Eat Fat 2 Lose FAT (an MD Explains 2019)

Eat Fat 2 Lose FAT (an MD Explains 2019)

hey this is dr. berry I’m a board certified family physician with 20 years of experience of taking care of patients just like you and I want to talk for a few minutes today with you about how to eat fat to lose fat if you’re overweight if you’re obese if you’re morbidly obese what you want to do is you want to lose fat you don’t want to lose muscle you don’t want to lose bone density or bone strength you want to lose the stored energy on your body which is the fat that you carry on your booty on your belly or worst of all inside of your liver or inside of your pancreas the fat inside your belly although it doesn’t look as bad in the mirror is actually much more medically dangerous to you than the fact that you see in the mirror and that you may be perhaps hate so much so in this video I’m gonna explain to you how eating fat to lose fat actually works and why you should do it and why it’s actually very healthy I’m gonna leave link down below in the show notes to all the research I use to make this video so you can look these things up and verify them for yourself now let’s jump into this so basically when you eat every single meal you eat every single snack you have consists of three different macromolecules carbohydrates proteins and fats those are the three macronutrients and so every meal or every snack or everything you drink has those three things in it if it has any energy at all that your body can use for energy or to use to build your body parts and so what we’re gonna do with this diet eat fat to lose fat is you’re gonna turn down the carbohydrate intake knob and if the faster you want to lose the fat then you need to turn down the carbohydrate intake knob even more and more and more if you turn it down to 20 grams of total carbohydrates a day or less then that is a ketogenic diet if you turn it down as close to zero grams of total carbohydrate intake a day as you can get it then that is a carnivore diet both of these diets are exemplary for helping you lose fat while also maintaining your muscle and some people even even put on some muscle naturally and then also helping to maintain your bone strength but you want to burn the fat if that’s what you’re after then this is how you do it and so by turning down the carbohydrate intake you’re gonna have to eat more protein or fats you know I know that you’ve probably been told by your doctor and your dietician and your mama too that you shouldn’t eat fat that fats bad for you but research that’s been hidden for decades is now coming out you some new research is being done that shows us that fat is actually good for human beings if you’re eating good healthy types of fat which I go into in other videos on this channel then you’re actually it’s very beneficial for your body in hundreds and hundreds of ways most all of your your sex hormones most all of your adrenal hormones come from directly from cholesterol and so you want to be eating lots of good healthy saturated fat so that you have a good source of cholesterol because if not your hormone health will suffer so how does this work well here’s how it works and I’m gonna give you seven ways that this is going to help you lose fat and keep the fat off in a fun healthy fulfilling sustainable way the first thing it does and probably the most important thing that eating more fat does and eating fewer carbohydrates does is it lowers your insulin level in your blood stream back to low normal insulin does hundreds of things in your body but one of the biggest things that it does that concerns you right now is that it helps your body store fat right and so anytime your insulin is elevated it’s very hard to burn the fat that you’ve already stored on your body anytime you eat carbohydrates those carbohydrates break down immediately and sugars when the sugars hit your bloodstream your insulin goes up and that turns off your ability to meaningfully burn fat that you’ve already stored in or on your body and so we want to keep the insulin level as low normal as we can and by eating far fewer behide rates then you’re currently eating and eating far more healthy fats than you’re currently eating you’re gonna keep the insulin level low normal not dangerously low just in the low range of normal which is that’s kind of the sweet spot for burning stored fat which is what you’re after next thing that eating lots of fat and way fewer carbohydrates does for you is it optimizes the ranges of your two hunger hormones they’re called leptin and ghrelin and you can google these and read about these and quickly see that optimizing these into the right levels really makes it much easier to be on a long term way of eating like this if you’re constantly hungry if you’re starving to death you are not going to be able to continue that diet and indeed that’s why many people find that the semi-starvation diets like Weight Watchers Biggest Loser Jenny Craig flexitarian Ornish all of these they’ll help short-term but you can’t do them long-term because you’re starving all the time because your leptin is low in your grill in this high it’s it’s hard you mean you can’t starve a human for the rest of their lives and indeed that’s why there will never be a reunion show for the The Biggest Loser television show because they’ve all read the weight because that diet consisted of starving them and you can’t do that for the rest of your life but if you are eating a diet that’s high in healthy fat and very low in carbohydrates your