Easy Stuffed jalapenos poppers – keto recipes – low carb

Easy Stuffed jalapenos poppers  – keto recipes – low carb

sup guys welcome back to the channel I’m
gonna be showing you guys a real simple recipe today this stuff jalapenos is
real easy recipe it just has basically four ingredients and I’m gonna go
through it with you guys today and hope you guys try it out and let’s get to it
so basically what I have here is some large jalapenos and I’m gonna be
basically splitting these down the middle and coring them out and I will be
stuffing them with some shredded cheese that I shredded here you guys can use
whatever cheese you like most recipes use cream cheese I prefer like a Colby
cheese or or something like that better just personal preference and then I’m
using some Smith Smith field all-natural uncured bacon this bacon has like no
nitrates so it’s all natural and I will be putting some smoked paprika on top of
the cheese before I wrap the jalapenos just to enhance that smoky flavor of the
bacon so it’s just gonna take the jalapenos and cut them down the middle
and using a potato peeler we’re gonna take the seeds out you don’t want to leave any of the of
the seeds or the the membrane in the jalapeno because that’s actually what’s
really hot okay guys so the next step is we’re gonna take our jalapeno come and
put some cheese on it and we’re gonna sprinkle a little paprika on top of the
cheese this is smoked paprika you guys know how bad this if you don’t want to
just like this flavor a lot when it comes to bacon things and whenever I use
the cheese or bacon things like that it’s just like the smoky flavor and so when you once you got the cheese
you gotta take one slice of bacon and you’re gonna wrap your jalapeno tightly all the way around just like that you’re gonna play some in
a baking sheet with some oil spray on it so I don’t stick and we’re gonna move on
to the next one okay guys so as you can see the
jalapenos have done they are wrapping the bacon and they’re ready to go on the
oven now what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna put them in the oven at 350 degrees for
15 to 20 minutes and then they will be done and I’ll pull those out when
they’re done and show you guys okay guys there it is
it took about 23 minutes in the oven at 350 and they’re pretty much done as you
can see I served them with some ranch sauce with a little bit of smoked
paprika in the center and they’re ready to go hope you guys enjoyed the video
and I’ll see you guys on the next one

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  1. im making this this weekend when I get back home to Vegas, also what if im trying to lose weight and get a six pack is this a good thing to eat often or should write it down as a cheat meal??

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