EXTREME FREEZER COOKING | Baked Egg Rolls, Chicken Pot Pie + Freezer Meal Recipes!

EXTREME FREEZER COOKING | Baked Egg Rolls, Chicken Pot Pie + Freezer Meal Recipes!

– Benjamin hi. Are you in your bouncy? You are. Now today we’re gonna bust
through chicken pot pies, manicotti, sausage and rice
baked, baked chicken spaghetti, pizza casserole with zucchini,
orange sesame chicken and bacon egg rolls. Hey friends so it is day
two of my freezer cooking. It’s not gonna be like a
freezer cooking day though because by the time I
get started it’s gonna be like 5:30 in the evening. I’ve just been putter and
doing other things I want to do because you know that’s my motto. I just do what I want to do. I’ve been doing those
things for much of today and now I’m gonna go on a
nice big hike with the kids. – Hey mommy.
– Hi sweetie and then I’m gonna let
loose in the kitchen. I’m probably gonna end
up going I don’t know, 5:30 till 11 or so but
I’m hoping to bust out all those meals that I did a lot of meal prepping for tomorrow. So here we go on our big walk first. Okay we’re in our forest now and Liam wants to show something. Okay Liam ready set go. Oh yeah. Oh awesome yes. I found those at Walmart
marked down to five dollars. As a Star Wars mom I
could not not get those so I got everybody a set
because they were regular you know like $19.99 $20 so for five dollars in the
clearance section I was like yes. You got your light saver Daniel? Okay so I must be like a kid who doesn’t want to clean their room but we got back from our hike and around and now I’ve been resting
and watching the kids play. I’ve almost found my motivation. It’s gonna happen, these
meals are going to get done. (mumbles) So what have you been doing
in this hammock Gabriel? (laughs) Wow look at this kid. (laughs) How do you get yourself
out of that Gabriel? – I have no idea. – [Jamerrill] Well I was
sitting here having my rest and I was watching him
do this and I said okay, the internet friends need to see this. Wow yeah you unspin faster, there you go then you can stick your feet out. – This is how I get out. – [Jamerrill] And your clothes are wet because why country boy? – I asked Naomi to pour water on me. – [Jamerrill] You’re a
forest explorer aren’t you? (laughs) Gabriel you look so much older to me when I’m looking at you. I know how what are you now? – Nine.
– Nine. Now friends who’ve been
watching our videos the last four years Gabriel you were five when I started doing YouTube. Okay but wait before I get
going on freezer cooking I’m in here now talking to
Travis and I told Travis if I’m gonna start vlogging more he’s gonna show up some more. So he’s doing car guy stuff. You have to see this before
you see freezer cooking. Okay he’s replacing universal joints. – [Travis] In the driveshaft. – [Jamerrill] On his driveshaft
you hear this ladies. Universal joints, driveshaft. – [Travis] C-clip is rusted in there. – C-clip is rusted in there.
– Right here. – Right there.
– Part of it broke off. Trying to dig it out of
there so I can push this out with my clamp here and then
we’ll push a new one in. – We made you talk, yay. Okay so here we go for real now. So I came in these are
all of my new ginormous I think they’re like 10
by 15 glass baking dishes. I had Zion rinse those out for me. These were a few more
bowls I had soaked in from last night. So I have slowly been investing
in glass baking dishes for my freezer cooking but
I want to encourage you especially if you’re just starting out you do not have to have big
thick sturdy baking dishes to get going with your freezer cooking. I have been doing this a while. When I first started freezer cooking back when I had three small children and I was working full-time
outside of the house as a nurse I had three like old funky. I probably got it from the
thrift store baking pans and they were metal and so I would just make an extra pan lasagna or an extra kind of like rice bake or whatever it was I was
doing and I would freeze those for the weekends when I worked or I would make like a big pot of soup, big pot of spaghetti sauce,
some sort of big pot meal so that when my husband was home with the three small
children and I was working that 36 to 40 hours
within three night shifts he wouldn’t have to
think too much about food since he was home with
little kids all weekend. We know how that goes. People wanted to know if
you can actually use glass for freezer cooking. So yes you can, now of
course you have to follow the manufacturers directions
and all of those disclaimers so when people are looking
to not do freezer cooking and use a lot of aluminum products it’s pretty common for people
to use glass baking dishes. You do want to make sure those
are thoroughly defrosted. You don’t want to put ice cold from the freezer pans into your oven. That is where from what
I’ve read glass can break. Now I have frozen glass before, I’ve never personally
had a problem with it. All that to say don’t let not
having all the perfect things that you need up front stop
you from freezer cooking. You can do a whole lot in freezer bags. I have read and several of my
YouTube viewers have suggested that if you wrap your pan
you can freeze your meal and then you do like a flash freeze once your meal is frozen you
can take it out of the pan, put it into a freezer
