Easy Cashew Chicken – Keto Chinese Takeout | Keto Recipes

Easy Cashew Chicken – Keto Chinese Takeout | Keto Recipes

welcome to keto meals and recipes dot com,
my family really loves Asian food and this easy cashew chicken
A keto Chinese takeout style dinner is one of our favorite quick and easy
recipes that can be made at home in about 20 minutes or less and that
includes the prep time I would like to mention that this easy to make cashew
chicken is just one part of a well-balanced Keto meal so do add sides
that will both increase the nutritional value and the macronutrient ratio to
make this into a complete well-balanced keto dinner here are a couple sides we
enjoy with this recipe I like to serve the ginger garlic buttered bok choy as
well as a small serving of my Chinese five-minute fried cauli rice and this
makes for a wonderful selection of foods as we would have when we do a Chinese
takeout meal and this easy cashew chicken is basically a protein component
of a well-balanced meal so you must add sides that build increase the macro
ratios, the macro nutrition for this recipe is 1.1 to 1 with 7 grams of
total carbs 1.3 grams of fiber resulting in 5.7 grams of net carbs, now
to make this easy cashew chicken for this recipe we just need some basic
whole food ingredients, tamari and fish sauce Because this is a stir-fry it’s
always good to prepare all your ingredients and the prep steps before
getting started the first thing I do is to preheat my oven to about 180 degrees
Celsius or 360 degrees Fahrenheit then I spread the cashews onto a baking sheet
and bake in the middle position of my oven for about 8 to 10 minutes or until
the cashews are light golden then I remove the cashews from the oven and
transfer them onto a cutting board letting them cool for a few minutes
before I chop them into small pieces and once the cashews are chopped I set them
aside next I peel the fresh ginger by scooping off the skin with a teaspoon
using a tea spoon works much better than using a vegetable peeler or knife
because you can get into the nooks and crannies of the ginger root use the
small holes of your box grater to grate the ginger and set it aside now it’s
time to cut the green bell peppers into small pieces the pieces should be
squares which are about the width of a fork and don’t forget to dice your
onions into very small pieces and set both of these
aside, as well I would like to prepare my sauce and I make this directly into a
measuring cup I add the water the tamari and the fish sauce and vinegar
I prefer apple cider vinegar but you can use either rice vinegar or white vinegar
oops I almost forgot to add the sesame seed oil add that and stir again because
I really like my sauce to be thick so that it sticks well to the chicken cubes
I like to add a bit of glucomannan as my thickener but this is totally up
to you whether you thicken your sauce or not it will taste the same once you’ve
added the glucomannan into the liquids stir well until the glucomannan is
completely dissolved then set the sauce aside and I cube my chicken breasts into
bite-size pieces I would also like to recommend the use of skin on chicken
thighs that have been cut into small pieces the chicken thighs taste really
nice and are a bit more fatty and I’m going to make the marinade directly into
my mixing bowl where I add the tamari the grated ginger and the grated garlic
stir well and combined and once you place your cubed chicken into the bowl
toss the chicken with the marinade very well and then set it aside for a moment
now it’s time to pre-heat your skillet or wok over medium heat once the skillet
is nice and hot add about 1/4 of the oil and coat the pan well when the oil is
nice and hot add the cubed green peppers and diced onions to the skillet or wok
spread the vegetables evenly and let cook for about a minute then toss and
cook for another 2 or 3 minutes or until you notice that the onions are
translucent and the green peppers are starting to look a bit soft
at that point remove the vegetables from the skillet and transfer them into a
plate and set that aside in the same skillet or wok which is still over
medium heat add the rest of the sesame seed oil and when the oil is sizzling
add the cubed chicken spreading the pieces out into a single layer, leave to
fry until the chicken cubes have a light golden crust on the bottom layer this is
the Maynard reaction and then toss as you cook until all sides of the chicken
cubes are golden and the chicken is cooked through fully
at this point reduce your stovetop heat to low and add back the onions and the
green peppers your chopped and dry roasted cashews and pour your prepared
sauce on top of everything using a spatula toss as you cook for another 2
to 3 minutes this will allow all the flavours to infuse the meat really well,
then remove everything from the skillet and put on a nice serving plate, as an
option which I did not do this time you can garnish by sprinkling dry roasted
sesame seeds and roughly chopped cilantro on top of the cashew chicken,
and now you’re all done. I hope you enjoy this Thank you very much for watching
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  1. This looks fabulous! Love your presentation of each step , as well as the suggested use of skin on chicken thighs. Also, showing of side suggestions, like the fried cauliflower rice was a good idea. Thanks very much! I’m subscribed and I shared with friends…. best wishes to you!

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