Dr. Sam Robbins Intermittent Fasting – Weight Loss, Get Fat & Get Diabetes Reply

Intermittent Fasting lose weight gain
belly fat and get type-2 diabetes that was the title of a video that
someone asked me to comment on, so that’s coming right up. I am Dr. Ekberg with Wellness For Life and if you’d like to truly master health by understanding how
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so that you don’t miss anything. So one of my viewers tipped me off to a video
and I watched it and was by a doctor (not sure he is a doctor) called Sam Robbins and I looked at it
and felt compelled to comment on it because there’s so many blatant mistakes
and erroneous rationalizations in there so there’s a lot of interest in
intermittent fasting and I think that people really need we need to get the
true message out there so first of all intermittent fasting it’s just the
logical conclusion of a continuum of carbohydrate consumption so what this is
all about it’s about insulin resistance caused insulin resistance is responsible
it’s linked to just about every degenerative disease that we have and
the standard American diet consisting of three to four hundred grams of
carbohydrate drives up insulin resistance and is the problem so in
improving health the most important thing that we can do is to reduce
carbohydrates so low carb ketogenic intermittent fasting leading to auto
Fujii in incremental steps here this is what humans have done since for as long
as we’ve been around and this is what your body is adapted to and this is the
natural way to stay healthy I’ll come back to that a little bit so the first
complaint the first objection that he had to intermittent fasting was that
it’s a sales pitch they say oh you can eat anything you want you can eat all
your favorite foods as long as you do it in a short window of feeding which is
what intermittent fasting is and of course he called that a sales pitch as
if it was pitched by all those people who stand to gain from you not eating of
course that’s ludicrous it no one stands to gain anything if you don’t eat
there’s no money to be made there and just because an idea is promoted by
someone ignorant if someone makes that claim oh you can eat anything that’s
ignorant but just because it’s promoted by something ignorant doesn’t make it a
bad idea it’s still a very very sound principle and we just have to understand
you cannot eat anything you want you have to eat real food you have to eat
food that nature made and not the stuff that we have been mass producing and
processing and refining and nuking and bleaching for the last 50 years that’s
not food it doesn’t sustain life so it’s not gonna sustain life just because you
eat it in a shorter period of time second thing was he brought up research
and he said there was some very important recent research with damaging
conclusions and he said that the subjects would lose weight and he showed
a picture of a of a man with a big belly bursting at the shirt bursting at the
seams and that said that the subject would lose weight but gained belly fat
and then the conclusion by the researcher was that this was the first
study that showed that individuals could get damaged they could get insulin
markers for insulin resistance they could develop diabetes etc the problem
with this study was that it was performed on rodents and even though
there’s some research we can maybe draw some conclusions from certain pieces of
research like the function of a certain receptor or something we cannot draw any
conclusions of nutrition across species have you ever noticed how different
animals eat different things they are innately
designed to eat certain things so you can’t feed a species a certain way and
draw conclusions for another species you just can’t do that
that is completely invalid and that makes that garbage science another
portion though that I want to bring up separately is in that study they said
that intermittent fasting increased free radicals true but then he called the
free radicals cancer-causing and he called them age accelerating so the
thing that we need to understand about free radicals and there’s a lot of
research in this area that free radicals were without due cause they were given a
bad rap in the 1950s and we just jumped on the bandwagon me included
until I learned about recent research and we call the free radicals the bad
guys and we said that they were causing all these diseases they were causing
oxidative damage and so on well recent research shows that they are not the bad
guys they are signaling molecules they are
messengers that are part of a clean up crew called autophagy your immune system your lysosomes your macrophages your white blood cells they release free
radicals as part of their immune defense so the free radicals don’t cause the
problem they’re just like cholesterol they show up on the crime scene because
they’re trying to help they’re part of the good guys just like cholesterol is a
good guy free radicals are the good guys and what they allow the body to do is a
toff adji which in recent research and was awarded a Nobel price is shown to be
cancer preventing and anti aging so we need to rethink this completely I know
this is a big bomb to drop for a lot of people that we’ve been told so long that
free radicals are the bad guy I should do a google search and there’s
page after page after page but if you read some read some of those in between
the lines you’ll find that there’s some good research showing you that it’s a
signaling molecule actually doing good so I’ll do a separate video on that in
the very near future to talk about free radicals and antioxidants what they
actually do then he went on to say that intermittent fasting doesn’t really work
and I thought that was kind of humorous and I just have to say sorry guys for
all those tens of thousands of you who have lost the weight you feel better you
have more energy your blood work is better your cholesterol is better your
A1c and your hormone levels are better you’ve just been mistaken all along none
of that really happened because intermittent fasting doesn’t really work
so of course this is nonsense the proof is in the pudding but we have to look at
physiology first is this a natural thing because if it’s natural then it can
sustain long-term health and if it works for you it works for you as long as it’s
based on health not short-term results and then he went goes on to say that
it’s a fad diet and all these fad diets they always they seem to work for a
while etc well it’s not a fad diet because it’s been around as long as
humans have been around how you implement it is a matter of trial and
error so not one way of doing it is not gonna work for everybody some people can
go a week some people want to do it in a six hour feeding window or eight hour
feeding window and then stretch it and change it the important part though is
that you work your way down the scale if you are highly carbohydrate dependent
you will probably not do so well to start fasting because your body isn’t
trained to get energy from the stores so work
your way down the scale gradually toward low-carb into ketogenic and then you try
some intermittent fasting and you do it gradually as well so if you want to
really talk fads then you want to talk about the ultimate fads the things that
have only been around for a couple of generations so how about pharmaceuticals
nutraceuticals and processed foods and processed grains those are the fads
those are the things and how have they stood the test of time well they have
just about killed humanity in the short time that they’ve been around so
understand that it’s not a fad just because people start talking about it
and get excited in recent times if the principal if the physiology has been
around there it’s not a fad the stuff that we do in in our modern lives
that’s the fad hope that this has been helpful if you have if you see any other
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