bag or wrap it securely with freezer paper and plastic wrap and then the day that you need it you would just remove all of that, put it back into the
baking dish, let it defrost and then cook it as normal. So there’s lots of different
ways you can do that. So those are like all my
disclaimer saying hey, I got a bunch new glass baking pans that are also freezer and oven safe. I’m excited to use them but I say again please don’t let it hold you back. If we don’t match you just
get started wherever you are. Okay so looking at our list here where we left off last night
and if you missed all of this, I have a big freezer meal
prep day I did yesterday. It was ended up being about eight hours which included real-life
interruptions, cleanup time etc. I cooked a ton of
sausage, a ton of chicken, a ton of ground beef. I did a big stockpot
of vegetable beef soup, a big stockpot of quinoa
tortellini sausage soup and I both cooked my
rice and my noodles today and I made 144 mini meat loaves. So it was a good session now today we’re gonna bust through chicken pot pies, manicotti, sausage and rice bake, baked chicken spaghetti,
pizza casserole with zucchini which also I don’t have any squash. I would normally put squash in it too but Walmart didn’t fulfill
that part of my order. We’re gonna do orange sesame
chicken and baked egg rolls and just going through what
I have prepped and ready I think I’m gonna actually
do this a little backwards backwards in how I have it written. I’m gonna start down here. This orange sesame chicken is
actually a slow cooker recipe which you can do big, in bulk in actually the instant
pot or the slow cooker. I’m gonna get mine
going in the slow cooker because I may need my instant
pots for something else. I shall see long story short
I’m gonna get that cooking and then I’m gonna jump
to doing baked egg rolls and just kind of go and
where inspiration hits to get it all done. Getting all of our ingredients over here so I can get the orange sesame chicken. I am going to use the instant pots. I decided I would do it instant pot wise because I get lots of instant pot requests and so the only difference would be if you would go to do
it in your slow cooker. You’re gonna want your
chicken to be defrosted first. You’re gonna dump in
all of these ingredients I’m getting ready to show you and then you would let it cook on low
for about four to six hours and then after we get this
orange sesame chicken moving then we’ll get the egg rolls bacon because that’s what the family is feeling like for dinner anyway. So that’ll be great I
will feed that to them and freeze 90% of it
and then we’ll move on to the next recipes. What I have done in both of
my electric pressure cookers, I’m doing 10 pounds of this
orange sesame chicken right now. So I have 10 pounds total. I put a little more
than half in my 14 quart and then more of the
chicken breast over here in my eight-quart then I’m gonna add in
a cup of barbecue sauce and we’re gonna do marmalade. I got my OJ all those
wonderful ingredients that are gonna all come together to make orange sesame chicken. One cup of barbecue sauce going in and then one cup of orange
juice and this is funny I only got a gallon of orange juice and this morning I just
had a little bit left and I got it to make this recipe so I said I need rest for recipe. I didn’t even say the rest
but they got the point and saved me just a little bit so I could get this chicken made. Next I’m adding in one cup of marmalade into each pressure cooker
and not that I’m being such a health conscious perfect person. So there’s a sense I just put
marmalade and barbecue sauce and orange juice with this chicken but I do have some of this
natural soy sauce alternative. I’m going to use a half a
cup and each pressure cooker if all you have is regular old soy sauce, I’ve done that too. Use what you have and
then we’re going to add in two tablespoons each of sesame seed oil and you still need to put in
a little bit of minced garlic and then I’m going to do a tablespoon in each of this ginger paste. I’m gonna just be a lazy instant pot user and use manual. I had it up high for frozen
meat I was cooking last night. I was doing a whole bunch
of ground beef but anyway with the frozen chicken
and everything else, 30 minutes on manual. Okay Benjamin is making
everything sound like a pet shop in the background now. He’s making all kinds of cute noises but sealing this pressure cooker. I’m gonna set it to
pressure and it is locked. So again on this one pressure time it is just manual high to 30 minutes. So here’s the aftermath
I have to clean up now and then next we’ll be working
on those baked egg rolls. So I’m getting my Dutch oven here going with my various filling
for the baked egg rolls. I just put one can of
bean sprouts in there, getting ready to put another can in and also some sliced water chestnuts. These are not my absolute favorite but it’s a good egg roll filling and other people in my house like them. So I take one for the team. Here is the egg roll filling. I’m going to put a lid on this so that the vegetables soften. I ended up putting in the
two cans of bean sprouts, a small can of water chestnuts. This is eight cups of ochita. This is just the matchstick carrots. Let’s see what else is in here. About four tablespoons of minced garlic, also four cups of green onions. I had a whole lot of green onion. I wanted to use it up and I don’t think anyone is really gonna know whenever this is all cooked down. So again gonna put my lid on this now and work on some other steps. So a lot of the vegetables
