Don’t Be A Jerk To People With Dietary Restrictions! [CC]

Don’t Be A Jerk To People With Dietary Restrictions! [CC]

Hello and welcome to Jessica rants about things
101. I’m in pain and feeling lousy so I decided
to turn the camera on and yell about things because that’s how I cope with my feelings. If you too enjoy getting irrationally irritated
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something? Not all we are ranting about today tho. But it could be. I also just managed to fix the merch shelf-
I think- so please tell me if you can see my merch under this video. If you can’t
then just click the link in the description. [Swish sound fx] Hopefully fixed! To today’s video! If you’ve ever watched a food video on my
channel before you’ll know that I have a rather… special diet. Because I’m special. Like a princess. That was just me being kind to myself. According
to my local council I’m classified as having ‘special needs’ so… I’m allowed to
overly boost my self esteem whenever I feel like it. I have a connective tissue disorder called
‘Mixed Connective Tissue Disorder’ because doctors are imaginative that way. It affects
all of my soft tissue, including my stomach and guts and means I can’t digest a lot
of things and that certain things, like sugar, make me very sick. – also I bleed internally when I eat wheat.
It was very disturbing the first few times Over the years I have tried a variety of things
to control it, a number of very strange medical diets: remember in the ‘wife saves my life’
video when Claudia mentioned the fact all I ate was leeks when I first met her? True story. I also now know that leeks are one of the
worst things for me to eat. So that’s… truly genius, Jessica, well done. My current diet is Low-FODMAP and it’s really
working for me. I’ve been able to expand the range of things I can eat and be less
tense about what I’m putting into my body. Because I got REALLY tense about that for
a while… when you’re not sure which food is making you sick you tend to get… weird. So weird. Now, as long as I don’t eat gluten, grains,
sugar, dairy, alcohol, onions, garlic, sweet fruits, red meat, beans, peas, legumes or
sweeteners that end in ‘ol’- I’m fine! Someone asked the other day “how do you
remember all of those?” To which my response was “if it makes you
bleed from where you shouldn’t be bleeding, you are not gonna forget.” Still treating myself with onion bajis
though… so painful… so delicious. The long list of things I cannot eat isn’t
actually the worst part of having dietary restrictions however. I haven’t been able
to eat a croissant in ten years and my mouth doesn’t even water at the smell of a freshly
baked one any more. No, it’s other people’s freaking judgemental behaviour that really
is the worst thing. Which: could you just NOT, annoying waiter?! Thanks(!) This comes in two parts: the first is with
the staff in restaurants, the second is with the people I’m with who die a bit inside
when I have to give my order. Wait, three things- nosy people. So, the first of the three: restaurant staff.
“How bad is it really?” and “what happens if you eat it?” are NOT acceptable things
to ask a person. Neither is it okay human behaviour to shame someone for having a restricted
diet. On my second date with my wife we went to
get dinner together- not my idea clearly Trying to avoid food She suggested it so I suggested a restaurant where I had
been a number of times and could hopefully get away with ordering things slightly differently
without seeming like an annoyingly picky person So she wouldn’t notice and she’d still love me – As anyone with medical food restrictions
will tell you, the worst thing in the world is being thought of as an annoyingly picky
eater. – okay, wait, second worst after: you told
someone you can’t have something but they smuggled it into your food anyway just to test you. That’s
actually happened to me! We went to a sushi place, the chap took my
order: “Can I have this but no dressing, and this but sauce on the side, and this but
with the gluten free batter and ginger tea.” “With no ginger?” He sneered. I just about died inside. OH sure, don’t mind me, just on a date here,
just trying to impress this seemingly impossibly gorgeous and lovely cool woman sat across the table
from me whilst slowly easing her into my incredibly odd medical conditions and not putting her
off by being a giant weirdo but please, go ahead, try to ruin my evening. Remind me to
pop up the next time you’re on a date and point out your excessive nose hair until she
gets the ick and runs away, no worries! Kuh! Fortunately Claudia just ignored it and breezed
right on over. And that is why I married her But I was dead inside for at least twenty
minutes. You don’t know shame until you’ve tried
to give a complex “can I please have this dish but without the x and with double the
y instead?” order only to be grilled by the waiter on exactly what you can’t eat
and WHY you can’t eat it and WHAT is wrong with you and WHAT will happen if you eat it
whilst sitting on a large table of eight hungry people who are being delayed from getting
their food by your complex order and are thus staring at you. For some reason- no, actually, not ‘for
some reason’- I was going to say ‘for some reason people
are much more understanding about other more visible aspects of my disability’ but obviously
