Dr. Sarah Hallberg: Can a ketogenic diet help fatty liver disease?

Dr. Sarah Hallberg: Can a ketogenic diet help fatty liver disease?

– Sure, so is a low carb,
high fat plan beneficial to people with fatty liver? – Excellent, so we are gonna be publishing a paper on this very soon. And so the quick answer is yes, okay? So fatty liver disease
can be immensely helped for patients who are
following a ketogenic diet. It’s actually amazing just
how common fatty liver disease is in this country and around the world. And it can be a big problem,
leading to cirrhosis and even liver failure for many people. And so again, I will speak to the results of our large clinical trial, but we saw dramatic reductions
in liver function tests in patients who were following
a ketogenic diet for a year. And their fibrosis scores improved, and just kind of all
around exciting results when it comes to fatty liver disease.

6 thoughts on “Dr. Sarah Hallberg: Can a ketogenic diet help fatty liver disease?

  1. I believe it! I started Keto 3 months ago and my levels had gone down. My liver no longer hurts. I feel great. Thank you for sharing this video!

  2. True. I follow a ketogenic diet plus Lecithin and Inositol daily supplements. I have lost most of my belly fat within the first three months of the diet. My blood tests are suprisingly great. Only side effects I have to deal with is brain fog and dizzyness.

  3. I was doing Ketogenic diet and I.F.. How come my AST and Alt are high? I have fatty liver before changing my diet.

  4. I have fatty liver and I am doing the keto diet. I have been on the diet since the first of June and I have lost 18 kgs or 39 pounds. I was wondering if the keto diet would be helped by this diet. I am so glad to see that it does. I was originally 92kgs my ideal weight is between 62 kgs 136 pounds and 70 kgs or 154 pounds. I am currently 74 kgs or 163 pounds. My goal is to get to 65kgs. I am 55 now and I want to be healthier in my sixties than I was in my thirties.

  5. I believe you. I know healthy people following keto. But what do you do when your liver isn't processing fats properly, how can someone fix that?

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