have reduced down. I just put in six cups of shredded chicken and I’m going to stir this back up and then get the lid on. So here is the complete
filling, our egg roll mixture and now I’m going to get the egg rolls out and we’re gonna start wrapping and rolling and baking them up. So I just took this first pan
of egg rolls out of the oven and ma’am they look good. I’ve got another pan in the oven. Now I’m going to show you
how I’m wrapping them. I started to just wrap
them then just put them on this little platter here and then I’ll probably lay
some wet paper towels over them until I get another baking dish available or another baking pan or whatever. So while I’m doing this I’m just keeping some wet paper towels here. These little egg roll
wrappers are very thin. I’m just laying one of those out. The directions on the back of the wrapper say three tablespoons of
whatever you’re filling. I just eyeball it of course. I’m doing like three spoonfuls. Yes large family-style egg rolls. So then I’m just pulling
up the bottom part and wrapping it tight. Pulling in both of my sides
and then wrapping it this way. Of course it’s all real delicate but it works. Here’s another pan that
we just pulled out. So over here bagging egg rolls but I wanted to stop and show you this is the 10 pounds of
orange sesame chicken. I put all the chicken in
here and then with the broth we’ll call it that was in one
of these pressure cookers. I added about another five
tablespoons of cornstarch with the lid off of course. I put the pressure cooker on saute. I actually did this over
here in my instant pot and then I thickened up the broth that was left in this instant pot and then I poured that as the
sauce on all of the chicken. I sprinkled some sesame seeds on it. I’m gonna let it cool now, we’ll get it bagged up for the freezer and then if you go over
to largefamilytable.com I’ll show the thawing process
and what it looks like. Hot over rice. Several of you have asked to see like before-and-after
pictures of my meals. I don’t always get those on YouTube but also on the blog any recipe that I do is going to have actual
like before and after and during the process pictures. That’s part of why I do that for you guys because hard for me to get my mouth open about all the things over here. So little update where we are now where actually it is late
and the kids are in bed and let’s see what have I gotten done. Well I got the orange sesame chicken done, I got 60 of the chicken baked egg rolls. Right now I have another filling made where I’m going to do 60 more sausage and teriyaki egg rolls. I have decided to not do
the sausage and rice bake in favor of using that
sausage for these egg rolls. I thought that’s fine. There always there always seems to be one that I end up skipping. So that’s the one I’m
skipping for this time. Right now I’ve got noodles boiling for the baked chicken spaghetti and what else am I working on? I need to back up put
the orange sesame chicken that has been cooling
and then I’m gearing up to do trying to decide
okay Jamerrill brain, which one of these four? Which one of these four? Well I guess we shall
see what I find myself working on here in a few minutes. So what I am working on now I
just got done mixing together the filling minus the noodles for the baked creamy chicken spaghetti. So this was three of the family size cans of cream of mushroom
soup that will be my sin that will get me in trouble. So cream of mushroom soup we
have three cups of sour cream, I have six cups of mozzarella, have a seven ounce can of green chilies and then I have about four
pounds of shredded chicken. Now I’m going to drain the noodles and get that mixed up in here then we’re gonna put in our baking pans and also top it with chits. Here are the four pans. These are 10 by 15 deep dish of the baked creamy chicken spaghetti. Four of those done so crossing that off. So now I’m going for a bunch
of homemade chicken pot pies. That’s a whole lot of butter. So it’s a total of eight cups of butter. You can see the evidence here I had some regular salted butter and then a whole bunch of Kerrygold
butters had to be sacrificed for the making of these
homemade chicken pot pies. Also freezer cooking confessions. This is the a.m. time not
the p.m. time but remember, I didn’t start really
until after 7:00 p.m. and the kids have been
long gone, gone to bed and that’s that. So I’m just gonna cook the night away and sleep in in the
morning and go team go. Okay so now the butter is melted I’m going to add in the flour. So manicotti is underway this early early Saturday morning. This is a 10 by 15 pan so I’ve got about 13 stuffed
manicotti rolls in here. I’m also going to put on two
cups of shredded mozzarella and get another pan going. So late-night freezer cooking continues. We got five of these pans of manicotti that are going out in the freezer. Here are my three in the morning tail end of the egg rolls. The last of the stuff
is going in the freezer. I’m leaving the great big
freezer cooking kitchen mess till we get up late tomorrow
because it’s Saturday definitely gonna sleep