they are because they’re VISIBLE. Look, I know it must be very annoying when
someone comes in and tells you they have an allergy to gluten and thus you have to wipe
down that special part of the kitchen and get out new gloves and put new oil in the
machine and handle everything specially and then you bring it out to the diner and they
snack on the gluten-y chips of the person next to them anyway. I get it. That’s annoying. That’s why I never say ‘allergy’, I
always say ‘intolerance’- because even though it makes me bleed internally I don’t
want you to have to go through the drama of rearranging your whole kitchen. A trace only
gives me bad stomach ache. I’m not going to be really injured just because my food
saw a piece of bread across the room. HOWEVER.
I also kind of love those terrible people. Those really annoying, whiny people who insist
on ordering everything gluten free and say they have ‘terrible’ reactions to gluten
when really they just get some mild wind? Those people are my heros. (I’m being hyperbolic if you can’t tell
but the point still stands) It’s thanks to those annoying people that
restaurants now HAVE gluten free menus! It’s thanks to them that I can now look down a
list of foods and easily spot the things I can eat. Believe me, there is nothing more irritating
than restaurants that say “tell us what you want and we’ll see what we can do”
and then you have to sit there with a waiter for fifteen minutes going ‘this? No? Ok,
this? NO? This maybe? Right, no. Can you do this?’ Just put a tiny ‘G’ next to your dishes!
It’s not that hard! Only about 1% of the population actually have
a gluten sensitivity- Fun fact, Italy has one of the highest incidences
in Europe. – but we one percenters would be having a
MUCH harder time of life if the rest of you weren’t making such a noise about it. I’m just waiting for ‘sugar free’ to
become the new popular trend so I can swoop in and eat all of the sugar free ice cream. Ah! On that note though: why aren’t more things
actually sugar free?!?! It’s sugar that
creates fat and yet all the ‘sugar free’ items I see are actually misbranded ‘health
foods’ that are FULL of sugar- just a different kind! Honey, agave and fructose are STILL
sugar. As are ‘concentrated dates’. It’s just sugar! Wah wah wah “artificial sugar is carcinogenic!”-
in rats! And so is toast. Exactly how much of it are you eating, anyway?! – Don’t take that as a health claim. I’m
not a doctor. Don’t sue me. I’m not worth it. I’m going to keep saying that until one
day when I AM worth it. And then you’ll know I’ve made it. “Don’t sue me, even though I AM worth
it.” Yes, that was meant to be an old-lady voice.
I’m imagining it’s going to take a long time until I’ve made it. So waiters sometimes suck. But so do the people
you’re dining with. Sometimes they’re amazing and leap in to
save me when I’m drowning under the judgement and also… being utterly unable to hear!
Maybe it’s a deaf thing. Speaking of being judgemental: “you can’t
be deaf, you heard what she said” is not a reasonable comment- am I meant to leave
in the five minutes of me saying: “What? What? Pardon? What? What did you
say?” And the three minutes where she told me what
she was going to say before she said it??? So I know! I just- urg! Boy am I grouchy and in pain today- did I
mention I now have merch? [ding!] Friends can suck. Especially since they feel
like they have the right to ask super intrusive questions when you are NOT at that level of
friendship yet! So when I say ‘friends’ I really mean
‘friendly acquaintances’. The type of people you’re getting to know and you might
send them a birthday text or leave a message on their Facebook wall but you’re not going
to be bothered to actually write them a card. Ha! ‘Facebook wall’. Is Facebook still
a thing? Those people. They’re the people who ask
exactly what happens when I eat sugar and why I vomit, overheat, get itchy and passout
feeling like I’m having a heart attack. To which I can only reply: “Don’t you
think I wish I knew?!” I didn’t choose this stupidity! Neither
did my body! It’s just fate! Or God. You can argue that one in the comments. I’m
not saying either way. And finally we come to the third thing…
what was the third thing? People who get embarrassed for me. I don’t know if that was the third thing.
I’m just in pain. I don’t know what I’m doing with my life. Right, so, there are some people in my life
who tense up in horror when they see the waiter coming over to us. AND point out every salad
on the menu to me the minute we sit down like “please just order this easy option Jessica so
you don’t have to change so I don’t have to feel really awkward and then die a bit
inside.” Despite the fact that I am SO DONE with salad.
I like eating lettuce with every meal, that’s the way I was raised- there was always a big
bowl of salad on the table- but I don’t like it BEING my every meal. Also salads come
with ‘bits’ and I can never eat the ‘bits’ and by ‘bits’ I mean- Bird food. Nuts, needs, weird grains. I can’t eat them and now my salad is tainted
I can’t eat anything so… Gah! Just no. Right, have I run out of steam on the annoyance
train? Maybe. I feel really good now. Mentally. My tummy still hurts. The moral of today’s story: don’t be a
jerk to people with dietary restrictions. Thank you, YouTube family, for being amazing
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for our next video! [kiss]