leptin and ghrelin go right where you want them to be so you’re full you’re happy you’re satiated you’re not starving all the time and that makes this way of eating very sustainable the next thing that eating lots of fat and very little carbohydrate does is it actually speeds up your metabolism you’re gonna actually burn fat faster by eating more fat and I know I know I know that may be backwards to everything you’ve ever been told your entire life but all the things you were taught in your entire life about losing weight how are they working for you right we have an obesity epidemic in modern society and it’s because we eat too many carbohydrates /or carbohydrates in eat lots more healthy fats and you’re gonna speed up your metabolic rate so we when you’re in bed asleep you’re actually going to be burning more calories than if you were up walking around on your old way of eating that is very powerful and very helpful the next thing that eating lots of healthy fats and slashing the carbohydrates is going to do for you is it’s going to raise your human growth hormone level and raise your testosterone level in a good way and women don’t freak out this is not going to make you grow a beard and have an Adam’s apple it doesn’t work that way it’s just gonna move your testosterone and your human growth hormone or your HGH into the optimal ranges so that it makes it easier for you to burn the stored fat that you’re trying to get rid of the next thing that this way of eating does is it helps you eat fewer times a day when you eat a breakfast of bacon and eggs you’re not hungry for hours and hours and hours and so it in it kind of inevitably effortlessly increases your the amount of time that you’re not eating during the day which goes back to the number-one point you’re keeping your insulin level very low normal for many more hours a day by eating lots of healthy fats and slashing your carbohydrate intake and so you’ll wind up eating maybe two meals a day or maybe even one meal a day some people are just not hungry and as long as you feel good your mental clarity is good your energy is good you’re sleeping good and your skin and hair looks good you’re getting enough nutrition and so that that’s actually the ultimate test how do you feel and how do you look on this way of eating you’re gonna feel great and look great and you’re just not going to have to eat three four or five times a day the next thing that this way of eating does is it’s gonna almost eliminate that that thoughtless snacking you do if there’s something there you just reach and get it needed it’s almost a habit it’s almost an addiction for some of us right but when you’re eating lots of healthy fat with each meal and you’re eating until you’re comfortably full you’re not going to snack as much and that goes back to the point one you’re going to keep your insulin level from spiking all the time giving you the opportunity to burn the stored fat on your booty as fuel and that’s how you get rid of fat only way to get rid of the fact that you’re trying to get rid of is to burn it as energy and the only way to do that is to not be snacking constantly through the day even if they’re keto snacks they’re gonna raise your insulin level probably enough to really slow down the fat burning that you’re trying to get going the final way number seven is it’s going when you eat lots of healthy fat you’re gonna make your brain work better you’re gonna be in a better mood you’re not gonna be as anxious you’re gonna have more stamina and stability you’re gonna have more perseverance you’re gonna have more discipline think about that it’s much easier to do something if you’re a hundred percent in an all gung-ho to do it but if you’re tired and you feel like crap and you can’t think straight you’re gonna be reaching for the snacks and so my advice to you if you want to lose fat you have to eat lots more healthy fats and you have to eat lots fewer carbohydrates that’s how you do it in all those pictures you see on Instagram and Twitter of people who have lost crazy amounts of weight yet they don’t have any redundant skin left that’s keto that is that is high fat low carb that is a carnivore diet that’s how that happens and so if you’re interested in burning fat and keeping it off for the long term you’ve got to follow the advice in this video and all the advice on my other videos I’m gonna put a link either here or here to my keto 101 video series and so if you’re brand new to this way of eating you’re like wait what eating more fat what watch the first few videos in the series and you’ll understand not only the science of it not only the common sense of it but also the ancestral appropriateness of this our ancestors have been eating as much fatty meat as they could get their hands on for the last quarter of a million years this is not a new thing this is not a fad this is how human beings are supposed to eat you might even call it the proper human diet so I’m gonna put all the links below to the research and the link to my keto 101 video series so you can start learning do this properly so that you can get the fat off and keep it off for the rest of your life now if you enjoyed this video and you’d like to get a notification every time I post a new video like this then click that little subscribe button down there and click the bell right bolt right beside it and choose all notifications so that every time I post a new video and have a bright idea you’ll be one of the very first people to know this is dr. berry I’ll see you next time

