Experts Select The Best And Worst Diet Of 2020

Experts Select The Best And Worst Diet Of 2020

Hey there, workout junkies. Welcome to 2020! The new year has begun, and we know you’re
trying to get in shape. Let’s talk about the best and worst diets
you can do in 2020. We’ll talk about their history as well as
their benefits. Where did they come from? Can they improve my heart health? What about the bad diet? Can it make me even less healthy? We’re talking all that AND more… What’s The Best? The Mediterranean Diet. You have heard of the Mediterranean Diet,
right? It’s basically one of the healthiest diets
around. I’m serious. The benefits are nearly endless. The Mediterranean diet is comprised of a number
of foods from countries in and around the Mediterranean Sea. These include Greece, Cyprus, Croatia, Spain,
Morocco and Italy. The diet is primarily based around legumes,
olive oil, fruits and vegetables. You are also suggested a moderate amount of
fish, cheese, yogurt and wine. Interest in this diet began in the 1960’s
when reports stated that the rate of coronary heart disease was decreasing in Mediterranean
countries. Linking this discovery to their diet, people
around the world began adopting what was dubbed the “Mediterranean diet”. Let’s break down some of it’s amazing
benefits: Heart Health
Why don’t we have a closer look at this for a moment. It’s not just data from the 1960’s that
supports this finding. There have been many studies since then confirming
that the Mediterranean diet improves your heart health. A study done in 2006 showed that supplementing
olive oil or nuts into your meals for 3 months could lower both your cholesterol level and
blood pressure. Normally, if these levels are too high, you
are at risk of heart disease. Another study from 2008 was shown to reduce
your odds of metabolic syndrome by 14%. Weight Loss
On top of heart disease, the Mediterranean diet can prevent a ton of additional health
issues. Try weight reduction for example. It’s probably why you’re starting off
your new year by heading to the gym. If you were to go with this standard diet,
you can potentially lose around 22 pounds in less than a year. That may not seem like a lot, but losing double-digit
pounds just from switching up your diet is a huge achievement. Research has indicated that sticking to the
Mediterranean diet can lead to both decreased weight and belly fat over a period of 5 years. You can experience a greater rate of weight
loss with the Mediterranean then with a traditional low-fat diet. Alzheimer’s Disease
Right now you’re probably thinking, “This sounds great! When do I begin?” Well hold your horses there for a second. This diet still has more to offer. For instance, did you know it can reduce your
risk of Alzheimer’s disease? Given that an estimated 5.8 million Americans
currently suffer from the illness, you may want to consider going Mediterranean after
all. The antioxidants located within the fruits
and veggies go to work fighting against free radicals, restoring cognitive function in
your brain. It can also increase the amount of protein
in your brain, helping to keep it healthy. Type-2 Diabetes
Alzheimer’s can be terrifying, but compared to the number of people with diabetes, there’s
little competition. Out of the 30 million Americans with diabetes,
close to 90% of them suffer from Type 2. The Mediterranean diet holds the ability to
protect your body from type-2 diabetes. A study conducted in 2011 showed that people
who commit to this eating routine were 52% less likely to develop the disease. Longevity
By decreasing your weight as well as your risk of Diabetes, Alzheimers and heart disease,
the Meditteranean diet is bound to have a great final result. Another great benefit of the Meditteranean
diet is its ability to increase your longevity. Think about it, you’re eating mostly vegetables
and fruits. Well try this on for size… Were you aware that steady consumption of
the diet’s contents has the potential of reducing your mortality rate by 20%? For information on what Mediterranean food
to eat and when, it is best to contact your doctor or nutritionist. Now that we’ve discussed the best diet of
2020, let’s get into the dirty stuff. Have you heard about the worst diet you can
do this year? Well strap yourselves in, because it’s bound
to shock you. But before we continue, are you concerned
about your overall health? Perhaps you should check out our recent video
the 9 Healthiest High-Fiber Foods You Should Be Eating. Also, are you trying to get in shape for the
new year? You need to check out our clip on what running
for 30 minutes can do to your body… Now let’s talk about the worst diet of 2020. What’s the worst you ask? THE KETO DIET. Don’t let that jaw drop too far. Yes, it’s true and many health experts have
agreed. While it seemed to be all the rage back in
2019, studies have shown that the world famous Keto diet may not be all it’s cracked up
to be. For the two of you who still may not know,
the Ketogenic diet requires you to eat low-carbs and higher fats. Since you are no longer consuming carbohydrates,
your body will use your fat as fuel to burn. Throughout history, variations of the Keto
diet have been used to treat a number of health issues. Beginning in Ancient Greece, physicians began
using the diet as a way to treat epilepsy. Moving through the centuries, people would
continue to use it to combat the condition as well as other illnesses. While people have seemingly gone crazy for
it over the last little while, very little research is available to support the belief
that the long term effects actually work. To be fair, it has been found to help in the
case of epilepsy and short-term weight loss. But experts have pointed out some downsides
that do not make it look as promising as it once did. These include:
Insufficient Weight Loss Evidence Yes, a short term keto plan does help you
cut weight rather quickly. But there is little conclusive evidence supporting
the belief that keto helps you keep that weight off. Much of the time, people who attempt the keto
diet actually don’t see a significant difference in weight. This is normally because they are still consuming
too much protein. When you are cutting carbs, you are supposed
to be replacing it with fat. Some people make the mistake of doubling their
protein instead. While you’re allowed to have moderate amounts,
your protein intake should remain low. In order for the diet to properly work, you
must be consuming between 55 – 60% fat, 30 – 35% protein and 5 – 10% carbohydrates. If you deviate from these numbers, your body
is unlikely to go into ketosis, a fancy word for the fat burning process. Keto Flu
Have you heard of this gem? Yes, with a decreased carb intake comes an
illness. It has been described as a collection of symptoms
that serve as a reaction to the keto diet. These include nausea, vomiting, diarrhea,
dizziness and headache along with plenty others. When you first begin the keto diet, the loss
of carbs in your system puts your body into a sort of withdrawal. It is said to be similar to the one experienced
when trying to get off caffeine. Symptoms of the keto flu normally last about
a week. That’s right, the flu for an entire week. If you would like to skip getting sick. Perhaps it’s time to find another diet. Poor Gut Health
Since you’re cutting down on carbs, you will be taking in less fiber. This nutrient is essential to maintaining
a proper gut. If you aren’t consuming enough, your digestive
system will not work properly. Low fiber intake eventually causes you to
experience constipation. This is due to your bowels not functioning
properly. There is sometimes no worse feeling than being
out of shape and constipated at the same time. Throw the keto flu into the mix and you’re
in hell. Low fiber can also damage your microbiome. This is the bacteria located in your gut that
assists in digestion, disease prevention and brain health. Several studies have linked the keto diet
to an increase in gut inflammation. Not to mention damaged microbiome among epileptic
children. Bad Breath
I mean, sure. We all want to look good. But does it really matter if your breath stinks? Low-carb diets in general are known for bringing
on halitosis, but the keto diet is perhaps the most notorious culprit. Here’s how it happens. When your body is undergoing ketosis, the
fat burning will produce certain chemicals. These chemicals are released through your
breath, forming what many have come to call “Keto breath”. To get rid of it, it’s suggested that you
drink water to flush out the chemicals. Either that, or start brushing your teeth
more. The good news is that the diet is likely working
in your favour. The early stages of the diet that is. Only time will tell if the keto diet actually
works for you. Are you looking for a new diet this new year? Did this video help? Let us know in the comments below. We’d love to hear from you!