100 thoughts on “Don’t Be A Jerk To People With Dietary Restrictions! [CC]

  1. Thanks for watching! What is the most annoying thing someone has ever said about the food you eat???Follow me here:

  2. Speaking from experience as a chef it's not a big deal to change a dish, the waiter/waitress should have the least problem with it and just be decent at their job

  3. I have an allergy to red meat that most people haven't heard of before and I don't know why I have it, my body just decided I can't have any more, but the amount of people that think it's OK to demand to know why I can't eat it and claim that they could never cut red meat out of their diet, like you could if red meat caused you to projectile vomit and be in so much pain in your stomach you wish you were dead

  4. I had a friend. Who looked at my gluten free food (Actual allergy) and right before I was about to eat it, say "That looks like cat vomit."
    "Well thank you "Friend", that is what is exactly wanted to visualize. Right before I am about to eat something."
    Sorry for the grammar. I have always sucked at it.

  5. My mom did the Low-FODMAP diet because she has a dietary problem! It didn’t really work with her so she’s working with a dietician to eliminate stuff that makes her sick, but it’s really cool that I recognized that!

  6. My favorite is when people ask about why i have dietary restrictions and I say IBS, and then they respond with "oh I have IBS" or "I know someone with IBS" and so they dismiss me as overreacting to a minor condition as opposed to realizing different people are affected differently by the umbrella term that is IBS.
    Not to mention now that things have improved and I've been able to reintroduce foods into my diet (in moderation) then obviously I was just lying about it previously

    As if I would stop eating some of my favorite foods if they weren't causing major issues 🙄

  7. My daughter is allergic to Mint (anything with Menthol in it) and cinnamon. Oh the holidays are fun! When I told my sister about it, because this is something my daughter had just developed. Is she ready allergic to them or just sensitive. I use the word allergic over sensitive because it gets people (for the most part) to pay attention.. Because when you wound if it would feel better if you just ripped your stomach out. Or if maybe this time your head my actually explode from this migraine. You don't want someone think "Well a little bit won't hurt them!"
    I grew up with my grandma not being able to eat onions or most spices. So when I started working at Subway I asked my boss what we did if someone had a food allergy. Her reply was "Well if they are that allergic to something maybe they shouldn't be eating out!" I wanted to smack her.
    Over the holidays my sister told my mom and I she was going to make our No Bake Oatmeal Coconut Cookies. Because she knew that it was gluten free. After watching A Lot of cooking shows I knew that she need to make sure her oats were certified gluten-free. Some oatmeal comes into contact with gluten.

  8. Them: Why can't you eat gluten?
    Me: bloody diarrhea, painful flatulence, intense body aches and a month of bed rest are a start
    Them: you didn't have to go there
    Me: you asked, i answered, asshole

  9. When someone asks why I don't eat certain foods I like to say "because I'll have really intense diarrhea" and I like to get into the details as well, so they would never ask me again and never question any diatery choices I make 😀 Sometimes it's just easier to be unneccesarily honest 😀

  10. My reaction when someone tells me about their dietary restriction: "Why didn't you tell me before? I would have made something you can eat!"

  11. There is a lot of sugar-free alternatives, unfortunately, a lot probably have sweeteners that end in ol. I know places that have diabetic gelato.

  12. I’ve gotten to be the noisy person who just dares people to say anything, especially since I was diagnosed with diverticulitis last November. I’ve been ‘sensitive’ to pork for most of my life and didn’t realize how bad it was for me until I was 22. I had avoided it for years because I always felt a bit sick after eating it, but then had dinner at my best friends sisters house. She cooked up a glorious pork loin that was absolutely wonderful… I spent the next 4 hours in the loo. I’m still figuring out what I can and cannot eat now with the diverticulitis, but one of the things that killed my soul was that nuts and berries are now a problem. Im a HUGE fan of nuts and berries so that actually makes me cry. I’m also anemic but that’s fairly easy for me to control through my diet, I turn into a carnivore when it’s low and behold my iron count levels off again! Surprisingly enough, I haven’t had many issues with dairy and can have that all day long as long as I’m not in the middle of a flare up! Good luck finding the trigger foods that you don’t already know about and honestly I’d make up a business card with the most likely questions and answers and just hand that to the waiter! Might shut them up!

  13. I'm very lucky to not have any allergies (when I was a kid I was allergic to tomatoes, peas and dogs but I grew out of all of them) but my mum's cousin had a bad seafood allergy. He went on a holiday earlier this year, ate at a restaurant (obviously avoided fish) and even after checking with the restaurant a couple times, his dish had something in it that caused him to go into a shock, and he ended up dying in the restaurant. I really don't understand how restaurants don't pay better attention to these things. The restaurant even insisted they hadn't done anything wrong, while his body was dead on the floor

  14. I'm terribly awkward at restaurants, I look up the allergy menu beforehand, never tell them it's an allergy order because I hate inconveniencing people. With the full knowledge that if a small amount of oil contaminates it, I'll go into anaphylactic shock.

  15. I’m not a jerk to people with dietary restrictions.

    WARNING: if you are easily triggered/ don’t like angry comments/ general internet annoyance. DO NOT READ MORE

    I’m a jerk to the girl that won’t shut up about how much we need to pity her cos she has like a dozen different restrictions/disabilities, as if other people in the room (namely her younger sister-who acts as if she is at least 5 years older) don’t also have disabilities/ restrictions.

    Also she’s just a explicit content and has never been taught that other people in the world also have the right to be a little bit annoyed (I wasn’t saying to put her wheelchair outside, I was asking her to move it away from the hob I was cooking at)

    Sorry, she’s just a explicit and it’s not me discriminating against her, it’s just returning the favour, she uses her disability’s as an excuse to be out of things/ get people In trouble.

    I.e. we were on a guide camp, everyone knows about her needs and respects them so my sister makes sure that her dishes are washed and dried before anything else hits the water. This girl comes back from talking to the leaders, puts her dishes back in the water, then goes off on my sister for not washing hers first and claiming that my sister(honestly the sweetest ever)must be trying to kill her. It takes 5 minutes of me and someone else to explain that her dishes had been previously washed and that she brought the need for a second wash upon herself. Not ten minutes after this some of the girls are mushing about with some of the spare plates (ones that belong to the unit) and she comes stopping back. I quote

    Her: “what are you doing! Your playing frisbee with my plate!”

    Girls: “uhhh I don’t think this is your plate we just picked it up over here” motions in the direction of the spare box


    Her grandmothers name. On her mothers side. None of us knew her grandmother, nor her name.


    Okay I’m done being a prick, you can move along.