100 thoughts on “Eat Fat 2 Lose FAT (an MD Explains 2019)

  1. Great video! I was asked today about whether or not the Keto way of eating, as in eating less veggies and carbs, will cause your body to eat away at muscle tissue. I told them no and to watch this video. Do you have a video that specifically addresses this topic and maybe your research links, that I can direct them to?
    Thank you, Dr. Berry, for all you do! 😊❤️ Keto4Life (13 months now)

  2. Bob Harper formerly of Biggest Loser had a heart attack and he says he and his doctors attribute to doing high fat keto diet and he is now following vegan diet.
    Being very active and having that happen to him is very sad.
    Can extreme exercise contribute to what happened to him ?
    Anyone have concerns being on Keto diet or have any knowledge of why he would make such a statement ?

  3. I have two questions. 1. Can i eat more thsn one avocados a day and second. Is dsiry free coffe creamer ok.

  4. How & what is the best way to cut the sugar cravings. I do good until mid day & I cave. I get so tired.. its a vicious cycle. Also, I have type A+ blood… I have been told type A+ blood people are not to eat red meat. I have seen personally so many success stories with keto & want to incorporate it into a lifestyle. I am boarderline type 2 diabetic with A1C of 5.9 -6.2.

  5. How do you get enough potassium without getting too many carbs on a keto diet? It is impossible to get 4700 mg of potassium a day strictly on keto without going over your carb limit. I have asked this question 1000 times and have received zero answers

  6. Son…you have been SLAMMED as a schill by Frank Tufano. Never heard of the guy until today.
    Personally, I didn't care for his whining. I also didn't appreciate that he does not understand that not all of us can afford grass fed meat, or pastured eggs…blah blah blah.
    Fortunately, I can raise some of my own meat, but I can't raise my own beef (no pastures in the andes mountains in northern Chile), and I don't want to eat a steady diet of sheep, goat, chicken, or rabbit.
    As a disabled vet living on 665 dollars/month, I buy what I can afford. Period. So, if my beef isn't grass fed, it is still better than processed foods.
    I am grateful that you and others recognize this and let us newbies know that we don't have to spend 25 bucks/pound for meat to get healthy.

  7. Gosh, I wish I could get my MIL to listen to you!! I did share on this on FB as I often do. She's early 70s and morbidly obese. She did well 1 1/2 yes ago on Trim Healthy Mama but piled it all back on and then some. She still has a weight watchers mindset… can't break her of the calorie counting farce!! She has yo yo dieted the entire time I've known her and is the worst sugar addict I've ever known!!! She jokes about bread & donuts all the time. I find no humor in that!!! Then she had a car accident last Dec and is much less mobile. Unfortunately now she blames the accident and is using that as her new excuse. I'm watching her kill herself in slow motion and it breaks my heart!! While there's life there's hope, right!? Thanks for making these videos, Dr Ken!! Much appreciated! I'm 51 and keto just over a yr now. Best thing ever!! I'm down to my wedding weight! Say what!? Yup! I feel great! Of course my MIL tells me to stop … i'm too skinny. 🙄

  8. I have read or heard on other keto sites or videos that fat shoud be used as a "lever" depending on your goal that is to loose or maintain weight or your energy for lifting or other sports. Should we limit Fat to the natural fats already in the keto foods and not add additional or sticks and mountains of bacon, if loosing our own stored fat is the main goal?