15 thoughts on “Experts Select The Best And Worst Diet Of 2020

  1. Vegan inspired list,absolutely hilarious with zero scientific evidence to back up your lies….This from a panel of biased vegans…Look how this Mediterranean diet which is nothing more than the standard American diet has done for the world population everyone is fat and sick.I lost 120 pounds on keto diet and have kept it off ten years now.Cured my arthritis too and never got the keto flu..It is 100% avoidable with proper electrolytes.You eat that so called heart healthy glycophate filled grains not me never again…I eat mainly fatty meat and green leafy vegetables and am never sick…..Thousands more just like my results,and the best part about keto is you’re never hungry the complete opposite of the diet you propose

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  3. Are you looking for a new diet this new year? Did this video help? If you enjoyed this video, please give it a like and share it with your friends! 🙂

  4. `After my 5 bypass surgery ,my son, a Mayo doctor, encourages me to change my diet, not that I am overweight. I suggested he do the same. Doctors do not always do what they tell us to do.

  5. Everything she said is true. My mother had Parkinson and I put her on The Mediterranean Diet and she lived a long time. This diet is a way of life. Its safe and you are getting everything you need without breaking the bank

  6. I knew it was coming. I'm SO sick of a group of people deciding what's best to eat. It's something new every single year. The Mediterranean diet has been around for ages. I'm just going to continue doing zero simple carbs, lots of vegetables, and moderate protein. I'm enjoying having real butter and full-fat dressing on my salad. I love meat, fish, pork and poultry and could never be a vegan or vegetarian!  I'm going to add some complex carbs a couple of times a week, like a potato or some rice every now and then. I don't think my head will explode if I do! Everything in moderation.

  7. My Mother lived to100. Eating normally. Fresh veg and meat no microwave meals or takeaways or junk. Good home cooking.

  8. I've actually been doing the Keto diet and lost a lot of weight. And the Keto flu is manageable. You just gotta up your electrolytes. And the bad breathe doesn't last forever. It's just your body getting readjusted.

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