* Eng sub [DIET VLOG] 일주일만에 -6kg ?! 🔥 17kg 뺀 무용과언니의 급찐급빠 일주일 다이어트 브이로그❤️

* Eng sub [DIET VLOG] 일주일만에 -6kg ?! 🔥 17kg 뺀 무용과언니의 급찐급빠 일주일 다이어트 브이로그❤️

Hello! This is Yoomni. In this diet VLOG, I’ll wanted to share with everyone, the meal plan and exercise I do in a week that let me lose 6kg, so I’ve filmed it down in this video. (awkward) Thank you for watching my video for these information. This is my weight for the first day, on Monday morning. I’ve gained about 9kg since I used to be 47kg. Day 1 Morning Exercise: Stretching/ Cycle 1.5h (dripping with sauce) Day 1 Breakfast: Smoked Chicken Breast Sausages + Chili Sauce I need to eat stuff that are strong in flavor. Don’t be stressed while dieting and just eat it with sauce! I’m used to eating high-caloric food with lots of flavor So this much sauce is peanuts compared to that lol When diet, don’t forget to take vitamins and supplements! I’ll be eating this for dinner! (diet lunchbox) I drank a protein shake for lunch So I’m really hungry now. I’m going to eat this quickly so I can get to exercising and turn in for the night. (*I also stretched and massaged my legs before sleeping as they were swollen) Couldn’t sleep because I was too hungry It’s 2.38am right now I’m so hungry I’m going to eat konjac jellies They’re only 4kcal each so I’ll have two! Hehe. Cycling the moment I got up today! Day 2 Morning Exercise: Cycling 1.5h/ Squats/ Stretching I’ll cycle for about 1.5h then I’ll do some squats For today’s breakfast, I’ll grab two boiled eggs on the way out. I’m running late! I got these off Coupang You can get them in batches of 30. It’s really good to be able to grab some eggs and bananas on-the-go. I’ll eat my vitamins and supplements too and head out! The fine-dust is so bad. Wear masks and take care of your health! Paris Baguette’s Chicken Breast Salad “Should we open the sauce?” (rejects) While eating we talked about how it’s good to have a friend to diet together with. You can diet together, exercise together Especially because it’s not that great to go out for dates often during diet. Tuesday’s lunch is 1-person Shabu Shabu (hotpot) Normally I’d get unlimited refills of meat, noodles and porridge but.. I’ll be happy with just vegetables Day 2 Exercise: Cycling 1h/ Core Exercise/ Stretching You have to do the core exercises on the floor normally But in my house, we have a spy that disturbs my exercise I do as many reps as 2 songs! It was hard to do it as I’ve not done it in so long. (passed out) Day 3 Morning Exercise: Cycling 1h/ Stretching For breakfast today, I’ll grab these (cherry tomatoes) on the go! Came to get lunch at my favorite place for Smoked Salmon Salads Salmon Salads are all sold out ): No choice but to grab the chicken breast and orange salad. This will be my lunch for today Iced Americano and Chicken Breast and Orange Salad with Oriental Dressing Bon appetit! So the reason why a clip of me walking my dog is in a diet VLOG… Every day I have to do this for an hour lol Tio, 7 months old, Bichon We run for an hour and on the way back home I carry him. (4.3kg) For those on a diet, I’ll let you walk Tio Today’s dinner is diet lunchbox I ordered it off Coupang! The curry smells really good Day 3 Evening Exercise: Miley Sunni’s Core Routine/ Cycling 1h/ Stretching You guys should do the core exercise on the floor.. I can’t cuz of my spy that stops me from exercising Kinda have no choice but to leave the mat and do it on my bed (this is hell) Succeeded on Day 3’s Exercise! Did some stretching on Day 4 morning This is my lunch for today. (On days I don’t exercise in the morning, I skip breakfast) Iced Americano, and Chicken Egg Salad It’s harder than it seems to find places that sell salad It looked too little so I got a banana too It’s nice to have a banana after