EASY KETO GINGERBREAD HOUSE | Gingerbread Chaffle Recipe | How to Make a Chaffle Gingerbread House

EASY KETO GINGERBREAD HOUSE | Gingerbread Chaffle Recipe | How to Make a Chaffle Gingerbread House

today we’re gonna be making an easy
keto breakfast that you can make on Christmas morning that’s why I’m dressed
like this in my Christmas pajamas we’re gonna be making a keto gingerbread
chaffle. this chaffle is absolutely delicious especially when you top it
with fresh whipped cream and some syrup it’s amazing and then we’re going to
take those Gingerbread chaffles and I’m going to show you how to make a keto
gingerbread house so let’s get started to make these gingerbread chaffles you
can use whatever waffle maker you want to but I’m going to be using a new one
that I picked up from DASH this is a four burner waffle maker and the reason why
I’m using this one is because it’s square so I’m making a gingerbread house
from these waffles so I want it to fit perfectly. Using the circular waffle
maker isn’t gonna stand up so well so that’s why you need a square waffle
maker. Plus I also like this waffle maker because it has overflow channels.
Often times, I pour too much batter into my waffle maker and it spills out all
over the sides but these nifty little channels catch up any little excess that
comes out and I have perfectly cooked waffles and my waffle maker stays clean
too. To make the gingerbread chaffles, I’m going to be using the following
ingredients. We’re gonna use 1 egg, 1 ounce of cream cheese, 2 tablespoons of
almond flour. If you don’t like to use almond flour, you can substitute with
coconut flour too – just use 2 teaspoons of coconut flour since coconut flour
tends to absorb a lot more liquid easier. 1/2 a teaspoon of baking powder, 1
tablespoon of coffee, 1/2 a teaspoon of cinnamon, 1/2 a teaspoon of ginger, 1/8
teaspoon of allspice, and 2 teaspoons of monk fruit. We’re gonna mix this all
together until it’s fully combined. I recommend using an electric mixer to mix
this batter up just because of the cream cheese. To get it more uniform and smooth,
use the electric mixer. Then we pour our waffle batter into the waffle maker
and let it cook for a few minutes. Remember, when we use cream cheese in our
waffle batter, we don’t really get a crispy chaffle. It’s more like a cake
like consistency but it’s still delicious.
Now that our chaffles are done cooking, I like to add a dollop of fresh whipped
cream along with some caramel syrup and the caramel syrup I like to use is by
ChocZero. It’s keto approved. It’s sugar-free. There’s no sugar alcohols in
it and it’s delicious. The combination of the whipped cream and the caramel syrup
with the gingerbread chaffle is out of this world amazing and it’s just perfect
for Christmas morning. Now on to making our keto gingerbread house. So this
gingerbread house is going to made entirely of chaffles – my gingerbread chaffle recipe. It’s 100% keto approved because we’re using keto approved
ingredients to make the actual structure of the gingerbread house. We’re gonna be
using my gingerbread chaffle recipe but instead of using cream cheese we’re
gonna use mozzarella cheese instead. Like I mentioned before, using mozzarella
cheese gets a chaffle more crisper and so this is gonna have structure to it so it can
stand up. If you use cream cheese in this recipe it’s just gonna sog down and
you’re not really gonna get a gingerbread house. To make this keto
gingerbread house, we’re gonna have to use eight times the ingredients of my
gingerbread chaffle. I’m gonna have the full ingredients listed down below so
make sure you check that out. Once you have all of your ingredients
mixed together, we’re going to pour it into the waffle maker. Now this is going
to make around eight different waffles so pour about half of your batter in. And
you want to let these cook for a longer time because like I said you want to
crisp your waffle so it can hold up the structure. Each chaffle is going to be a
side of the house you’ll have two sides a front and a back the roof. And then
we’re going to use a chaffle each to make the A frame part of the house like
that top part I don’t know what that top part is called but it’s like a triangle.
We’re gonna do that with each chaffle. Now to hold our chaffle together, we have
to make keto royal icing and to make keto royal icing you’re gonna need the
following ingredients. We’re gonna use a three egg white three and three quarter
cups of confectioner’s swerve, 1/2 a teaspoon of cream of tartar and then a
pinch of salt. We’re gonna combine all these together and then mix them up
until it’s smooth and glossy and then you’re gonna put your icing into a
piping bag and we’re gonna pipe along the sides just sticking the chaffles
front and back together and just assemble like you would a regular
gingerbread house remember that you will have to have some time for the icing to
harden and stick before putting on your roof any other structures Now comes the fun part, we get to top our
gingerbread house with keto approved candies. I’m going to show you some of
the ones that I like to use. Smart Sweets have some wonderful keto candies out
there . They have these peach rings, they’re gummy bears, they’re swedish fish
so these all make wonderful toppings for your gingerbread house along with that I
have some sugar-free lollipop that I picked up from Amazon as well as these
caramel shoes that are from Amazon too and then I have these little tiny
stevia-sweetened candies that I got from Amazon. I’ll have all of these listed
down below in case you’re interested in any of these candies and making your own
keto gingerbread house. You can also top your gingerbread house with some sugar
free chocolate chips my favorite is by ChocZero and you can
save 10% off your order when you use code KETOFOCUS at checkout. other good
options to decorate your gingerbread house include nuts and berries like
raspberries or blackberries even strawberry slices would be really really
pretty especially if you’re putting them on the shingles of the roof. Get creative
with this. I hope you guys make these gingerbread
chaffles for Christmas morning or you can just enjoy them throughout the holiday
season because they’re delicious. My kids love them too and I want to see pictures
of your gingerbread chaffle houses, so if you do make a them make sure you tag me on
instagram. I’m KETOFOCUS on instagram and TheKetoFocus on facebook. I also
have a facebook group that’s called The Best Keto Recipes. Please come and join
me over there we like to share all the best fabulous keto recipes that we found
have a Merry Christmas bye

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  1. Full Recipe for Gingerbread Chaffles: https://www.ketofocus.com/recipes/keto-gingerbread-chaffle/
    Full Recipe for Keto Gingerbread House: https://www.ketofocus.com/recipes/keto-gingerbread-house/

  2. Oh how cute! You're very creative. Love the chaffel recipe. I so miss gingerbread at Christmas. (I also LOVE those cat jammies!😻)

  3. Fantastic.
    I'm so not in the mood to cook and spend too much time in the kitchen today, LoL, so I'm just going to make the CCF gingerbread cake chaffle today 😍

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