  9. I love you, Dr Ken. You've helped me save my own life.
    However, I have to call bullsh*t on the part about people who have lost a lot of weight not having redundant skin on a Keto/Carnivore lifestyle. If they don't have it, it's because they had surgery or are lying about how much they lost. All the top keto YouTubers that have lost significant weight are mostly up front about it, and post pics of it in a full disclosure kind of way. Some have had success with using red light therapy or hot and cold plunging to minimize it, but nowhere near completely stopping it from happening.

  10. When I was living in East Tennessee, I told a diabetic friend that a "normal" blood sugar is actually between 70 and 75. He son overheard me and asked "where do you get this shit?"

    The Merck Nursing Manual, nursing school, circa 1987….Today's doctors think that 98 to 110 fasting glucose is just fine…and it's killing people.

    Eat a steak, save a life.

  11. Unfortunately the biggest loser contestants get fat shamed for regaining all their weight back, the truth is they were all given really crappy advice to begin with to lose the weight. Exercise is good but starvation is not. Low carb is the most guaranteed way to lose weight hands down. I wish I saw this video 20 years ago but it's never too late to try.

  12. Love this channel.

    Something keep me wondering. I get that carbo converted to blood glucose, which we burn a small portion and the rest is converted to body fat by insulin. What do dietary fat first converted to once intake ? how and through what processes it will eventually be burnt ?

  13. Great information…thank you for sharing! I just found out my daughter is getting married and 7 months and I am dedicated 2 losing the weight properly and looking good for the wedding in February! Injuries have just made it difficult 2 keep the weight off like I used to so I'm going to work through that with this type of diet. Thank you again!

  14. I love your videos. You get right to the point. Thank you for helping us learn the truth about our way of eating that is appropriate for the human body. Just one thing, how are you so confident that mankind has evolved for millions of years. Have you really studied that?

  15. Can anyone here share what they know about Kombucha? I am loosely following a Ketogenic diet, in that I have been trying to greatly reduce/eliminate foods deemed most inflammatory – sugar, gluten, bad oils and carbs. I recently discovered kombucha and decided to give it a try for all its healthy ingredients (green tea, apple cider vinegar, ginger, bacterial cultures and electrolytes) it does however have about 4.5 g of sugar per serving. Would that amount of sugar counteract the benefits of the other ingredients? Since I started drinking this I am not experiencing serve leg cramps as I was before (even before I made the above noted changes). I had been taking Mg/K supplements for the cramps without relief. Prior to that I was taking Mg/Ca supplements with good relief but learned on this site that Ca supplements were not something the Dr. recommended hence the switch to Mg/K. I am not focused on losing weight, although that has been a side effect of my new eating habits, but am more concerned with health benefits vs. negative impact of sugar.

  16. I've been doing pure carnivore for about 6 weeks now and I've never felt better. I eat just meat and eggs. I mostly eat high fat ground beef and a few steaks but I also eat bacon and pork occasionally. I have eggs with every meal. I only drink water. The fat has started to drop off me and I actually think I am putting on some muscle mass as well. My mood has improved, I sleep much better and I have clarity of thought. I'm very rarely hungry and I don't feel any pangs for sugar or carbs. There is another very welcome side effect that I won't go into too much but lets just say I won't be needing any little blue pills any time soon!!

  17. Eating fat to lose fat doesn't work for me. I struggled for several months and lost a few pounds and to top it off I plateaued at 160. It was so frustrating.

  18. I’m diabetic with high blood pressure. I finally got tired of feeling horrible, so I went on a one meal a day KETO diet. My blood sugars went from upper 200’s, to low hundred levels in less than ONE week. Blood pressures have softened up by about 10/10, so haven’t improved as dramatically, but they are going down. I’m feeling better. Sticking with this plan!

  19. Take the time to make a new thumbnail. You’ve used this same one of you pointing with a smug look next to a white box for years and it’s annoyingly showing up on my time line now for everyone of your videos. Smeh…

  20. Long time subscriber, Great content! Could you do a video explaining how to set up an eVisit with you? Thanks for all you do!

