new hair who is hey guys it’s Keila I am
back with a long awaited no prep video now I know all of you guys have been
waiting community do another bail prep and I’m so happy that you guys like
these videos these are actually my favorite to make but they do take a lot
of time so I’ve been trying to get them out once a month so it’s about that time
and this is for my special people the people that are extremely lazy since
this move I have been so lately with my mill press I can’t be bothered with half
the things that I normally do so I wanted to show that you still can do a
good comforting really good tasting meal prep that doesn’t take that long and you
can use some prepackaged things to make things go a lot smoother as some of you
guys might know I do practice intermittent fasting so most of it is I
just fast up into lunch so in this milk wrap I’m only going to be showing my
lunch and dinners what I do work out sometimes I like to get a protein shake
in my system I’ve been testing out smoothie recipes so hopefully in the
coming weeks I will have a couple more breakfast ideas for anyone that isn’t on
intermittent fasting but the first meal is an extremely lazy chicken with
asparagus and cauliflower rice meal now this is so lazy that I didn’t even cook
the chicken I just bought the prepackaged already made one but I
should have chicken and then cauliflower eyes has been like my go-to from the
beginning I think it was in my last meal prep video because it’s honestly just a
staple I use it more as a bulking mechanism to make it feel like I’m
eating more I just have a bag of cauliflower rice with a couple of
tablespoons of avocado oil sprinkle a dough on add your favorite seasonings
I’m just using some salt some pepper onion powder and I think garlic powder and I’m mixing that all together and
then flattening out and then putting it in a 400 degree oven for about 15
minutes and then I mix it and put it in the oven for another three to four
minutes definitely keep an eye out on it when you’re putting it back in the oven
because since it is cauliflower rice they’re smaller so they do burn
relatively fast at my grocery store they had a sale for
asparagus there were 99 cents for a pound so I ended up getting two stalks I
ended up saving like six or seven bucks which is amazing and I usually buy my
veggies depending on the pricing which you can’t be a dollar for asparagus come
on guys so I just have asparagus and I cut off the ends washed it dried I put
it on a foil lined baking tray and now you can do a couple tablespoons of
avocado oil olive oil coconut oil whatever oil that you have on hand but I
personally love the flavor of asparagus and bacon so I took the extra step and
cooked off two pieces of bacon in the skillet and used the rendered fat to
season of asparagus you definitely chop up the bacon and add
it to your asparagus and put it in the oven but I ended up just eating it while
I was filming this video and it was amazing add your seasonings to your surrogate and then put that in the oven or indeed
grieve as well for about 15 minutes I don’t think I added extra time to this
my oven cooked this off really really fast and you want it to be a little bit
undercooked so when you do reheat it it just gets completely fully cooked placed
your cook food in a container and store for up to four or five days this is such a time saver for me and at
my store it only cost $7.99 and usually buying a package of like chicken thighs
it runs me about five or six dollars so if you guys don’t feel like cooking and
want to pay a couple of dollars it’s already cooked for you you just portion
it out I am a firm believer and just buying chicken and sometimes I don’t
like handling chicken I’m weird like that the next dish I was trying to
recreate a dish that I get all the time it’s close to my job and it’s like a
spicy Italian fettuccine and I usually replace the fettuccine with broccoli so
I wanted to do that here and honestly guys if you guys watched my last mult
prep video of me making my homemade meat sauce if you’re lazy I’m Tom you make
this sauce and do the rest of the steps for the lasagna it takes probably like
half of the time not even half it’s so easy I’m using a jarred sauce I mean
affection let me find it I’m using the RO homemade sauce now this is really
great uncarved the one that I used is the spicy Arabica all right I don’t know
how to say that I’ll put it somewhere here I’m usually not sauce and I believe
the card count for that was four and it’s five servings so I’m actually
making enough sauce for five but I’m only showing you four we’ve ended up
eating that for my dinner that night eight I just have some hot Italian
sausage that I am cooking down and rendering off and then once that’s completely cooked I
add the sauce in let that all simmer for five to ten
minutes just so that way all the flavors can kind of marriage together
honestly I didn’t even put any extra seasonings in this my hot Italian
sausage had plenty of flavor and then the pasta sauce was a little bit spicy
so it was perfect it didn’t need any extra seasoning which is great and super
easy because you know it’s gonna taste good and once it was done I put it on
low so it can just barely simmer and I added 1/4 of a cup of heavy whipping
cream you can add more depending on how creamy you want it but since I wanted to
add a lot of cheese on this I was like you know what I might want to save my
fat for that as the meat sauce is cooking I used half
of a bag of broccoli now this bag is a big family size bag so the serving size
was 11 finished about half so it ended up being about five five and a half
servings place your broccoli and the sauce
together I usually combined it when I warm it up but for presentation purposes
I wanted it to look all cute for you guys again I’m only showing you guys
four because I did end up eating one of these meals kinda as I was filming a
little bit after but I didn’t want to specify that this does make enough for
five if you want a full Monday through Friday meal and there you have it it quick easy and
not that expensive meal prep that didn’t take you mom the roast off is pretty
expensive I think it is $9.99 but I got some on sale for half the price so it’s
pretty much buy one get one free so definitely check to see if there’s any
sales on sauces the asparagus was on sale even the broccoli that I got was on
sale the big bag was originally I think five or six bucks I got it for 399 so
you can definitely save time energy and money if you cut corners like that it’s
really hard finding prepackaged things on sale so I hopped on the broccoli and
I hopped on that pasta sauce once again thank you guys so much for watching I
really do love making these no Pro video so if you like them and want me to
continue making them you know what to do don’t forget to like this video comment
what other meals that you want me to try to keto fire or you’ve been craving or
things that you want to see on this channel and I will see you guys in the
next one bye


