60 thoughts on “Double Blind Clinical Trial of Diet for Autism

  1. Just what does it take? If the benefit to our environment alone doesn't warrant changing our diets, then we really don't give a shit about climate change, let alone health, animal welfare, etc., etc. I almost think this species wants to suffer.

  2. The most interesting, and least understood element regarding all studies using placebos is the PLACEBO EFFECT itself.  What do we really know about this phenomenon?

  3. all this fumbling and bumbling around the placebo effect should caution anyone to not trust a result just because it was found in a study. Another concern is the fact that most research findings are not reproduced when the study is repeated with the same design. In psychology the percentage of such failures is as high as 70%. Could be pretty high in nutrition science too, though.

  4. We all want to protect our kids
    I just had twins
    I skipped the hep B vaccine
    So far they've managed to not get hepatitis B from sleeping in a crib all day

  5. If the videos were marked better it would be easier to keep track of their number #, in the series. These tend to get confusing and lost after the first day they are published. It would be difficult to find the next one in 6 mths. They do not play one after another on YouTube, I'm sure you miss 90% of the audience it would benefit as not many people leave YT and go find websites. It would be nice if you put a number on them and had the URL for each one in the description, yes, you can go back and edit the descriptions for eternity. Its not that hard to do after spending so much time and effort to do the video its self

  6. This finding is so interesting! I preach about gluten-free, vegan to parents with autistic kids so i can't wait for the next video! That will settle it once and for all!

  7. It seems all of the studies are pointing to the placebo effect on dietary interventions and the effect it has on children with autism. I wouldn't be surprised if the next episode points to this also due to all of the studies we have seen. If one were to do a meta study it would point to to what I'm saying also.. Luckily dietary interventions help in other ways and perhaps the scientists should switch them on a more whole food plant based approach because that seems to have more of a statistical and psychological effect but that's hard to do.

  8. Not cool! I have a friend that is the parent of an autistic child and we just want to learn the bottom line asap so we can get on with dietary treatment if effective. That is, unless it was proven to be ineffective then your delay would be excusable.

  9. You can search the paper on PubMed. Spoiler is in the abstract. No statistical difference https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/m/pubmed/26343026/

  10. Isn't one other problem with keeping kids on special diet for months the fact that developmentally they may just grow out of some of the problem stages of childhood?

  11. These cliffhangers are torture but please understand that these medical studies has hundreds of pages and its not easy to analyze.

  12. GMO's in the food, fluoride and other chemicals in our drinking water, toxic chemicals being dropped from the sky daily (chemtrails) do we all have to keep chasing our tails people? Wake up

  13. Sugar free. Study must be about glutenfree, dairyfree AND sugarfree. Otherwise its worthless.

    #Phagocytosis #Candida #PH

  14. Humans basically already are guinea pigs in one big unethical science experiment, we never got to chose if we wanted to be exposed to all these toxic chemicals in our environment.

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  16. Hello Dr. Greger.
    Can't thank you enough for the work you are publishing.

    Have you ever thought of covering psychiatric medicine practices?
    Looks like a lot of times fluoride based medications are being prescribed to patients with psychotic disorders.

    I know that your channel is based on providing nutrition facts, some products are being forced to our diet one could say on the other hand.

    My sincere gratitude and best wishes to you!

  17. If the last studies abstract is anything to go by, they didn't find any significant change in psychology on the Gluten & Casein free diet, for those wanting an answer now.

  18. I have just learned that there are 2 vitamin K forms, K1 and K 2. Please discuss how to get adequate K2 on a vegan diet.

  19. This is yet another stupid so called "study" like the one Scientists, who came forward in an April 2015 edition of "The Lancet" admitted "more than half of published medical science is wrong", would say was purposely slanted to achieve the desired conclusion the sponsor of the study undoubtedly backed by BIG FOOD, BIG PHARMA, BIG MEDICA wanted.

    Also it has been found that it isn't just gluten and casein that causes autism but GLUTAMIC ACID which shows up in foods labeled "natural flavors" "enriched" "fortified" "extract" "citric acid" and other code words indicating the excitotoxin was used in the manufacturing of the product. Here's a before and after of a once diagnosed girl with ASD who was taken off all commercial foods and look at the stunning results. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nNCIuNJc1oY

    Lastly everyone should know by now that no human can derive any benefit from dairy and certainly not calcium! Humans are the ONLY species who consume milk after being weaned off of mother's milk. Rather dairy is attributed to clogging of the lymphatic system and tremendous mucus production, congested sinuses, asthma, constipation and much more.

  20. Dr Greger, we need your help. The EU just approved a 5 year extension on Monsanto's glyphosate, and people don't understand what this vote means. It's going to be in our food supply, even the water supply. Please, can you discuss the literature on this?

    Yours Truly,

    Concerned EU Citizen

  21. Spoiler from that study he shows at the end: "However, dietary challenges did not have statistically significant effects on measures of physiologic functioning, behavior problems, or autism symptoms." Also, the study included only 14 children and the challenge phase was 3 months.

    If I'd have autistic children I'd go crazy and angry with these cliff-hangers.

  22. I changed my kid diet. ,not knowing. It improve his autism , I gave him organic orange blossom honey 2xs day major changes ,

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