Eating with Parkinson’s

Eating with Parkinson’s

I don’t enjoy my food like I used to do I’m not tasting it. I’m eating because I’m hungry, not because I really love the taste I mean I’ve lost five stone since I’ve had
Parkinson’s Lily my granddaughter says I make the best pancakes ever It’s one of the things that is easy for
me to make because it’s – wizz it up in a jug throw it in the air – I don’t
need both hands to be in control all the time I need to wizz up my pancake mix Since I can’t chop, mix or cut this is brilliant Let’s see if I can manage not to get flour
everywhere Is it good having so many sons that help you cook? Yeah! I’ve always taught them all to cook from an early age which is obviously turning out to be a good thing now
that they need to help I don’t do a lot of chopping and peeling
anymore Do you like helping your mum so regularly James? Mmm, yeah… You love it ‘cos I’m cool! What you say is cool… She can turn up to the pub when I’m there with my friends and they all talk to her instead of me Just before I was
diagnosed and just before I lost my job James was actually working full time and
could afford to pay a decent amount of board But then he went back to college and back to uni and he’s skint as well so we’ve gone really to being like a one income family How’s that changed things? I worry about it. I worry a lot. What do you worry about? Being able to survive financially We’re not a wealthy family. We don’t run fancy cars, we don’t eat amazing food and you just think How would we survive on even less? I think somebody from the medical world needs to explain to the benefits agencies that to put us through extra stress and upset won’t do us any favours I’d love for some of these politicians to sort of spend a week or a month with us – see what it can
cause, the worry and the upset I try not to think about it because I could soon get upset about it’s not good for us Will you get those two batons out of there and go set the table? You see, I’m quite economical with food I have made him save all the bones and the rest of the chicken that was stuck to it because I will make chicken soup I’m going to be really dirty and have barbecue sauce on mine I have to have some extra flavour on When you put this on the website it will be like ‘Oh what is she like for a Yorkshire lass?!’ Cheers This clip is well over 2 years ago When I look back at it I think how negative I was But you feel different – as years go by, you feel differerent I know who I am now – I didn’t know who I was then because I was scared I will say, and sometimes even shout ‘I’m not doing it today guys – I’m on strike’ One of you can peel the potatoes, one of you can do this, make the beds, put some washing on the line ‘Errr – I don’t want to do it’, but they have to do it I’m not Superwoman at the end of the day Subscribe

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  1. I lost my job when my tremor was vivid. They did not fire me but they made it uncomfortable for me to be there. It was 5 years ago. Do I take meds ? No, I m scared of the symptoms they bring, additional complications etc. Did you hear anything about Keto diet ? I m thinking of it. I m doing exercises, I m drinking soothing teas, I m trying to be positive, but there are days… you know these days I m sure. I hope there will soon be something that will really help us

  2. When Muhammad Ali had Parkinson’s, he seemed significantly weaker. His slur was far more apparent and his movement was limited

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