so long! Hey guys! For today’s evening exercise, I rented a ballet studio to do some ballet. I’m a ballet major 😀 It’s been kinda long since I’ve danced ballet though so I’m kinda worried and I don’t know if I can do it well but I’ll try my best! I’ll go get changed and I’ll be back! Tada! I’ve changed to ballet clothes, put up the barre and laid out the mat. Gonna work hard at ballet! Fighting! My goal is to sweat lots so I’m wearing the ballet clothes + a sweat jacket My ankle and waist kinda hurts though since it’s been so long Finally done with ballet! Today’s dinner is avocado salmon salad It’s kinda hard to find salads outside So I bought a mushroom salad in advance for tomorrow’s lunch I wasn’t going to film me eating but this was so delicious! My face is definitely less bloated after ballet and walking Tio In the zone while eating Day 5 Morning Exercise: Cycling 1.5h/ Stretching/ Core Exercises This is the reality of dieters guys.. Tbh it’s so troublesome to change into active wear So I just got up in my pajamas, did stretching and got on the bike. My breakfast today is the salad I got yesterday with sesame Dressing. Bon appetit! 2Day 5 Dinner: Diet Shake and 2 Boiled Eggs There’s like chewy stuff inside so it’s good. It tastes like grain powder and Jolly pong! Day 5 Evening Exercise: Cycling 1h/ Diet Dance/ Lunge/ Squats/ Side Kicks Hello~ Up to now the exercise routine has been kinda boring So today I wanted to do something more fun I’ll look up diet dances This says you lose 10kg in 2 weeks? (Josh and Bamui) This looks fun so I’ll go with this! The song is exciting! (already excited) (working hard) This is so hard guys! It’ll be good for diet Even though it was tough, it didn’t seem like exercise so.. I did some squats, lunges and side kicks too. I did each move until a song ended for each I woke up and my entire Saturday was gone I was craving coffee from the moment I was up So I got a cup from Starbucks while taking a stroll (the entire weekend just passed in a flash) The salmon salad I had the other was so good I ordered it today again It’s so delicious. I added prawns today too. Day 6 Evening Exercise: Cycling 1.5h/ Squats/ Core Exercise/ Stretching If you put your legs up like this, it’s great stretching. Squats go! So when I exercise, I don’t do many reps – just the duration of one song! Today’s song: Hwasa’s Twit Getting harder the second verse on lol Can’t do it anymore lol (thought the song ended but nope) Finally done! It’s so tough It’s the last day of the diet! Day 7 Morning Exercise: Cycling 1h/ Stretching For today, I’ll just stop cycling here. It’s so tough. This is my breakfast today Rice with 3 kinds of sprouts and pumpkin And tofu chicken breast steak Bloating isn’t going away even after sweating because I slept too much Chili sauce appeared! You guys can tell from my expression but I really want to eat the convenience store lunch boxes and not this diet lunchbox.. The difference between me eating what I like and not.. Lunch is Starbucks salad I was drinking coffee and chatting then I got hungry so I ordered this Today’s dinner is subway! Wheat bread (insides scooped out) + veggies + recommended sauce It’s delicious (happy) A satisfying last meal of the diet! Day 7 Evening Exercise: Cycling 1h/ Tiffany’s Waist Routine/ Core Exercise/ Stretching Deep sigh I was exercising but it wasn’t filmed down I did 9.24 seconds of it! (feels really wronged) I seriously did it like my sweat was raining but it wasn’t filming.. It actually looks kinda dirty though haha can the clips be used? Winding up~ And we’re done with today too! It was so tough. Here’s my weight for the last day of diet! pit-pat pit-pat 50.1kg! (touched) End of the diet~ (I plan on dieting til I reach 47kg!) I’ll see you in the next video! Bye!