  16. I feel this video SO HARD. I once asked a restaurant if they had gluten free options before I drove 30+ minutes to get to it, and they were like “sure! We have plenty!” But when I got there I asked if the chips were gluten free, waitress hesitated and said yes. And then I clarified, “so they were fried in a separate fryer?” And she said no. And of course I replied “So they aren’t actually gluten free.” And I didn’t eat there, I just watched as my family enjoyed their food. It was GREAT

  17. I don't have it, but Celiac runs in my family. At my highschool graduation when I requested having a gluten-free option so that my family could enjoy their meal, I was told by my classmates that since I was the only one with those issues, me and my family should just stay home so we wouldn't ruin the night for everyone else. 🙃

    Also, I'm on Lithium, so I don't drink alcohol. People get so personally offended when I say "no thanks, I can't drink" when politely declining lol

  18. I've totally given up eating out. Can't tolerate dairy, gluten or red meat. My body treats potato as poison. Other things to avoid are alcohol, caffeine and those artificial sweeteners ending with "ol" (sugar alcohols). Basically, I cook food myself and use ready-made products from big companies that are too scared of law suits to mess things up. The only bright side is that I won't die if I eat unsuitable food, I just get pimples, itching and/or stomach cramps (plus low-level inflammation, which isn't good for anyone with MS). And the "funniest" part is that no medical expert ever in my life could (or bothered to) figure out what was wrong. I just did the elimination diet and found out myself.

  19. i have dietary restrictions though not as many and already its annoying enough. i dont eat meat for sensory reasons, a few years ago i developed lactose intolerance, and i have IBS with currently unknown, possibly frequently changing, triggers. Some days it seems to be that anything and everything I consume is A Bad Idea and other days I can get away with A Lot and I never know which way im gonna swing in a day until I actually try to eat. Which causes a lot of unhealthy eating habits where I just…wont eat for most of a day if I've got Things To Do like…my job. I'm also allergic to rosemary which…usually isnt a problem as its not in many foods but it always seems to end up that when it DOES turn up in foods…my other options are extremely frustratingly limited. And I also cant have caffeine as it turns out that was causing many of my alarming chest pains…

  20. I'm poorly following the low-fod map diet. I have a few identifying major triggers and it kills me when people try to say I'm a picky eater. I've taken to embarrassing them by saying "no, angie, I like x food but if you want me to socialize during this party inside of spend the next two hours on the toilet with raging diarrhea, you'll understand I can't eat garlic".

  21. recently, i uh, developed a pretty bad allergy towards pitted fruits (peaches, fruit, plums, apricots-) and uh, it tends to cause intense pROJECTILE VOMITING, throat closing, skin irritation, it tends to make me extremely lightheaded to the point i might f a i n t, and i feel like uh, yknow, my whole body is being burnt and my veins are being filled with butter instead of blood, and uh, my mom, being someone who tries to uh, ignore everything shes told medically unless it involves her, have given me:
    peaches in the form of baked stuff, 70% she didnt tELL ME- luckily the reactions weren't as bad-
    Tried to drag me to a PEACH PICKING FESTIVAL– even the smell makes me ill, she got sad when i mentioned the allergy again-
    Bought many, many pitted fruits and offered them to me
    Said i was over reacting when i didnt eat a chERRY-
    Yelled at me for having a reaction at school- this was the second time i found out i was allergic, i had just developed it
    Scolded my dad for trying to explain to her why i cant eat pitted fruits
    Said that it was only peaches, multiple times
    Yelled at my sister for trying to keep me from eating a peach- once again, that was close to the start, and i was being pressured
    but when i forget she doesnt like milk for one second she goes off
    sorry for the rant i,, pissy 1:40 am lady over here

  22. I can gluten but it will effect my skin if I do only minor other people’s problems but it really makes my skin irritated my scalp especially get scabs. It’s just painful but people also think I’m being awkward as I can eat gluten for short periods of time. I will pain the price so need to cut it out for other periods of time so people get confused understandably! I should really listen to my body and just not eat it!

  23. I am histamineintolerant and I've had people also put soy sauce into things when I said soysauce will make me run between my bed and my toilet for days and not be able to do anythingelse and I try try to be chill about it, but aaaarrgh. let's say this video really speaks to me.

  24. I have Phenylketonuria, so I can't digest phenylalanine, so I can't have high amounts of protein (And by high I mean anything more than 7g in a day, YAY.) So I can't eat things like meat, nuts, flour, any cereals really, artificial sweeteners like aspartame, eggs, dairy, soybeans, lentils (basically any protein alternative to meat). And it's REAL FUN explaining every time I meet someone new why I'm eating bread that looks like a dumpling and why potatoes (praise be to our Lord in starch) make up about 50% Of my diet. And telling people that if I hadn't been diagnosed I'd be quadriplegic with almost no capability to speak, remember or think.
    PS I also LOVE it when people try and suggest things like "Oh but you should try this" no no I really shouldn't smiles with rage

  25. My mom and step dad (who is a chef) always so rude about them and say that they shouldn't go out to eat and that they just have to suck it up and deal with it and I'm always like yeah okay… normal humans who cant eat let's say dairy should never go out to eat? Well almost 65% of the world is lactose intolerant or has a decreased ability to digest lactose after infantry are you telling me that 65% of the world shouldn't go out to eat? Roughly 4894500000 people shouldn't go out to eat okay lemme know how business is doing once your rules kick in

  26. I have celiac and heart failure so do not eat gluten, dairy, alcohol, caffeine, sugar, animal products,MSG,. I usually do not ever go out to eat. If you come to my house, i will happily cook for you!

