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next week’s video, woot! Imagine I started my videos like that. (fun upbeat music) Hey, HealthNuts. It’s Nicole from HealthNut Nutrition and welcome back to my channel. I thought to wrap up the end of January, I would do another meal prep video. I know you guys loves these and I’ve been trying to
do one every single month and in the spirit of
New Year’s resolutions and restarting for the year, I thought I would do a detox
meal prep and by detox, I really just mean these
are nutrient dense foods, that are really simple and
easy for your body to digest. We have things like juices,
soups and salads today and fun fact: your body
actual detoxes itself. It doesn’t need a shot of ginger and lemon juice in the morning to detox. It just does it naturally,
every single day. But, it is important to
sometimes give your body a little bit of a break from
all those processed foods that are out there in the grocery stores and just eat simple nutrient dense foods that are gonna really be
easy for your body to cleanse and digest and it’s gonna
make you feel reenergized. So, let’s get started and
I will share with you guys what is on this week’s meal plan. Okay, so for breakfast this week, we are making two different options. One of them is a green detox juice. It takes five minutes
to make in your blender. It’s a fun little hack I love
to do when I feel like juice but I don’t wanna spend an hour chopping and doing all that clean up
stuff with a traditional juicer. So, first you’re gonna
need a large blender and I’m using a high speed blender but I’ve used this in smaller,
less powerful blenders and it works as well,
maybe not exactly the same but you’re still gonna
get similar results. So, don’t worry, you’re
don’t have to go out and buy a brand new
blender to make this juice. Anytime I’m blending
things, I like to start with the liquid first and then
add in the more watery foods. So, for this juice I have
water, peeled lemon, cucumber, celery, romaine lettuce, ginger root, kale, green apple and some spirulina powder. Pop on the lid and give
it a really good blend. I usually like to blend it
anywhere from 30 to 60 seconds until everything kind of mixes through and if you have a high speed blender with a little tamper stick, use it to mush all the ingredients down, otherwise you might have
to stop it, press em down and then start it again, but no big deal and then you’re gonna be left with this slushy green mixture. So, I like to strain mine
through a nut milk bag and I’ve honestly had this bag for years. It was the best purchase ever. I’ll link the exact one I have
in the info box down below. But, basically you’re just
gonna use this strainer to strain out the juice, all
the pulp out of the juice, I mean, and then you’re gonna be left with a vibrant healthy nutrient
dense green detox juice. And I love this juice in the mornings. I like to make extra,
store it in the fridge, and then have it for the next day as well and it’s super delicious and like I said, it takes like half the time,
five minutes to be exact. Wooh, that lemon and ginger. I feel my body detoxing already. (laughs) Alright, so breakfast number
two, is a red quinoa oatmeal. I actually have a recipe on my blog. By the way, I’ll link all
the recipes I’m mentioning in today’s video in the
info box down below. So, check out that info box. Lots of information there. So, usually this recipe has
a mixture of steel-cut oats with red quinoa and I
love the mixture together, but I thought I would lighten it up a bit, especially if you’re gonna
have it with the green juice and you’re looking to
give your body a break of a little bit more heavier foods. So, quinoa is really easy to digest. It’s actually a seed, not even a grain. So, it’s naturally gluten free and I love having red quinoa
as opposed to white quinoa for breakfast because it’s
a little bit heartier, it doesn’t get too mushy
when you cook it up and I’m gonna cook it up like an oatmeal. So, I have a pot of water,
boiling with a little sea salt. I’m gonna add in my red quinoa and then I’m gonna let that cook, bring it up to a boil and
then I’m gonna lower the heat, let it cook with a lid
on for about 15 minutes, like you would regular quinoa and then during the last five minutes, I’m gonna take off the lid, I’m gonna mix in some coconut milk, you can use any milk that you like and then I’m gonna put a
little bit of maple syrup. This is just to sweeten it up, you can take this out if you’re
gonna put some fruit on top and you’re tryna do a low sugar diet, but it’s nice to have it a
little sweetened for breakfast. I’m gonna mix that up,
let it cook with no lid for a little bit longer
to kind of evaporate some of the liquid and
then you have a delicious quinoa oatmeal that you can serve and I like to put lots of
different toppings on mine. Today I have some coconut
flakes, I have some blueberries, along with some creamy almond butter, which I love almond butter, it’s so good and then you can add a
little bit more coconut milk when you’re heating it up to
get it all nice and creamy and it is delicious, full of protein, it’s gonna keep you full and like I said, it’s nice and light on your system. This is what it looks
