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  1. I agree with your stance on this diet, though I thought the diets proponents thought eating these foods increased the PH of the bodies interstitial fluids, which was where the benefit comes from, not from affecting the PH of the blood. Maybe I was giving them too much credit.

  2. You're so wrong! What a pity!, because so many people could benefit from this diet (like me). Please do your research again.

  3. My take on this is that the meat and dairy may have been excluded because the chart was meant to show what to avoid on the acidic side and what to eat on the alkaline side. My understanding is that it takes a long time to change your body's PH with diet. What I remember about my mother-in-law as she was dying in the ICU was that they were measuring the PH regularly and very concerned about her acidity. My question to you is why and how do we get acidic?

  4. I think you add no value to anyone with this video. Zero. You've done nothing but use a headline to undermine what many, many people are finding to be a very positive approach to better overall health and well being. Of all the "spectacular" claims to challenge, this should have never even been on your radar.

  5. I think it's very interesting that all the foods on the alkaline side are nutritious, but there's mostly junk on the acidic side. Animal milk is NOT nutritious for humans.

  6. this dude does not understand the issue … if ph drops the skeleton will be providing the minerals that is the question not that bla bla bla

  7. The human skeletal system is a complex organ in constant equilibrium with the rest of the body. In addition to support and structure of the body, bone is the major reservoir for many minerals and compounds essential for maintaining a healthy pH balance. …. A drop in pH of <0.1 units can cause a 100% increase in osteoclast cell …

  8. nutritionists are naif … Pathways That Alter Homeostasis[edit]
    A variety of homeostatic mechanisms maintain the internal environment within tolerable limits. Either homeostasis is maintained through a series of control mechanisms, or the body suffers various illnesses or disease. When the cells in the body begin to malfunction, the homeostatic balance becomes disrupted. Eventually this leads to disease or cell malfunction. Disease and cellular malfunction can be caused in two basic ways: either, deficiency (cells not getting all they need) or toxicity (cells being poisoned by things they do not need). When homeostasis is interrupted in your cells, there are pathways to correct or worsen the problem. In addition to the internal control mechanisms, there are external influences based primarily on lifestyle choices and environmental exposures that influence our body's ability to maintain cellular health.

    Nutrition: If your diet is lacking in a specific vitamin or mineral your cells will function poorly, possibly resulting in a disease condition. For example, a menstruating woman with inadequate dietary intake of iron will become anemic. Lack of hemoglobin, a molecule that requires iron, will result in reduced oxygen-carrying capacity. In mild cases symptoms may be vague (e.g. fatigue), but if the anemia (British English: anaemia) is severe the body will try to compensate by increasing cardiac output, leading to palpitations and sweatiness, and possibly to heart failure.
    Toxins: Any substance that interferes with cellular function, causing cellular malfunction. This is done through a variety of ways; chemical, plant, insecticides, and/or bites. A commonly seen example of this is drug overdoses. When a person takes too much of a drug their vital signs begin to waver; either increasing or decreasing, these vital signs can cause problems including coma, brain damage and even death.
    Psychological: Your physical health and mental health are inseparable. Our thoughts and emotions cause chemical changes to take place either for better as with meditation, or worse as with stress.
    Physical: Physical maintenance is essential for our cells and bodies. Adequate rest, sunlight, and exercise are examples of physical mechanisms for influencing homeostasis. Lack of sleep is related to a number of ailments such as irregular cardiac rhythms, fatigue, anxiety and headaches.
    Genetic/Reproductive: Inheriting strengths and weaknesses is part of our genetic makeup. Genes are sometimes turned off or on due to external factors which we can have some control over, but at other times little can be done to correct or improve genetic diseases. Beginning at the cellular level a variety of diseases come from mutated genes. For example, cancer can be genetically inherited or can be caused due to a mutation from an external source such as radiation or genes altered in a fetus when the mother uses drugs.
    Medical: Because of genetic differences some bodies need help in gaining or maintaining homeostasis. Through modern medicine our bodies can be given different aids, from anti-bodies to help fight infections, or chemotherapy to kill harmful cancer cells. Traditional and alternative medical practices have many benefits, but like any medical practice the potential for harmful effects is present. Whether by nosocomial infections, or wrong dosage of medication, homeostasis can be altered by that which is trying to fix it. Trial and error with medications can cause potential harmful reactions and possibly death if not caught soon enough.