  27. Bruh I relate so hard to when people always ask you intrusive questions… Like how am I supposed to know why my skin falls off all the time

  28. For what it's worth, as a (thankfully now ex) waitress, staff asking exactly how severe a reaction is isn't supposed to be questioning the legitimacy but rather it's supposed to be so we can advise on how safe something is for you, for example a dish may not contain what you're allergic to but it might be prepped in the same area and is that something your individual level of response is okay with, like can you handle trace amounts or is it all deadly? and also it's so we can recognise and spot if you have a reaction to something… whilst yes the staff will be grilling you it's legitimately required by us the second you say you have a dietary restriction. Of course some staff will be ass holes but honestly with the countless meals being prepped in the same kitchen at ridiculous speeds the second you say you have a dietary restriction it's basically red alert lets not get fucking sued for killing someone, and in some places I've worked more often than not we've just been told to flat out refuse service if we can't 100% promise your safety, speaking from experience when someone has given more than two restrictions the red alert alarms go off and you're double checking everything and starting to panic because are they 100% sure they can't handle trace amounts because if they can't I'm gonna have to refuse serviceeeeeeeeeeee………but yeah, for what it's worth, we're not all assholes we're just terrified of killing someone or letting them down and getting a job threatening complaint.

  29. I can’t eat gluten, dairy, watermelon, blueberries, and a have to be really careful with veggies and fruit. It’s so annoying.

  30. I’m lactose intolerant and I was already vegetarian so I was like why not. Let’s go vegan. People hate vegans. I’ve had so many people try to get me to eat things, literally by lying to me and telling me it’s okay for me just bc they think i over exaggerate. But seriously, it’s bad, I get so much pain and it was a huge trigger for my cystic acne for years which has taken me ages to detox my body from it and get clear skin and eating dairy will give me bad acne. Which if anyone who has had skin problems will know, the emotional and physical pain of it. Especially if you’ve previously had acne, you get extremely paranoid. But saying that. If someone says they can’t eat something for any reason, just let them not eat it in peace.

  31. If you go out to eat with someone that's embarrassed by your ordering. That needs to be the last meal you have with that person.

  32. Lol I ordered that way before I developed my condition. Think When Harry Met Sally. “But I'd like the pie heated and I don't want the ice cream on top I want it on the side and I'd like strawberry instead of vanilla if you have it if not then no ice cream just whipped cream but only if it's real if it's out of a can then nothing." Totally my whole life so the transition has been easy.

  33. When I had first got diagnosed with celiac disease, my grandmother was in town. The first day she was with us, she told me she had a surprise for me, and had me go and get it out of the car. It was a cinnamon bun… She had been informed about my diagnosis days before this, it almost felt like a test, like she thought I was faking. But no, Grammy, my body will genuinely be a mess for weeks if I eat that, so thanks for the absolute tease, I'll now go eat my crumbly gluten free sweets instead😑😒

  34. Me: orders everything without onions and peppers
    Also me: feels like an annoyingly picky eater

    I literally couldn't imagine having all of these restrictions.

  35. Thanks Jessie!! I needed this video since i can't eat meat. The story's long, but we can sum it like this: My dentist wasn't like Claudia.
    Since the odonthological procedure went wrong… I can't chew meat. unless it's grinded.
    But my abuela (granny), who cooks for the whole family, thinks i just "fake it". BUT NO!!! And it's Even more tiring when your Friends Think the same!!

    So… I'm planning to turn vegetarian. Because i do have an allergy: Soy. No tofu for me.

  36. First of all I really enjoy your videos and also my cousin has some dietary restrictions/allergies and she has a bunch of business cards made with what she cannot eat so she can give it to the restaurant staff to be brought to the chef. Maybe this will help a little?

  37. Girl I totally feel you with food allergies! I have over 80 confirmed allergies and my fiances family thought it was "for attention". At my daughters party they told me the cookies were nut free specifically for me, so I took one. Our daughter was 3 at the time and on my lap and started to notice BEFORE I DID that I wasnt breathing right and was turning red so she smacked the cookie out of my hand and said "Mommy! You're getting sick!" She ran to her grandma and started yelling at her "Why are you trying to kill my mommy!?" (I'm step mom technically, so not well received by some) our son, who was 5, ran and got daddy and told him to unlock the car and he ran and got me my medicine while my fiance got me water. Now my poor kids dont trust their family when they feed me meals so my kids check my food first. My fiance serves my food and makes sure it's all safe and then our kids make him list every item on my plate and make sure it's all ok. Thank god for those babies and thank god they really paid attention when I talked to them about allergies because they literally saved me from anaphylaxis because somehow they caught it before I even felt the effects.

  38. My daughter had a intolerance to fructose when she was younger. Most people don’t know what that is and think it’s just in processed foods. Wrong! It’s like half of the foods out there. Yes I read a Lot of labels. We call it the Snow White cruse because apples are the worst food for her to eat. I feel your pain when you tire to eat out and they have nothing you can eat.😩

  39. I can't eat sugary foods or I get horrible migraines, and besides this I used to have an eating disorder. Then people make fun of me for not eating "normal food" as in stuffing my face with chocolate. Ugh.

  40. When you’re allergic to the cold, or just a sudden large gust of wind you sneeze for ten minutes straight and have an irritated nose and throat and end up with an inflamed throat and a fever.