like here and I love how you can easily prep all your ingredients, put the lid on, pop it in the fridge and you can make as many
portions as you want and the quinoa will last all
week long which I really like. Now for lunch, we’re gonna
make some mason jar salads. Yep, I’m bringing these back. These used to be the biggest thing and I mean, they’re genius. You have the dressing at the bottom, so you don’t have to
bring a separate container and you go from hardest
vegetables or protein to softest and more water dense, I guess, that way things don’t get
soggy, so this is genius. I put all my lettuce on top, like I said, it doesn’t get soggy and it’s easy to bring with you to work So, for this one, I started with a simple French vinaigrette dressing. I have tons of dressing
recipes on my blog. I will link them down
below in the info box. This one was just olive
oil, dijon, balsamic, apple cider vinegar, salt and pepper and I’m probably forgetting
something else, dijon mustard? Did I say that? And I just give it a shake. I throw it on the bottom first and then I have some chickpeas
because they’re harder and they’re not gonna get
soggy in the dressing. Next, I have some celery,
yellow pepper, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, and
for some extra protein, I also have some boiled
eggs here, chopped up, and some mixed greens right on top. And then, when you get to work, all you have to do is give it a good shake and dump it out into a big bowl. So, I would bring a separate bowl, maybe keep one at work
if there’s a kitchen and then all you have to do
is bring a fork, a big bowl. You can just eat it out of the jar but you’re gonna have
to eat it in the layers. Which works as well, but I like
to shake mine out in a bowl and it’s so good and the
chickpeas get all marinated in the dressing and it’s just delicious. So, if you’ve never tried a
mason jar salad, give it a try. They’re honestly genius and you can just prep a
few of these in the fridge. I would probably prep three at a time and they’re really easy to take
with you to work or school. Alright, snack time. ‘Cos you guys know I
love a good snack time. I just kept it super easy. You got some cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, super water dense and
nourishing and hydrating and then lately I’ve just
been addicted to clementines. These are so good, very
hydrating, full of vitamin C, especially for this flu and cold season that everyone is going through right now. So, lots of hydrating veggies and fruit to keep you satiated when you’re hungry. Mhm, cucumber is the best. Alright, then to wrap
things up for dinner, we are making my ultimate
detox soup recipe and I have not made the soup in awhile. I love it ‘cos it’s full of vegetables, it has a really cool ruby
red broth from the beets and this soup is like
the perfect thing to eat when you’re trying to
cleanse and detox your body a little bit ‘cos it’s just
filled with a ton of veggies. There’s not a lot salt in here, it’s just flavored from
garlic and ginger and onion and it just cooks up all in one pot, as most soups do, and
its really nourishing. So, give this soup a try. Try having it for a few days in a row and see how you feel. It’s definitely gonna
give your digestive system a little kick in the butt with all of these veggies and fiber in it. So, to make this soup, you’re
gonna need a large soup pot. You’re gonna heat that up
with a little bit of olive oil and then you’re gonna sautée
some minced garlic and ginger and I also meant to add
in the onion at this point but I totally forgot and I added it later, which is fine ‘cos it’s
gonna cook up all together but if you can remember, put
the onion in with the garlic and ginger so it caramelizes
just a little bit. Next, you’re gonna add in all
of your chopped up veggies. We have beets, broccoli, carrots, onion, cabbage, fresh herbs, I have a mixture
of parsley and cilantro. Cilantro is so good for
detoxifying your liver and removing heavy metals from the body, so, I love to add it into
my meals any chance I get. Juice from half of a lemon,
a couple dried bay leaves and then for spices,
I’m using some cayenne to give some heat to the soup, and a good sprinkle of tumeric and then some salt and
pepper to finish it up. And then you’re gonna
top all of these veggies with eight cups of water. You’re gonna give it a quick stir, get everything nice and combined and let that come to a boil. Once it’s boiled, bring
it down to a simmer and cook until all the
veggies are nice and tender. I will have all the
instructions and measurements over on my blog. I will link the recipe
down below in the info box. Now, the one thing I should
tell you about this soup is do not wear white with it
because this broth will stain. Oh, it’s so good. Mhm. Oh yeah, detoxing is happening right now. Alright guys, there you have it. That is my detox friendly meal prep. Hopefully, you guys got
some good inspiration of some recipes that you
can make to reset your body, feel amazing, and kick
your butt in gear for 2018. So, let me know what
your favorite recipe was that I made today and
if you guys wanna vote for the next meal prep
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