  21. With respect to the "carnivore" diet, there is another well known keto guy who has said for years that keto needed to put more emphasis on protein. He has been very clear about this. I suspect that your discovery of the carnivore diet is simply keto by putting more emphasis on protein. His rule of thumb is .8 grams of protein for every kg of weight. It did make a difference for me in that the level of satiety by adding the protein has helped a lot in balancing me out. I still eat the fat, but I am satisfied for hours with a little less fat and the additional protein.

  22. 10 months on Keto 🥓 🥑

    -Down 25 Lbs
    to 143—ALT down from 100+ to 30 (fatty liver no more)—A1C1 @ 4.7—C-Reactive Protein (inflammation indicator) from 5.5 to 0.3—Testosterone x2—Non-stop energy!
    ONE QUESTION: Dr. Berry, what are your thoughts on hydro colon therapy aka colonics?

  23. This is unrelated to the video but is it safe to take collagen supplements if I'm only 17 years old? I have really thin hair and I want to make it healthier

  24. Thanks for the info you share and motivation you give

    Do you have many Before and after videos of your self would be grate to see

    From Melbourne Australia Fan

  25. I tried vegetarian diet in college and got sicker and much fatter. I have been doing keto and have some success, and now I am transitioning to OMAD and carnivore. I immediately feel better and some of my symptoms have disappeared already. Thanks for the information Dr. Berry.

  26. Great info here! Even if already doing a keto diet, the info here is good to know (if you appreciate becoming a more knowledgeable person.) Thank you for the video, Doctor!

  27. Taking electrolytes, Magnesium, 1 1/2 teaspoon Himalayan salt and still having leg cramps. How do I know how much electrolytes , Magnesium , salt to take to stop the leg cramps cause so far nothing is working…….. I have been on Carnivore for about 6 weeks fasting about 20 hours a day. Slowly losing weight have about 20 pounds more to go, feel great on No meds but the leg cramps are a real problem.

  28. What do you say to all these vegans like Jeffery Smith,Pam Popper, Esselstein and Colin Cambell saying if you eat animal products your gonna get heart disease and die younger. I've done vegan but now I'm keto and I feel amazing and strong eating HFLC. Some of them vegans don't look so well I think. So is eating clean animal foods safe in the long haul. I don't know who to believe. I think variety is best.

  29. Shame on you paying others to cut the throats of innocent cows pigs chickens sentient beings who wanna live in peace from violence!
    Your a despicable human being, thankfully compassionate vegans are the biggest movement and we are not gonna stop until all the animals are safe from your taste buds and your diet! Your name should be doctor death, thats what your promoting death products!

  30. Dr. Berry,
    I just watched a video of Charlotte Gerson showing slides of blood cells 6 hrs after eating high fat diet and the red blood cells were all clumped together. Can you comment on that?

  31. Hello doctor, do you think it's a good idea to do a Green juice cleanse After doing the keto for a year?

  32. this may be a dumb question, but I already have extremely high cholesterol -will this diet affect Cholestrol?

  33. Hi, I have a couple of questions
    I am 62.
    I had a quadruple bypass about 6 years ago. I felt good until recently
    About 3 months ago I had a mild heart attack and had a stent. Then about 2 months ago I had an incident similar to afib, but my doc doesn't agree with the hospital so I guess it wasn't that. I still have a good ejection fraction and no apparent muscle damage but obviously things are going the wrong way. I have been vegan. But gaining weight on it pretty rapidly. No jjunk food. Would keto be safe for someone with my history? I am not diabetic but think I have insulin resistance. Thanks!

  34. Hi Dr Berry what advise can u give to a menopausal woman.. am on this kito for 5 months now and am not loosing any kinda of waight and its very frustrating. I feel real tired and my pains are back. Plz advise.

  35. The reason keto his worked for me is because I really liked greasy fast food. It was not a far jump to tweak it to a clean keto diet. Quit the diet coke for sparkling water almost 9 years ago and have managed to keep the 120 pounds off. I have had some falters when I had to go on antidepressants when my dad was dying of brain and lung cancer, but thanks to keto, the small weight gain came right back off. I will be on this lifestyle forever.