    Yes, that is why I am to wear a jacket in this freaKiNG 18 deGrEe CeLSiuS rOoM So I cAn eVEn AttENd the exAM nExT weeK, siR.

  41. I currently work as a chef and we always try to cater for allergies however the amount if people who say they have an allergy when they just dont like something is one of the reasons we have to ask if you are allergic, if you are allergic we have to follow a whole procedure to ensure that the food is not contaminated and it takes a long time, but if you just dont like it then we can just not add it in.

  42. Oh I feel you, pre-diabetic, celiac, with a grain, and shell fish allergy here. Until I met my partner I never went out to eat. I actually told him when he was first interested not to bother. I laid out all my health problems, along with the fact I was and still not interested in getting married and could not have kids. I was not interested in any sort of relationship that was going to leave me hanging when they figured out just how much bother dealing with my health problems was. It was in part why my ex husband and split and just not worth going through that again.
    His response was to do a lot of research, clean his kitchen top to bottom, buy new tools and figure out how to make his signature dishes GF. Then he called up all his favorite places to eat and figure out which ones could cook for me without making me sick. To top it off he figured out my fav play bought 2nd row center seats and invite me to go with him like it was nothing. Lol after all that trouble how could leave him hanging, he had clearly shown he was will to go to the trouble of being with me and being my friend

  43. Hi hi, I found out I have a gluten "issue" (get rashes and my soft palate gets itchy causing a sore throat) and I already knew I had PCOS so no sugar. So you can understand, trying to find food, even just simple dinners not salads, is a pain in the arse. I do a lot of cooking at home but man going out to eat is a pain and the gluten thing is new so I still "try" to "test" my issue. Haha. You would think I would learn…. I just like bread and cake from time to time ugh!!

  44. As an aside, I do like it here that servers don't say,"what happens when you eat this?" They ask if it's "allergy or preference". I say preference, meaning minor cross-contamination is okay, I'll just feel a little ill. I think that's more tactful.

  45. My teacher made me eat nuts when I was 8 years old even though I'm allergic. She just felt I was too much of a bitch telling her I couldn't eat the cake she bought for us. "Nougat isn't nuts Matilda!!!!!". It is if it's made of hazelnuts, Els-Marie! No, I will never forgive her.

  46. My best friend is gluten free dairy free vegan who is allergic to tomatos,mushrooms,chocolate,
    And I like cooking so now we do "challenges" I have to cook a totally different meal every week in the guide lines it really fun and super hard

  47. I have Celiac disease. When I eat anything with gluten I pass blood for a week. I just gave up on eating out. If forced to eat out, I'm polite at first, but can go 0 to bitch quickly.

    If I get sick after eating out, I inform the manager and the health department. If I'm questioned on what happens I answer "You'll get my hospital bill. Any more illegal questions?"

  48. Thankfully where I live in the US, I can order pretty much anywhere and add and subtract ingredients and never get any reaction at all. Sometimes they’ll double check what I said, and occasionally when I say it’s an allergy their eyes will go wide and they’ll hurry off to inform the kitchen so they don’t poison me and end in lawsuit hell.

  49. Being autistic, sensory issues do make me a picky eater. I hate always seeing those judgmental posts about picky eaters because I honestly can't help the fact that some things make me gag.

  50. From just reading the title I agree!!!! I have specific dietary needs, my body can't digest fat, and when I go to a resteraunt the people working there think that I'm on a fad diet and don't take it seriously, sorry I'm venting😂😂

  51. it is important to understand diets I have diet issues and fun allergies like cinnamon I had a person put it into my drink to see what would happen wasn't fun

  52. I found out last week as a 27 year old that I have gluten allergy and I'm severely lactose intolerant.
    No wonder I've always felt like shit

  53. Wife of a chef here: One thing you can do, especially if you have extreme allergies and intolerances is the following:

    Find a self-owned non-chain restaurant. Call the restaurant during off peak hours. Ask them if their chef would be interested in a challenge. You have really horrendous dietary restrictions, what you really really want to eat a good meal at a good restaurant.

    Would they be willing to take the list of foods that you cant eat and foods you really enjoy… And make something amazing for you?

    Now you might be thinking "oh come on. No chef would be interested."

    That would be something they do everyday. Sometimes orders don't come. Sometimes food goes bad. Sometimes things sell out. Sometimes there's leftovers.

    To save money they get creative!

    Doing them the courtesy of giving them some time to prepare… They would be ecstatic to try and make you an amazing meal. Especially if you give the more than 24 hours notice and they can even order stuff in.

    This is something chefs live for. It's the reason why shows like chopped exist.

    Name some places can't do it because they run on too tight a budget. Or it may not be safe because gluten is just ingrained in the walls and you might die. But calling and asking is so appreciated… even if it's something they can't manage they may be able to tell you another restaurant in town that they know who can.

    Because chefs tend to become friends over time if they stay in the same area.

    this may seem like a lot of work and it may be very difficult because of phone anxiety, etc, but I know so many chefs who absolutely adore this sort of challenge, including my husband and all of his friends.

    I told one woman about this idea and I actually ended up being in the restaurant when she finally came in. She got something completely off menu, but was totally safe for her to eat. And she enjoyed it so much she cried a little. Because she hadn't been able to eat out in years. She came back many times.

    It is possible to get amazingly prepared food catered directly to your needs.

