not sure of the veracity of this fact, but I’ve heard that eating fermented foods on a vegan diet could help reduce bloating and gas. I’m currently trying it and I think it works.

  27. I've been vegan ever since before I was born (don't at me, you "eat" in your mom's baby bump), and I have to say, once the food tastes, and looks good, being vegan is surprisingly easy.

  28. Bebè, you can eat as much honey as you please. And you weird over paranoid vegans, leave him and me alone, ok. No one cares about your paranoid ideals.

  29. Why don't you try a ovolactovegetarian diet? It think more people are vegetarian than vegans. It would nice to compare with a vegan diet too.

  30. Being a vegan is great however you still have to be careful about eating processed foods. Even when it’s vegan. It’s OK every now and then but do it very sparingly

  31. 30 days is not long enough of a time frame to test out anything in my opinion. Minimum would be 90 days to be of any relevance.

  32. Ok. Mike. It is normal to be gassy at the beginning. The problem is not that you eat anything different really, but the amount you eat, mainly legumes. It goes away after a few weeks when your stomach is used to the thing that makes legumes gassy. Then after, you'll never get constipated! Or maybe it was all the processed food that you ate, because it seems like it's what you had mainly.

    On the honey side… well actually, the honey is stolen from them… they make enough for themselves, they don,t make extras for humans. I am really disapointed that you did not look and think at all upon this point.

  33. Your body isn't used to all of the extra fibre you are getting in your diet due to increased quantity of high fibre foods, which would definitely cause bloating etc.


  35. You ate so many packaged and heavily processed foods. No wonder many vegans are so unhealthy.

  36. Honey is considered vegan in India, where vegans are found everywhere

    the definition of vegan is so different in first world countries

  37. I challenge you to do a 30-day diet challenge that does not contain any single-use plastics – no plastic wrap, no plastic bags, and no plastic containers.

  38. I remember talking to a nutritionist at a hospital and mentioned that I may be interested in going vegan. She told me I would not get enough fat in my diet. Not b12, not even protein, FAT.

  39. When I went vegan, my stomach was upset for more than 6 months. But now I'm fine. My SO, when he made the switch, he had insane stomach and gut issues! And again, a couple months later, he was fine.

  40. Haha i was vegan for 10 years, ethical reasons. I annoyed so many people, strained my relationships, and made myself miserable. Its true, its better for the animals and the planet, but id rather just be flexible and do what i can when i can. Take it easy live freely 😊😊😊

  41. I got to admit that as a vegan the hardest obstacle I face is peer pressure. Having to choose restaurants base on my eating habits and me appearing as a picky eater is not the best part of this lifestyle. But I love veganism, and I dont think I could ever go back. Once you are used to this life style everything balances and is simpler. Also, I rarely get bloating or flatulences.

  42. re: eating honey and maintaining veganism —

    I think something about the vegan community that’s really great is that we’re all just doing our best, so while it can seem like a bunch of hateful people who are on the attack, at the core it’s really just people who want to do what’s right. If you’ve been vegan for years and you realize that the sugar you use is refined with bone char, all you can do is buy different sugar. You don’t lose your Vegan Street Cred for the last however long you’ve been vegan. Similarly, if you’ve been vegan for 2 weeks and you realize that honey is an animal product, all you can do is move forward and continue doing your best.
    The other thing is that you were drinking it for medicinal purposes. Many vegans take prescription medication that has been tested on animals or contains animal products. However, this can be likened to an oxygen mask in an airplane — you put on your own before you help someone else put on theirs. We serve others best when we’re the best versions of ourselves.
    Honey isn’t vegan, but being 100% vegan in today’s society is impossible unless you homestead. It’s all about doing your best.

  43. Didn’t eat enough calories, ate vegan processed foods….

    Blames vegan diet for getting a cold, gas and bloating

    Lol cmon mike a WELL planned WHOLE foods plant based diet is healthy. Say it with me WELL planned WHOLE foods🤦🏽‍♀️🤣

  44. I'm sorry but u r just whining. Vegan is not that hard. U did keto which is very likely to be nutrient deficient, but as a product of ur society u have been conditioned to like meat, u liked the diet. I do think u r exaggerating the "problems". Basically, I'm quite disappointed by this video and ur "artistic performance"

  45. „I didn’t force the bees to make the honey“ … moving forward, someone should always take away the food you just ordered or prepared for yourself, so you’re always left with an empty plate when you actually intended to eat. I mean, no one forced you to prepare or buy your own meal, right? 🤦🏽‍♂️

  46. It's nice seeing more and more people becoming vegan now cause of global warming and animal rights. A thing that actually annoys me is that quite a lot people doesn't know correctly how the meet is produced. They don't know how the slaughtering works and everything. People have to understand how it works.

  47. I love how uneducated you really are as a doctor I’m is causing you to have gas because you’re obviously in the wrong foods and you’re obviously eating more fiber than your body is used to

  48. I'm 2 weeks into a vegan diet, more or less plant-based/ whole foods. I think you didn't prep enough because I've never been hungry, not that gassy, and have loads of energy 🤣 it's been pretty easy so far lol

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