  9. nutrition is in the equation but in reality we must FAST … fasting is decisive and they tell us to eat 6 meals and more . the real hoax is nutrition paradigms as we must adapt constantly .
    my problem was insulin resistance and pre diabetic state .
    i am seeking my bmi under 24 with intermittent fasting and a radical change in nutrition which was too much dependent on carbs . to much carbs make insulin resistance soars better is high fat that will not develop pancreatic dependency . maple syrup and lemon , red tea etc .

  10. interesting, because alkaline water got rid of my friends gout flare ups. eating an alkaline diet make u feel better not just my opinion saw it happen

  11. So good to hear your view on the Alkaline Diet. I was following one and my blood pressure, Iron, other vitamins have always been perfect and now my blood pressure is low, Irons and vitamins are low and I feel faint all the time. Think its time to back to what Fruit and veggies and a very small amount of meat.
    Thank you.

  12. What about the alkalinity or aicdity of the digestive tract. Lo and behold the bacteria growing there have a profound affect on our health.

  13. Maybe instead of believing a bunch of doctors, and a bunch of people in the world who can't afford to be out of jobs if the alkaline diet in fact is true, maybe you should try it yourself on you, and 10 of your friends. Just a thought. Like I have done with me, my children, and 10 of my friends, and even my geriatric Father. Maybe you should in fact put your facts in cold hard truths that can stand right in front of you, than faith in people you have never met(regardless of their degrees they have behind them)

  14. meat and dairy are nutritious?….you are a mad man, how many animals drink milk after weaning and how many eat the milk of ANOTHER ANIMAL like we do. meat is putrid dead food and I'm not a vegetarian. if your blood has an acid PH you are dead within seconds…you sir are an idiot

  15. I know this but sugar feeds cancer, bacteria and canduda so alkaline foods help with this so I stopped listening there is no new science here and very dull and monotone to listen too!

  16. I see a lot of similarities between the alkaline diet and the blood type diet.
    Despite their concepts having no scientific evidences, at their core they DO teach you how to eat healthy, i.e., having more fruits and vegetables, drinking more water, and avoiding processed foods and pseudo-foods. Such habits are pretty much the epitome of good health, and it explains why so many people have good results with these diets.
    At the end of the day, it is the same old formula of good nutrition, but in fancy, different presentations.

  17. AN, there have been people who have healed themselves following a specific diet. I am curious, have you ever watched one of Dr. Morse's videos? Someone else directed me to him, I'd like to hear what you think about him. Forgive if you've discussed him before.

  18. My father does a few things to reduce the acidity in his body. 78yrs and now in remission of prostate cancer. No drugs, radiation etc. How can this be.?

  19. Lol this guy sounds lost & confused. Dairy isn't good for you & studies have shown it. Meat isn't a necessity & takes a long time to digest in your body. Somehow he believes highly processed, food-like substances which have been proven to cause sickness are healthy?

  20. They're is alkaline nuts…and majority of the food on the acidic side were bad junk food..that WE ALLL KNOW, contribute to diseases and bad health in general..and they're is plenty of high protein alkaline foods..this dude is load of crock

  21. So eating processed sugar, McDonalds etc doesn't affect the acidity in your body and over long period doesn't give cancer and a lot of other diseases? So what is the point of eating vegetables if it doesn't make your environment more Alkaline which would lead to better health and overall protection?

  22. Lol I find it hilarious how many people disagree with a dietician. Not a "nutritionist" which anyone can call themselves. A "dietitian" which you cannot call you're self unless you have an official education in nutrition.

  23. A pH of 7 is neutral. Blood is 7.35-7.45 which is hardly anything at all. Not only can it be harmful to drop below 7.35 (acid) but it is also harmful to go above 7.45 (alkaline)

  24. you are paid to lie. almost everything you said was bullshit. meat and dairy are not healthy. anyone who agrees is now dumber . please delete your channel

  25. I don't believe a word you say. There's people who have cured cancer through alkaline diets. which makes sense cos we're not carnivores. We've got hands to pick berrys and vegetables. And are teeth are for cracking nuts and seeds. Not for eating meet.

  26. thanks for explaining this, this diet can be dangerous and are not evidence based at all there are no scientific data that suggests that acidic food will cause any problems with your body, it's pseudoscience which have to stop !

  27. It is ironic that you say: "the onus of proof always falls on the party making spectacular claims" . But make all these crazy claims. Do you have any formal education?