    Sending love to you all from a person who also has dietary problems. 😅

  54. I'm allergic to tree nuts (walnuts, hazelnuts, etc.) I sampled a peanut butter crunch ice cream once and started to get a fat lip and itchy throat, and then the workers told me the crunch part was hazelnuts…. WHY WOULDN'T IT BE PEANUTS?? WHY ISN'T IT LABELED?? People assume that peanut allergies or nut allergies are all the same. Peanuts are legumes, and people being allergic to peanuts doesn't mean they're allergic to nuts and visa versa. I'm extra careful about anything I eat now 😞

  55. Hi there, I know this video is not that new, but as someone who has family with dietary restrictions, and a younger brother who is a chef, I just wanted to add some information.
    Now I live in Denmark, so going from how things work here.
    Someone else already explained very well why the staff asks all these questions, so I won't go much into that, other than confirming that as much as possible food is prepped beforehand, and this is often why cross contamination, and difficulties with taking the problematic ingredients out.
    However there is a solution to this. When you call in to reserve a table, tell them about your dietary restrictions, and whether cross contamination can happen, that way they can prepare much easier for when you go eat there

  56. I feel you, Jessica.. I have a somewhat constricted diet and people do this all the time! Although you are really funny and you’ve helped me through a lot of pain.

  57. I can’t love this video enough. My daughter has complex dietary needs so cannot ever eat on a plane or in a hospital, because why would a place designed to make you well put feeding you into the mix? When travelling overseas,I make up business cards with a picture of the food she cannot eat with a big No! stamped on it, and a description like (no wheat, barley or gluten). It meant she got a visit from the chef everytime, but she did not die which is always a bonus.

  58. I hate it when out of convenience I don't order something when I'm with friends/trying to be social and then out of concern they're like "Are you eating" and I'm like "I have to be careful because I've got allergies".

    I've got allergies to all nuts, soya and dust mites and once at Heathrow about 8 years ago when I had even more allergies, I ate some food that was supposed to be safe for me, and had an anaphylactic reaction and had to use my Epipen. I'm also technically allergic to legumes as well but I like beans and I suspect this might be a false positive because I've never had any problems with them. Some other "doctor" also says I'm allergic to yeast and rubber and he does seem to be right, but these are quite annoying allergies to have

  59. My current pet peeve is my college not putting labels on the menu boards. They're supposed to list potential allergens and they never do. I'm lactose intolerant, though not severely (thank god) and I have asked them "does this have milk in it" so many times. A couple times they've gotten salty with me. It's not my fault it's not listed on the sign!

  60. I love this!!! Nothing beats a restaurant refusing to serve you after all your friends have sat down and decided what they wanted and you have to either starve to not make a fuss or desperately hope that no one holds a grudge when you usher everyone up and out 😂😂😂😂 yaaaay food allergies 🎉

    OH or when servers just say ‘yep that has non of that allergen in!’ Without checking… when you know there’s a 90% chance…

  61. I have worked in every possible position in a restaurant and I have Dietary issues from an auto immune disease and food allergies that being said I have no problem being information And taking the extra time to make sure your safe ….. BUT …. when You tell me you have Celia disease and cannot eat anything with gluten at all and then order the soup and I inform you it has gluten in it and you tell me you can handle a little bit of gluten I no longer believe you and I am now irritated that you wasted my time……. if your on A low gluten or gluten free diet I will still give you the time and information but don't lie about the Seriousness of your condition because a serious as you tell me it's gonna be is how serious I'm going to take it…… Rant over

  62. I have IBS. So I can't have any high fat or fried foods. Am lactose intolerant and am allergic to soy. I used to ramdomly become extremely sick after eating out or at my Mom's. So I stopped eating out altogether and started refusing food at my Mom's.
    Finally had a talk with her. Found out she'd been adding butter and milk to nearly everything I ate there. Because ' it can't be that bad!' And I can't really be lactose intolerant because 'it doesn't run in our family.' Such bull.

  63. My girlfriend can't eat:

    Nightshades (potatoes, tomatoes, eggplants, bell peppers)
    Some oils (we're not sure yet)
    Soy sauce

    Our first date was to a restaurant but we quickly decided never to do that ever again because somehow one of those things ended up in her food and she had… a bad time. (I suspect it was butter, because people tend to forget that butter is dairy. Or it may have been potatoes because lots of gluten free things have potato starch in them)

  64. Laughing at this because I've witnessed these annoying/horrible behaviors when going out with my mom who is gluten-free and my friends who are vegan and/or low fodmap due to health issues. All of these complaints are hella valid, oh my gosh.

  65. I have a number of allergies (or – "sensitivities". I still get anaphylaxis, my blood just doesn'tt go "hey, if she eats this and this I'll make her have anaphylaxis" when the doctors ask) that include peanuts and fish, that are usually pretty bad when someone does have them. The fish one sucks because I get the flu without getting the actual flu for a week, but it's not gonna kill me . ….so far.

    But red peppers. Like, bell peppers. They will make me so, incredibly, sick most of the time (the extent depends on if I was exposed to other allergens, how strained my body is etc) – and ALWAYS make me have to grab the not-epipen-yet allergy meds.

    Just the steam from a cooked bell pepper in the air is enough to make my throat constrict.

    And bell peppers suck because, if I remember the equation correctly, 1×1 mm drop of their fluid will contaminate the entirety of an average swimming pool. It's so concentrated.

