ENG)한달 9kg 감량 방법!(식단, 운동,치팅데이,눈바디 비교)다이어트 브이로그/단기간 다이어트

Hello (╹◡╹) Today I will summarize how I lost 9kg a month Please note that this is the right way for me Please refer to the video for more details (I created a playlist for my channel !) And the diet from 55kg to 50kg is not well organized in the video I’ll write it down in the video ( 07:25~ 07:56 ) Today starts with making yogurt ♫꒰ ・ ‿ ・๑꒱ [ 1. Why I started a diet ] First of all, I had a lot of meals before the diet I didn’t realize that I eat a lot But always people were surprised to see me So I noticed that I eat a lot I usually kept 46-47 kg in weight But I quit working, I started to spend every day on Cheating Day At first, every day was so happy At that time For a week, for a month, I thought about taking a rest while eating delicious food But that time has continued for more than a year Eventually, after a year, I weighed 55kg, the highest weight in my life I thought I would be happy if I had a cheating day every day But I became increasingly unhappy I’m less confident in my changed appearance I myself was not satisfied with my appearance So I decided to go on a diet [ 2. Diet way ] My diet way is In a short period of time (about 5 days) I eat 8 to 900 calories per day on average, I repeated the process of maintaining weight while increasing the amount of meal In my case this method worked well I was stimulated by my change in a short time And I started to have the power to continue the diet Because every person has different personalities, constitutions, I don’t think there’s a correct answer to the diet Of course, it’s ideal to lose weight slowly while eating healthy, For me the way was difficult [ 3. diet menu ] I ate 8 to 900 calories a day during my weight loss I ate mainly on healthy food Apples, sweet potatoes, oatmeal, boiled eggs, tofu, chicken breasts, etc I ate only one meal a day for two days The reason is the day after the binge eating, the stomach was not good [ 4. exercise ] I didn’t exercise much. Diet control is much more important than exercise in your diet The diet is much more important than the exercise And I didn’t exercise specially during my diet, I tried to walk for about an hour every day It’s not a tremendous exercise, It is an exercise that can last a lifetime without getting stressed out When I keep my weight, my first meal is a generally healthy meal Today’s fruit yogurt and eggs (╹◡╹)♡ The time is now about 4 o’clock Always hungry time I’m going to eat nougat crackers, my favorite snack these days ლ There are many different flavors … Choice disorder that always starts when choosing sweets … If I can eat a lot I will not have to choose carefully… Whoever says it, the most prudent time … When I maintain my weight, I keep my weight by eating the food I want to eat every day And when I’m tired of my diet, when the slump comes! Rather than continuing a tough diet I’m thinking of taking a break and aiming to maintain my weight It’s so delicious. Repeating sweet and salty ♫꒰ ・ ‿ ・๑꒱ I should go to the mart soon…. (੭ ˙ᗜ˙) ੭ I’ll have rice cake for dinner, I eat protein first [ 5. Cheating Day ] I concluded, “Let’s diet forever.” The pleasure of eating delicious food could never be given up ! ! It’s a great happiness in life ლ(╹◡╹ლ) So I had a cheating day 1-2 days a week The original plan was once but …; Cheating Day has always been added…;; I didn’t blame myself, just exercised after eating delicious (Please refer to the video on the management after binge eating on my channel) And in my case, if I had a cheating day at the beginning of my diet There was a high probability of giving up soon So I allowed cheating days after losing more than 30% of my target weight [ 6. Water Intake ] I drank 1.5L ~ 2L of water during my diet. I did not drink water well before diet So it was hard at first But now it becomes a habit and automatically drinks water The day after the binge, I was full and ate only one meal This day was the next day after several days of cheating days, so I ate only one meal Subscribers ♡ Thank you for always warm comments and love I feel precious and grateful for everyone who loves my channel I’d like to reply to all comments, but I’m sorry for running out of time Many people want more videos Spending time on replying comments, video upload will be slower… I’ll read all the comments and refer to the video production If I have time, I’ll try to answer Please write down your wishes or desired content ! And many people are curious about waist circumference Maybe … I’ll prepare for the next video! I’ll be back with better videos in the future ლ (╹◡╹ლ) See you in the next video! ♡ Subscriptions and likes are very helpful for video production ♡

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