  28. Cancer is very acidic

    Both healthy cells and cancer cells use glucose as their prime energy source. But, for a normal cancer cell, glucose is essential. In a cancer cell the mitochondrial power stations of the healthy cell have run down and switched off. This means that the energy production system lies in the cytoplasm, where in healthy cells glucose is normally processed ready for the mitochondria. A little of the glucose burns in the cytoplasm; nothing like the mitochondrial output. So it´s all very inefficient. And therefore since a cancer cell needs lots of energy to grow, it demands lots of glucose. This process, called glycolysis, is very acidic and cancer tumours have a pH of about 6.2 at their core. You don't know nothing! People stop White sugar and animal protein until the tumors are gone!

  29. Interesting to here an opposing view point but it was my understanding that the body retains it's alkaline state but when we are feeding it acidic foods the body has to fight harder to retain that alkaline state and that is why the damage to the body occurs . Eating a diet high in alkaline foods is easier on one's health and body there is no "fight ". It is common sense that we do not need to have killing factories for animals or drink cows milk and make products from the milk that was made for calves !

  30. I'll stick with my alkaline diet….i haven't been sick in over 10 years….you can have that acidic cancer causing crap.

  31. This was a very informative video, thanks very much.. makes sense to me! All I need to do is cut the dairy, I think grass fed meats and veggies especially organic and drink teas and use spices and herbs you should be okay; I read that people will get sick if they are lacking nutrients so eat up and get a variety from the best foods.

  32. there are real life testimonials of people whose diseases were cured from eating an alkaline diet. Check out the deceased Mr. Dr. Sebi. The medical companies don't do this kind of research and the truth is medical Dr's are NOT trained n nutrition at all

  33. Apple cider vinegar is very acid (2.?) yet it turns ur body alkali they claim. Carey's forward that if an acidic substance can turn u alkali, ph of the food going in has very little to do with anything. Also every food has to get past the stomach acid…. ACID!!!!

  34. This guys taken a seriously simplistic approach to this topic, which makes me wonder who’s funding this video. We already know that Omega 3 fatty acids are good mate. “Amino acids” are the building blocks of human organic matter. However to lump them in with the Ascorbic acid in cola seems like someone is either tootin barbs or been paid off. Drinking sugary acidic drinks and excess fried foods with saturated fat causes the liver to struggle and ultimately the body DOES begin to shift to a more acidic state. That has nothing to do with your stomach acid. Next you’ll be telling everyone that consuming pesticides with your food with every meal is OK.

  35. Many of these people switch from a trash diet to a diet that is nutrient dense (notice how these foods are usually plants with lots of minerals an vitamins), they change their bad diets to a one that gets ther RDA mineral intake, like potassium (which is VERY HIGH and hard to get otherwise) 4700 mg.

  36. Question Was this video funded by the beef, pork, or dairy industry?
    Want the truth read something unbiased like from the national institute of health NIH.

  37. so if i was to believe you it would go against everything ive personally experienced. the mucus i cough up everytime i eat some garbage food shit

  38. acids kills…try acid diet if you got acid flux,ulcer,heart burn etc…drink wine and eat spicy meat during acid flux lets see what happend….alkaline heals period…talk to all that been healed from aids and tumors by sebi what did they take…

  39. How about you try it yourself and stop believing people who benefit from debunking it. But y'all can die faster if you want 😉

  40. He's lying mixing the truth with a lie. If everyone go alkaline it could prevent cancer and prevent them from making money.

  41. The body is acidic that means there's no oxygen in the body, that's when the body starts producing to see is, yeah the main way body keeps alkaline is through carbon dioxide carbonate buffer system, but to say alkaline foods don't increase the alkalinity is a fallacy

  42. Be sure to read honest and real reviews of The Alkaline Diet on my blog before you buy. Go to gohonestreviews. com/the-alkaline-diet-review/ Thanks, Lucio.

  43. How does he know about cancer like that wait a minute this getting interesting they just gave them self up pharmaceutical you bastards.

  44. How does this guy come out and say all that to eat meat and and drink milk
    You can’t address everyone with your bs how do you know that the people who are on an alkaline diet don’t feel better how does he know. I feel way better after my diet from my experience the one thing that almost kill me was yeast and sugar my toe nails were black my teeth were turning black I started getting panic attacks I tough I was going crazy. Kicked in the alkaline diet and all that bad thing I was suffering from are gone I got my white teeth back my nails back no panic attacks and the depression never came back😁

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