    I spent my entire life first having to be a bother, which I hate – I have social phobia ffs, and order my food without it and then getting served bell peppers DESPITE that — only to be told to "pick it off". By friends AND staff. 0v0;; Excuse me? I am already dying from you placing this in front of me and you want me to eat contaminated food??

    My dad is my hero. A few things he's not even allergic to, he just cannot stand the taste/texture. The rage-quits (as in, he rages and the staff quit and go work in safer environments like, prison) when he very carefully tells them, waits for his special order extra long and hasn't eaten all day — then bites into his food and tastes that shit.

    ….One time an entire McDonalds fell silent as our car screeched into the parking lot, dad marched up to the counter (nobody moved, even the staff slowed) and slammed the hamburger onto the counter as he exclaimed that his "burger – NO CHEESE…. has CHEEEESE!"
    The burger very dramatically slid down the entire length of the counter, the wrapper opening and the layers each separating beautifully to reveal said cheese.

    We walked out with three full bags of food.

    The entire staff, including drive through, stopped their business to rush to serve us. o-o;;
    He's my hero but… in a … dark antihero sort of way. QvQ (I felt so bad I apologised continuously.)

  66. people really have a hard time accepting that I wont eat spaghetti with them and no "an apple a day" will not help me… I have a spasms in my gallbladder and IBS-M. I cant wait to be able to reintroduce foods in a few weeks because ive been eating eggs and rice very consistently lol

  67. You are SOOOOOOOOO much worth it, just for me, just so you know you really make me feel more worthwhile as a person just by you being you

  68. "but why can't you eat gluten?"
    "because i'm allergic."
    "but like what happens"
    *slams the table"

  69. Only 1% of the world have are vegan. Only 1% of the world have gluten intolerance but they don’t kick of over the slightest smidgen of milk.

  70. I was diagnosed with Celiac in my early 30s and hEDS in my late 30s. I feel so much of your pain and frustration. I'd shiv a baker for a croissant…

    I also have become one of those annoying people who asks the millions of questions and demands. Basically I just tell them get it right or I'll be in your restroom for the next 4 hours and it won't be pretty.

    You are perfectly lovely and appreciated.❤

  71. “I am SO DONE with salad” kddbbdjdhddb I felt that

    As someone with a boatload of allergies/intolerances/ibs ive been to countless restaurants where the only 100% safe food on the menu is a salad with no nuts or dressing, MAYBE oil and vinegar if I’m really lucky. but that’s not why I go out to eat and spend $10-20 on a meal!! It gets depressing and honestly vaguely traumatizing not knowing if I’ll be allowed to eat a real meal or just bland rabbit food anytime I leave my house for dinner!! Ugh!!

  72. I was recently diagnosed with Chrons and one of the main treatments is a diet called the SCD diet and I have struggling so much with it but this made me feel a lot better because other people have to deal with these pains as well thank you

  73. I can’t eat gluten and at my school, on everybody’s birthday the birthday person bring in donuts. Since what I have is technically not a allergy, nobody really cared, until today someone brought me cookies. 😀🍪🍪

  74. I used to work at McDonalds, and I was nearly always in service. Whenever anyone gave me a special order, say, they wanted this burger without onions, I'd never ask WHY, but if I spotted something else on their order that I KNEW had onions such as a special type of fries we had (We advertised them as "Salt and Pepper", but they were, on the packaging we received, in fact "ONION and Pepper – still eludes me to this day why we wouldn't TELL PEOPLE THIS! People could literally die!), I'd always let them know "Hey, I saw that you ordered this without onions, I want to make sure you're aware of that this other item you ordered contains onions, is that okay?" and in some cases they'd say "Yeah, that's okay, I just don't like onions" or "Oh thanks, do you have anything else?". Sometimes, if the customer was chatty with me, I would briefly explain "Okay, I wanted to make sure in case there was an allergy at play, and I don't want anyone to end up ill or hurt." If someone ordered diet sodas, I MADE SURE they'd receive a diet soda, regardless of if I knew if they had a condition or not – it's just NOT MY PLACE TO JUDGE.

    Same thing would apply if someone ordered one of our vegan menus, and the dip they chose wasn't vegan – I'd briefly remind them that dip wasn't vegan, and ask if that was okay or if they want me to accommodate them in some other way, such as providing them a vegan sauce from the kitchen as dip, etc.

    I was told by multiple people that this was super nice of me to do, and that they rarely ever heard anyone else do this. I never did this just to be "nice", but out of an honest concern for our customers health – it baffles me that some people don't have regards for dietary restrictions. I have a hypersensitivity to apples, my mum is allergic to onions, my brother is super allergic to peanuts. It could cause us huge issues if we're served these things without us knowing, so I always took food restrictions SUPER seriously growing up – even going so far to learn how to bake and cook vegan or dairy, gluten or egg free alternatives to bring to events.

  75. I had a period where I couldn't have any dairy at all and my friend can't have any gluten but our school cafeteria was great about it. The second you ordered something specialized they would ask if they needed to change their gloves. It was a nice subtle way of asking how severe and how careful they needed to be!

  76. TRULY!!! I’ve got Ulcerative Colitis and during a flare up people are always giving me crap…”you could eat it last week!” “You don’t need to lose any weight!” Bitch….I’ll kill you

  77. My friend is celiac to the extreme and it always made her self conscious when having to go to restaurants because she feels as though they’re looking at her funny.

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