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  1. 안녕하세요 🙂 윰니입니다 ! ☺️
    생각보다 많은분들이 영상봐주시고 질문도 많이 해주시는데 정말 감사드립니다🙏🏻

    저는 저에게 맞는 다이어트를 했고, 영상 속에 운동 강도도 제 마음에 쏙 들 만큼 힘들지 않았어요. (내 몸과 마음과 정신이 싸우는게 가장 힘듦..) 무리가지 않게 조절하여 운동하시고 제 영상은 참고용으로만 봐주세요 !

    또 영상 속 제품들은 많은 검색 후 찾은 제품이 아니라 제 다이어트 의지가 불탈 때 가장 빨리 배송이 되는 제품들로 구매했어요 ㅜㅜ
    (저도 실망했던 제품이 많았어요)

    운동기구부터 음식까지 많은 질문 주시는데 정보는 다 알려드리고 있으나, 저에게 가장 중요했던건 맛도 효과도 아닌 로켓배송였다는 점을 알아주셨으면 좋겠습니다 ..ㅎㅎ

    정보는 모두 알려드릴테니 검색해보시고 참고만 해주세요 💕 감사합니다 😊

  2. 언니ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ3:19 에 나오는 샐러드집 대체 어디에요…..? 너무 맛있어 보여요..😭😭😭😭😭🙏🏻

  3. 혹시 강아지 매일 산책시키나요? 저도 그러고싶은데 매일 산책시켰을 때 매번 목욕을 시킬수도 없고 어떻게 관리하시나요? 발만 씻기나요?ㅜ0ㅜ

  4. 언니 비율 실화? 들어갈 곳은 쏙 들어가고 나올곳은 다 나왔네 이게나라냐!! 왜케이뻐요ㅠㅠ

  5. I don’t know how losing 6 kgs do that difference, i lost 6 kgs and i hardly see any difference…and no one told me i look thinner

  6. 강아지 산책을 뭘 어떻게 하길래 다이어트 브이로그에…? 했는데ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ개발랄한 흰색 털뭉치와 4키로를 들고 간 만큼 뛰시는 걸 보고 아…납득했어요ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  7. 배고플 때 곤약젤리 2개씩 먹는거 공감가네요.. ^^ 저도 다이어트 중인데 재미있게 잘보고갑니다. 꾸준히 운동하시는거 멋있어요~~

  8. 언니… 이런 질문 해도 될지 모르겟지만….ㅠㅠ 혹시 저렇게 먹고서 배변활동(ㅠㅠ)은 잘 하셧나여? 다이어트 잘못하면 변비걸리잖아요… 이런 질문 죄송합니다…..

  9. 언니! 계속 미루다 현타와서 오늘부터 다이어트하려다 언니 영상 생각나서 보면서 자전거 타구있어요 ㅎㅎㅎ언니랑 지금 키랑 몸무게 같아서 함께하는 느낌~~~~

  10. 9키로는 얼마만에 찌신건가요 ㅠㅠ ?? 저는 한달만에 마름체중에서 보통체중으로 9키로 쪘는데 이제 진짜 빼야겠다고 느껴서 빨리 빼고싶은데 가능하겠죠,,ㅠㅠ??

  11. yall click on a Korean video knowing it's in Korean and then complain about it not having subtitles (not every Korean is going to translate for you) 🤦‍♀️

  12. 싸이클타면 허벅지 안굵어지나요? 저 싸이클 한 이주동안 열심히탔더니 날씬한 다리였는데 근육이 잡혀서 딴딴해진 느낌이들어서 그뒤로 아예 끊었어요 ㅠㅠㅠ 싸이클 때문이맞을까요 ?

  13. 처음 20초만에 비포애프터 과감하게 보여주시니까 너무 좋아요!!! 볼륨감 부러워요😁😁

  14. 저 4일전부터 다이어트 합니다..잘 뺄 수 있을까요..굶지않고 조금 먹으면서 핸드폰 뱃살빼기 앱으로 운동하고 있어요..잘 하고 있는걸까여

  15. 다이어트 전 몸매가 제 몸이랑 똑같애서 감놀쓰… 저도 수능끝나고 빡운동 하면 언니처럼 될 수 있겠죠 ㅠㅠ

  16. 운동부분만 정리 해 봤어요!

    아침: 스트레칭/싸이클90분

    저녁: 없음!

    아침: 싸이클90분/스쿼트/스트레칭

    저녁: 싸이클60분/복근운동/스트레칭

    아침: 싸이클 60분/스트레칭

    저녁: 마일리언니 복근운동/싸이클60분/스트레칭 (티오와산책

    아침: 스트레칭/마사지

    저녁: 발레/플랭크/복근운동

    아침: 싸이클90분/복근운동/스트레칭

    저녁: 싸이클60분/다이어트댄스(조싀앤바믜)/런지+스쿼트사이드퀵

    아침: 없음!

    저녁: 싸이클90분/스쿼트/복근운동/스트레칭

    아침: 싸이클60분/스트레칭

    저녁: 싸이클60분/티파니허리운동/복근운동/스트레칭

    컴으로 써서 어떨지 모르겠습니다! 그럼 모두 아자아자 해피다이어트 하세욥!