in but my list is done. So tomorrow when I am more coherent I will share the list with you guys. So friends it’s a couple days
past my freezer cooking time I think it’s like two days after we had Father’s Day yesterday. Went up to the Northern
Virginia DC area for that. Today is a home day. We’re gonna bust through a
lot of big housecleaning, those kind of things
but I wanted to wrap up and let you know my freezer
cooking final numbers for my last two freezer cooking sessions. I’m gonna show you how everything
turned out in my freezer. So total I ended up doing it was about eight hours of cooking on both days. On my Thursday freezer cooking time and on my Friday freezer cooking time which you know on Friday
I was wild and crazy and I did freezer cooking
from 7 p.m. to about 3:23 a.m. What I ended up with were about 40 or so large family-style meals that we will just add into
our meal plan as needed. What I’ve been doing lately is of course I plan or so my big
shopping trips for a month. I freezer cook knowing
that these meals are good for up to three months
sometimes a little more but then I look at our life
and what we have going on for each individual week and I plan what we’re going to eat for that week based on what is happening. Like yesterday we were up near DC, tomorrow we’re going to be
going to the lake all day. Actually Wednesday I’m going
up to DC for Zion’s birthday Thursday we’re going to Ikea which is another out-of-town
trip and then Friday I think we’re home most of the day but we’re going to go see The
Incredibles two that night. So not all weeks have where we’re buzzing in and out all day
every day but summertime homeschool family we have
the freedom to do that any time of year right. So you just never know with our weeks. I have to kind of drill down individually. All that to say if you go
over to largefamilytable.com I will have the recipes
for all the meals I made and any other final drill down numbers if you are interested in any
recipes or I like to sit down and kind of process my thoughts and I give a play-by-play of how the freezer cooking
days went over on the blog. So now I’m gonna take you out
to show you those freezers. Okay I think with the humidity going from the air
conditioning house outside I think it’s like 93 and
humid in Virginia today even in the wilderness you can see Travis is a backhoe behind me. So I’ve mentioned this in a few vlogs what we have going on is
I got a new refrigerator for my kitchen. My kitchen refrigerator is still yeehaw just like a country woman
out on my back deck. Until we get Travis’s
truck out of the garage we get the bookshelves from Ikea built, we get the book boxes out of the garage, see everything builds upon one another. We’re doing so many big
projects around our house. Things don’t happen quick around here. It takes us a little bit to get it done all that to say it’s why I’m showing you the freezer that’s currently on my deck that will live in the garage until that living room
project finally happens but we’re gonna get our fences done and test things out if
you know what I mean. That way first. So in this freezer at the moment all it is and here pretty much is my soups and then I have some of my
meatloaf minis down there but that is all that is living in this freezer for the moment. Okay so I just unlocked it. So here is the state
of my ginormous freezer and yes now you see all those
chicken nuggets up there. That is from I had a
four day speaking trip I went out of town for. Sorry my dog’s are
barking in the background. Anyway I had that four day speaking trip. I had no freezer cooking done beforehand and so to make it easy
on Travis I ordered him from Walmart grocery
pick up a bunch of like chicken nuggets, fish sticks,
just real life dad food. Mom’s out of town and
there’s no freezer meals in the freezer and they actually didn’t even end up using. I think they might have used
like two bags of the nuggets. They ended up not needing it but that’s our emergency
freezer dad food for now and so here’s the rest of what
is in my freezer right now. A lot of these meals in the glass pans and here we’ve got some various meat, more freezer meals in the pans, there’s another one there here are some egg rolls,
down here is some bulk meat that’s already precooked
and some more casseroles and yeah so this is how jammed up the freezer is at the moment. Here’s the orange chicken,
down here I’ve got some shrimp other veggies in the door. So there’s the freezer
that’s how it turned out after these last two freezer cooking days. So there you go guys be
sure to like this video. If you like my large family
freezer cooking videos, comment down in those comments below because I always have fun chatting with you guys down there and head over to largefamilytable.com to see the full the recipe breakdowns, all the directions, lots of pictures again I know you guys asked me like
what do these meals look like when they’re done. I have pictures on the
blog in every single recipe I have pictures of the
steps I take to make it and then what they look
like when we eat it. I may not always get
those over on YouTube. There’s always hope that’ll do that though I would like to film one of those like what we ate this week type videos but that’s it. I’ll see you next time with
another brand new video. Bye bye.

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