  1. You are super pretty! I was browsing for meal plans for breakfast that are keto friendly and found your video. Don't mind bc it was helpful and I will be trying out that Italian sausage recipe!

  2. meal prep me some wings Lol and you are just the best little cook Ever!!!; Keep the easy meals coming and more weight loss success stories because you are coming down so well Miss.K

  3. Hello! Just wanted to say that I have been watching a lot of videos on the keto diet and I just wanted to say that your videos I really like and can really do this meal plans. I am just starting out as a beginner. Thank you for sharing and helping me. 😀

  4. Wow you look gorgeous, way to go in your Keto journey. I’ve tried lazy Keto, strict Keto and I think I fall somewhere in between. Meal prep is helpful to me, so are quick on the fly fat bombs.

    Do you have any fat bomb recipes to suggest?

  5. Girl!!! These look so bomb! I just wanted to say I don't like handling any kind of meat without gloves it's not weird lol. I'm a cashier and I even grab meat with a bag lol. Yeah, I like eating it. I do not like touching it raw

  6. Thank you for this! It's back to school for me in September and I have to manage my time so much when it comes to keto prep for my husband and myself, then meal prepping for my 3 year old. This is especially awesome because she loves cauliflower and broccoli. So it is mostly well covered for the whole family. <3

  7. I enjoy your meal preps ; do you eat twice a day or three times per day? If I start my day with ACV and lemon water is that a plus?

  8. Keto Diet Cookbook, Chaeck it out. You will love it https://www.ebay.com/itm/500-Air-Fryer-Recipes-The-Big-Cookbook-of-Healthy-Air-Frying-By-Jamie-Stewart/202362556965?hash=item2f1dbf9225:g:YMMAAOSwKJhbQBQg

  9. Good job on this video! The production was great, music was awesome and editing was on point. PLUS we are about to start a Keto diet and these are awesome tips. All around, you did a great job!

  10. I love this video I only have one suggestion use parchment paper so the cauliflower rice will not stick. Thank you for all your helpful tips I just gave you one of mines

  11. I'm confused aren't you supposed to avoid sugar like the plague on keto and the Jacksonville sausages are packed with sugar, I don't know I think I'm lost

  12. Hello Keila Keto im now a new follower subcriber of your channel ☺️💕so nice to meet you can’t wait to see more of your Keto recipes 🤟🏼👍🏼

  13. I take strained and cooled bacon grease pour it into an empty styrofoam egg container refrigerate until hard. Remove from egg container after hardening, put into ziplock bag put in freezer. You can take a frozen piece of bacon grease out and use as needed.

  14. This!!!! Is what I needed!
    I just moved in August too and I just haven't been able to fix my routine yet.
    You're literally saving my life!!!!

  15. I am go a try kito but need as much info as possible so I can go shopping and get everything..does anyone know if I can have pure protein powder..?

  16. Just made this with ground beef and a traditional lower carb sauce. But i still bought Italian sausage and the same sauce so i can’t wait to try it next week. I made my broccoli different and my god let me tell you it was so good. My fiancé isn’t keto but she loved it as well. So thanks for the great idea.

  17. Real nice and for more indept info check out this link which goes straight to the source: http://bit.ly/KetoFoodandWine-Naticia1

  18. Hot tip: The Aldi brand Marinara Sauce is delicious, only has 5 net carbs per serving, very natural with only a few ingredients, andsugar is not one of those ingredients! And of course very affordable …Very happy with this find!! 🙂

  19. wow so easy!!!! I'm a newbie to Keto and this is very motivating and LOOKS DELISH!
    Thank you for this.

  20. You are TRULY BEAUTIFUL, and I am having bacon-flavored asparagus tonight with my cheeseburger. Keto for life or longer, THANK YOU, lovely lady

  21. May I ask if you calculate the macros and calories for these? I am just starting IF and Keto and am so overwhelmed with all the track-keeping. 🙁

  22. Hiii!! So happy I found your channel!! New subscirber here!!! Ty for posting this!!! Looks so yummy!! I have to wait another month or two before I can eat the broccoli since I had the gastric bypass 5/14/19. I will try this tytytytyty!

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