  17. 휴가 2주 남은 저에게 한줄기 빛과같은 영상이에요☆ 내일아침부터 똑같이 따라하며 매일 후기 남기겠습니당

  18. 지금 제가 윰니님 다이어트전 몸무게보다 1키로정도 덜나가는데…넘나 제몸이랑 비슷해요ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ키가 비슷해서 그런가…저는 52키로 유지하는게 젤 좋던데…다이어트 돌입해야겠네요…50키로는 한번도 되본적이없는데…몸 너무 예쁘네요…

  19. 스트레칭은 몇분정도 하시나용?? 몸매 너무 이쁘세요~ ㅎㅎ 밝은 에너지 보기좋네요!! ㅎㅎ 다이어터 화이팅 입니당~

  20. 친구 결혼식이 2주 남았는데 다같이 맞춰서 입기로 한 드레스가 들어가지 않네요.. 오늘부터 진짜로 다이어트 들어갑니다! 다들 격려해 주세요 ㅠ_ㅠ

    키: 167cm

    9월 21일: 66.7kg
    9월 22일: 65.1kg
    9월 23일: 65.4
    9월 24일:65.0
    9월 25일:64.8
    9월 26일: 64.4
    9월 27일: 64.2
    9월 28일: 64
    9월 29일: 63.6
    9월 30일:
    10월 1일:
    10월 2일:
    10월 3일:
    10월 4일:
    10월 5일 (친구 결혼식):

  21. I lost 5kg in a week with only 15min work out every day, I fasted for 25hours for 2 monday and Thursday. I fasted the rest of the week for 16hours. Keto Intermittent fasting 16:8. It is great 😁👍🎉

  22. I measure 163 cm and I weigh 56kg like her before, but I look more like her when she weighs 50kg I don't understand why?

  23. I was wondering if its easier or cheaper (maybe) to buy takeouts or had lunch at Starbucks than cooking at home.?
    *genuinely curious

  24. I need a food like that who can buy in groceries because.. i dont know how to eat healthy because im just 12 and i dont even know how to cook but i want to lose weight


  26. I did this unconsciously but if I think about how I loss weight. This is how i do it. P.S this could be not healthy might have side effects. Basically I do a lot of fasting and pooping a lot. I notice I lost roughly almost 2 pounds a day. But now I gain weight back again and eat normal like I usually do. Now my opinion in conclusion, eat whatever you want as long it's healthy, it does not matter whether you gain or loss weight or not. There are people that like thick people. Just be yourself.

  27. 안녕하세용!!!넘나그대로하고싶지마누어려운것..혹시 사이클하실떼속도는
    어떤식으로하시는지 알수있을까요?!? 힘든정도로?아니면 그냥 적당히?아니면 속도를어느정도정해서?? 사이클할때마다드는의문이에용 ㅠㅠ

  28. This is extremely unhealthy and mostly water weight/less bloating.

    She'd need to be burning around 46,000 calories a week more than she ate to lose 6 kilos of fat. That comes to about 6,600 calories a day in excess to the (estimating here) 500-800 she's already eating. That's about what you'd expect a bulking 140-150kg strength athlete to eat per day. The type of exercise she's doing and her frame simply don't give her the capacity to burn anywhere near that much. She's probably losing 1-2 KG of fat in the week total while going through all that suffering.

    If you want to lose weight and you're a woman with a (usually) low metabolism I'd say cut 300 calories a day out of your diet. For the average 50-60 kilo woman who's not massively active that's like 20% of your daily intake which is actually pretty significant vs the 'recommended' ~10 percent reduction. That would result in you losing a kilo about every 3 weeks. If you want to boost your metabolism and therefore be able to eat more/go into a steeper calorie deficit I'd recommend intense weight training (build up to it/ consult someone who knows what they're doing). You won't get massive and your calorie burn will go up dramatically.

  29. This was such a healthy diet video,you did it the right way you didn’t starve yourself or anything loved it and I’m proud of you.🥰🙂

  30. Oh! That last exercise video is from TiffanyRotheWorkouts! Those really work but can be a killer when it comes to being sore the next day LOL

  31. I cant be the only one thinking that the before one does not look like 56… the after one does look like 56 but the before one looks like 60/65 kg -_-

  32. 앗 혹시… 동대문쪽에 사시나요!? 저희 동네랑 비슷한거같기도하고 ㅠ.ㅠ 곧 연말연초라 이만큼 찌운거 빼야해서 운동해야하는데 자극받고가여..!

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