  36. If I have Rice and vegitables in my ancestor genome with beef and other meat because my probable two ancestors would be Aryan race and Dravidians they have rice and meat so if I follow Carnivore diet would it cause a bad reaction or can it be sustained ?

  37. Hey Ken, mixed sources will also warn you about how too much fat will also spike insulin. How does the body process too much protein different from too much fat? And what are the healthiest levels of each in our diet (on a carnivore diet)?

  38. Thank you DR Berry, I started the Keto diet 7 months ago weighing 285 lbs. I do intermittent keto an only eat 1 or 2 times a day at 1 pm and 5 pm. I mainly do carnivore diet and have lost over 65 lbs and down to 218 lbs and lost 14 inch's in my waist, my lab work this week was great, My A1C is 4.9 so I'm no longer diabetic, my HDL is 85, ldl is 35 and triglycerides are 100 and the great thing is being on keto isn't difficult in my case anyway it has become a lifestyle that I'm comfortable with. I know I've done the work but thank you Dr Berry for starting me on this wonderful way of living !

  39. OKAY Dr. Ken (and others) I know you say not to count calories BUT for someone on the go and needing to meal prep on keto/carnivore… HOW can we know how much to prep… ALSO if on a budget… how can we know how much we need to buy to budget… just trying to be successful with this fat loss… HELP PLEASE thanks!

  40. Is fresh coconut meat ok on keto? I am IF 23/1 and not hungry most of the time. If I think I’m not getting enough fat till my next meal,I’ll have a 2×2 inch piece of fresh coconut. I’m thinking “healthy fat”. Am I wrong?

  41. Going on two years, only needed to lose 30 pounds which I achieved fairly quickly. Blood pressure which was running high has been below 120/80 for over 18 months. Feeling great at 62 years old. At my high school weight. Knee pain has disappeared. Great work Dr Berry,

  42. thank you very much for these videos they help keep me motivated even when I occasionally give into temptation

  43. I attest to this, I was 367 15 months ago, changed my eating by elimination sugar, processed foods, and eating low carb, high fat and today am 190 and have about 20 lbs to go. I also eat twice a day in an eight hour period and fast about sixteen hours a day and never feel starved. I am a bit hungry when I wake, drink a cup of coffee and I'm good till my first meal.

  44. Excellent instruction doc. I wonder what I did wrong when I went Keto four years ago. Lost the weight, but hair started falling out more and never returned. I will also mention that I was under a great deal of stress then. Thyroid panel revealed hypothyroid (high RT3, lowT3). So I’m so confused how to eat for my body.🤯

  45. Your videos were one of the reasons I lost around 54 KG (120 lbs). Started last december. It was so smooth and almost effortless compared to my attempt 3 years ago. On top all of that, I don't feel hungry until my eating window (OMAD now). Thank you Dr.Berry

  46. Dr. Berry can someone with a trashed gallbladder still do Carnivore? I've been trying to talk a family member into giving it a try but he says any time he has tried to eat even slightly fatty meals on keto it just goes right through him in about an hour or so.

  47. It's videos like this one that make me want to go back and rewatch ken berry's 'keto is the worst diet' video, haha

  48. Excellent. You covered most of the bases in a short amount of time. This is LIFE-SAVING information. Living proof right here(ME)

  49. ive been on keto for 3 months ive lost 25 lbs another 30 to go feel great looking slimmer, thanks Dr Berry for all your knowlegde ive been following you for only a month before i started Keto lifestyle watched easily 50 to 80 or more videos of yours to know almost all there is to know You are so informative , Keto Strong

  50. Holy shit I wanna go to taco bell. Craving carbs is like craving drugs, but I think I'll cook me some eggs. Gotta fight the urge

  51. I am a newbie at your page.  A retired nurse , impressed by your nutrition information. Physicians I have worked with have zero information, instead pull out script pad & complicate patient situation. We have to teach the public to treat food as medicine, please.Thank you

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