Don’t Like Vegetables? Try This!

Don’t Like Vegetables? Try This!

Hey guys, Dr. Berg here. I wanted to create a video for those individuals
who do not like vegetables. I am that person. I never did, I still don’t, but I eat a lot
of vegetables. Okay? But let’s talk about it. Why don’t people like vegetables? First of all, it’s time consuming. You have to prepare it, you have to cut the
vegetables. It’s a pain in the butt. Then, they don’t really taste that great. They don’t give you a lot of pleasure, lots
of chewing. If I didn’t have to get healthy and health
wasn’t a problem and I can eat anything I want, I’d probably live on potato chips, popcorn,
pizza, salty foods. I’m a salt person. I wouldn’t have any vegetables. Well, what happened is that I got in trouble
when I was in my 20s because I did not consume the amount of vegetables that I needed. Really, the main thing that we need from vegetables
is the nutrients, the raw enzymes, the vitamins, the minerals, that’s why we need to consume
them. Now, if you had any chance of restoring liver
damage or even losing weight, you’re going to have to change your mind about vegetables
and consume a lot. You cannot successively long-term lose weight
and get healthy without vegetables. It’s impossible. Like eating a little bit of cooked this or
powdered this or … it’s not going to cut it, you’re going to have to eat vegetables. I’m sorry, but corn is not what I’m talking
about, or peas. You’re not going to get the amount of vegetables. You need actually half of these vegetables
raw. I understand there are certain things that
bloat people, and that’s fine, we can steam them, but we need some raw, so you have to
find something that you consume that doesn’t bloat you. There’s a couple of points I want to make
about this. Number one, I do get pleasure from eating
vegetables, but an hour after I eat them or sometimes even a day after I eat. The days that I don’t eat vegetables, I feel
more sluggish, heavier, and bloated, like I ate too much protein. The days that I eat it I just feel lighter. I just feel the difference. I can perceive the difference. Personally, I do it because I’ve been convinced
so many times that it just makes me feel better and it’s actually doing good that I stick
with it. You have to just change your viewpoint on
this and just kind of start eating more for health and not everything for pleasure all
the time, right? Now, there’s a couple of things that you can
do to make it easy on yourself, especially for the time that you don’t have time to prepare. I like to blend my vegetables. I’m going to show you a little quick recipe
that you can just basically take a blender, stick them in there, stick a couple of things
in there to make it taste good, blend it, boom. Take it to work with you, drink it up, and
that way, you don’t have to always have a sitdown down and eat the salad and chew the
whole thing. All right? Let’s go to my house and I’ll show you how
to make it. Hey guys, we’re at my house and this is what
we’re going to do. We’re just going to basically take a blender,
fill it up half with water. This is our kale. Look at how much kale this is. This is pretty much at least about seven to
eight cups, so it’s going to be hard to eat this, but it’s easy to drink it. Then I freeze it, I’m just going to put it
in here. It’s easy when you .. if you freeze it, it’ll
last a long time. If you don’t, it can go bad pretty quickly. I’m going to blend just the kale and the water
first, okay, so let me show you something. Okay, so basically it’s blended. Now, if you’re not trying to lose weight or
if you’re a child, you could easily just put fruit in here, put a banana, put berries,
but if you’re trying to lose weight, you can put some berries too but I do find that the
might slow down weight loss for some people that have stubborn metabolism. There’s a couple of option. You can take a berry-sweetened Stevia and
put a couple of drops in there. My wife loves chocolate, but this is what
I’m doing lately, it seems to work really good. The Instant Kale Shake Berry. I like this, my wife likes the chocolate. Simply, what we’re going to do is just after
we blend it, we’re going to take a scoop of berry and stick it in there. This is no sugar but it’s sweet and it has
kale in it, instant kale shake. I put one scoop, I’m just going to mix it
for a second, and I’m done. Now, this kale shake is pretty sweet and it’s
kale. I wait for the foam to come down, but it tastes
like it has berries in it, and there’s no berries in it. It’s a great low-sugar drink. Now you can drink your salad, you can bring
this to work, drink it when you get home from work, and it’s just an easier way to avoid
eating a huge amount of salad. It’s a quick way to drink your salad. I use the kale, my wife likes the chocolate
one, you can check that out. Yeah, so that’s just a little tip to be able
to consume more vegetables.

100 thoughts on “Don’t Like Vegetables? Try This!

  1. We had been using juice plus capsules
    it had been working extremely well for everyone in our families, my mom big time, my son reversed food allergies 3 months, my wife sugar craving gone, my brother his families etc so many in many ways

    you will need to drink plenty of water.

  2. I found that if you put a couple of frozen snickers bars in it, its passable. Still wouldn't want it more than twice a month.

  3. Great tips for adding more adding veggies to ones DIET but wouldn't it be better to add real berries since they contain so many nutrients and are still low suger?

  4. Squeezing lemon on it conceals the kale..these spike my blood sugar too high. When I use berries..I'd get super tired after

  5. I need this but sadly cannot afford it. I've found that red grapes are so sweet, I mix about 8 of them with spinach and kale and don't even need any sweetener! Sometimes I add some cucumber, ginger, celery and lemon juice but only for the healthy part of it, I don't really taste it. But – freezing the kale is a great idea, wondering if that works for the spinach also???

