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  1. Any thoughts on if there is a relation between beta-carbolines and Kuru – the degenerative disorder suffered by cannibals,  theorized to be caused by prions?  Thanks for your great videos!

  2. Stunning. One of the first symptoms I noticed with my Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis was a combination of Peripheral Neuropathy and tremors at my extremities.

  3. Another strike for meat!  Veganisim saved my life and reversed a painfully crippling neurological disease that had me wheelchair bound and bed ridden for years.  Now I'm planning my first marathon and only after seven months of being on a strict high carb/ low fat, plant based diet.

  4. My brother suffers from Wilson's Disease and he is has really bad tremor. His diet is extremely poor. He eats anything that walks. Thanks to my mom. She allows it to continue. There's nothing I can do but watch him slowly die.

  5. Did any of these studies differentiate between healthy grass-fed meat and sick feed-lot meat??…BISH WHET!!!  AIN'T NOBODY GOT TIME 4 DAT!!!

  6. I noticed that my hands were getting shaky as I was moving into my 50's.  It bothered me a bit and worried me that I knew it was probably going to get worse.   My hands are now rock solid still since going vegan. 🙂

  7. Did you catch this week’s most popular video on how neurotoxic chemicals in chicken may explain the link between meat consumption and hand tremor?

    Watch below or click the link to watch on NutritionFacts.org: http://nutritionfacts.org/video/essential-tremor-and-diet

  8. Nice theory, but I've had essential tremor since I was a kid. I remember having it at least since first grade. I'm now 42 and have been vegetarian since I was a teenager. I don't smoke. Also, essential tremor runs in my family. So, there may be other contributing factors to ET as well.

  9. Oh God… I was vegetarian for years, and recently reverted back to meat. I also have Essential Tremor…..
    Guessing I should go back to Vege??

  10. i just started  with  ET !!

  11. Don't listen to this quack. There is no connection between dietary β-Carboline alkaloids and essential tremors. β-Carboline alkaloids are widespread in plants as well as animals. The article he used clearly states "dietary sources of harmane probably play only a minor role and that endogenous production is the major contributor to blood harmane concentrations…..Our own recent dietary data also suggest that genetic-metabolic factors may be more important than dietary intake….In a study of the blood harmane and diet, while blood harmane concentration was elevated in ET cases, we did not find any differences in dietary protein consumption between patients with ET and controls." The study is also very flawed in that no controls were used and only 12 patients. This is nothing but an anti-meat scare ad.

  12. This is really interesting. I've been trying the Paleo Diet, because a family member of mine told me that he was doing that diet and one day noticed that his shaking had gone away, or was at least much less noticeable. The Paleo diet promotes eating a lot of meat. This seems to be just the opposite in this post. Does this have anything to do with the quality of the meat, or could it be that some of our bodies respond differently to meat, while others respond differently to breads and sugars? I'l love to hear responses from Dr. Greger and anyone else.

  13. Vegan for a year…ET seems to have worsened since then, but additionally had cervical fusion which was supposed to fix the tremor I was experiencing. So I don't know anymore. Going to see a neurologist. This shit is horrible.

  14. I've been shaking since i was in 3rd grade. I'm 53 now. Can barely get a fork to my mouth. Drinking out of a stemmed glass is a disaster. Can hardly put on makeup etc. Just discouraged.

  15. At age 14 I had to wear a hand brace so I could eat and write properly at school. Now at 17 I never wear it thanks to a HCLF whole foods vegan diet! Thank you Dr. Greger 🙂

  16. Well, i don't eat beef but eat the crap out of chicken. Was thinking about becoming a vegetarian (again but this time a healthy one) anyways for other health issues…thanks for the info!!

  17. I'm a vegetarian and I have essential tremors. To keep with the pseudo science, it's very important that we ignore my experience and only focus on the experiences that support your nonsensical claim.

  18. i have had essential tremor all my life and have also been a life long vegetarian. So I don't think this is right.

  19. I tried this with not change. But I did find not a cure but something that helps stop the tremor in my hands it's called Etremore health. It works I have been taking it now for over two years and have regained control of my hands once again It's worth a try

  20. Citations, please. Can you provide citations, by which I mean credible peer-reviewed medical journals?

  21. also present in significant quantities in soysauce and molasses (an ingredient in many processed foods -like dark bread for example -read labels). learned that the hard way. so important to stick with a WFPB diet

  22. Sorry not buying any of it , out of six kids in my family four of us have essential tremors we inherited from my father. He kind of forgot to say that runs in families. And is passed on from generation to generation I wish it was that simple.

  23. I hear sonic surgery called "Focus Ultrasound" is having good results for the worst essential tremor cases.


  24. Can you provide any credible citations from peer-reviewed medical journals to back up your claims about harmane? I've seen the study that you are speaking of and it is inconclusive.

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