  6. Look Dr …l cant speak english very well. l cant understand english too…but l see all your videos..and l try very hard to understan it…with all my love😍😍😍

  7. I feel much better when I don’t eat veggies! So much bloating. I do spirulina, barley grass juice powders, green powders etc instead now. Not sure if that’s enough potassium but….

  8. I don't like vegetables either never have… I ultimately healthy but am not regular with digestion. So now, I found out it is easier to juice my veggies. I've done it while weight training but need to do it regularly now since I'm pregnant.

  9. Eating a salad dish is time consuming because you have to chew the food…gee what can of world do we live in…and I doubt that a pure kale smoothie is tasty, not a great way to make people eat more vegetables. And you're not getting a lot of vitamins and minerals unless you eat a wide variety of vegetables.

  10. Kale
    4 bananas
    4 strawberries.
    A dash of black and pink himalayan salt.
    1.5 litre mineral water good ph.
    Feel effects just after one cup.
    Take a sea salt Epson bath you're good to gizzzooo😍 big up yourself Doc🤗

  11. I discovered this channel in May of 2019. It's interesting to see the evolution over the last four years.

  12. If you dont like vegetables , you should probably try Indian food. Each and every vegetable is converted into a mouth watering flavored curries with all those varieties of ancient ayurvedic spices……healthier yet tastier.

  13. I want to marry Dr. berg and eat a salad with good old disgusting Kale in it listening him talk about how good it is for health.😊

  14. If you like tuna……mix it with your salad with black olives and 1 chopped boiled egg ( optional)….you can add lemon and olive oil…….healthy and yummy

  15. Hey Dr berg what do you think about studies that have shown nutrient loss when blending vegetables and fruit? Your input would be much appreciated thank you!

  16. Help! Eating raw green veggies in a smoothie irritates me and causes inflammation. No problem if I cook. I can’t eat enough though. Will freezing them make them more digestible like cooking, before I put them in my smoothie or should I just get my greens through a superfood. If I can tolerate it. Deal with leaky gut.

  17. I cant believe I never thought of blending my veggies. The time it takes to prepare and eat the darn things is why I don't like them. Thanks for making me see some common sense, Dr. Berg lol!

  18. Where do you get the fruit powder, I’m still trying to find your ATP Octane. When you recommend a product you need to always tell where you can buy it, if

  19. Smoothie: half blender with spinach (I hate it but you cant taste it in this) a half tsp on lemon, 4 kiwis, a half tsp of chia seeds, 6 cubes of ice and about a fourth cup of water, about a fourth cup of plain yogurt, a tsp of sugar blend & yummy!!!!! I like to follow mine with a large glass of room temp water and I feel so good. I actually get a nice boost of energy!!! I hate Veggies btw!

  20. Thanks. With scleroderma, it takes so long to digest.
    I can't eat much. Had been trying to figure a way how l can get more than a come a day. So been juicing them. Feel better to get something healthy in. Liver is bad.
    Thanks for your help.

  21. You can add lemon and ginger and half an apple to make it taste really good without buying whatever that processed stuff was that he sells.

  22. I don't know if it's your genes or your keto diet but you have aged very badly. This video was only 3 yrs ago & you look 20yrs younger. Can you do a vid on the physical deterioration of the body on these restrictive diets (keto, vegetarian, vegan, Atkins, etc)

  23. Don't you need something to keep your blood thin? I use ginger, garlic or turmeric. Greens thicken blood don't they ?

  24. hum nice but I live in France and it's kinda hard to get hold of Kale all the time. what can we replace it with?Thanks

  25. 3:11 in all seriousness how does a toaster fit into a ketogenic diet? I love toast but try to avoid it these days…

  26. Pineapple juice is great to add to green smoothies to consume them delicious. Ice added after makes a big difference

  27. Raw veggies pushes iodine out of the body. Veggies are supposed to be cooked. The enzymes in the veggies get better when cooked anyways, easier for the body to break down….all veggies but chives, lettuce, and onions, need to be COOKED.

  28. Dr. Berg, will drinking Veggie Solution break a fast!!! Please give me an answer as I only eat 1 meal every other day!

  29. I drank that much kale without realising (my BIL made the smoothie) when I was pregnant and went into false labor.

  30. Hmmm, massive doses of kale that have been blended…. Did not cover issues like iodine deficiency or hypothyroidism? Also, no discussion of sublingual action upon food that may not (or cannot) occur with green juices? I say this as a fan of green juices, but this presentation makes it appear that everyone should do this, that there are no potential risks, and that it is nutritionally equal to eating a salad….none of these are true based on any evidence (or at best have not been scientifically proven).

  31. We don't like the taste of vegetables for a reason. We are not designed to consume them. They are loaded with toxins the the human digestive system and the do called nutrients are not bioavailable. Trust your senses. Eat quality meats, cheeses, butter, fish and study the dangers of oxalates, salisylates, lectins etc.

  32. Due to IBS, I just made salad in the blender including homemade healthy mayo, olives EVOO, white balsamic vinegar. Dang I enjoyed it !

  33. I'm gonna look into that , I blend a smoothie in the morning already but it gets tough to get all your veggies in, if you don't have a clear direction to go. So thank you dr. Berg. It wouldn't matter of you were a Dr or not, this is good advice

  34. Big pile of veg is like a big bowl of muesli. So much chewing and it takes forever. I just juice everything. Perhaps not as good as blending it all but works for me.

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