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  1. The interesting thing is that this method of eating was prescribed by Prophet Muhammed peace be upon him. The Prophet Muhammed used to fast on Mondays and Thursdays and eat on the remaining days. This is the same technique used by Dr Michael Moseley and he himself said that he himself fasts on Mondays and Thursday simply because these where the days prescribed by the Prophet Muhammed peace be upon him. Interesting!!

  2. thanks anyway:-) i'll keep the search going! I've tried "song recognition" but they work like S**T! Again, it's this funky latin hymn tune with a lot of percussion, again if it rings a bell in anyone, please do let me know.. or else, just have a great day out there! STOP CHEMTRAILS!!!!

  3. It is optional for Muslims to fast every Monday & Thursday and they have been practicing this for hundreds of years, since the religion began. I'm sure the good Dr cited this as one of the reasons he fasts twice a week in another interview.

  4. As Muslims, we are encouarged to fast Mondays and Thursdays every week according to the prophetic tradition from 1400 years ago. It's a great practice for spiritual and physical well being.

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  8. If you are eating 2X a day, then how can it be called a fast? Isn't it just low calorie day?

    Fasting is the lack of food.

  9. I watched this On PBS in TX _Fantastic very well done !! Brilliant I am a foodie I am starting today and I am getting your book, thank you Michael!!

  10. Is he serious???

    This is not a new discovery of his own
    This is what Muslims actually do

    Muslims have a whole month of fasting called " Ramadan "
    google it to know more about it

    And also muslims fast two days of every week "Monday ", and " Thursday "

    And there is a lot about fasting in Islam
    I don't want to bother u guys telling u all of them
    If u r interested u can google whatever u want to know about fasting and Islam

  11. I'm doing some high intensity workout and couple of sets of weight, 3days a week. will it be a good idea to combine it with 5:2 diet plan??.

  12. 1:40 he said: "[…] it`s not new"
    Anyway: Many Religions do fasting.
    Jews do ist, Christians do it (depending on their siriousness), ancient egypt did it, hinduist do it.
    No offense, but i guess what he wants to tell, isn't that fasting is new, but that he tried to raise the frequency, succeded and now wants to show the audience how to loose a few pounds.
    inb4 excuse my bad english – my mothers tounge is actually german.

  13. u want the answer? its cuz they dont follow islam completely = they eat too much and eat bad stuff, unleathy lifestyle, lazy lifestyle, smoke and stuff themselves with oily cakes at breaking fast, so if combine ramadan fasting with healthy lifestyle it gives amazing benefits

    so ringel taube MUC thats the answer

  14. ye in islam theres religious fasting and theres just nature fasting where in times ago they fasted because no food around and would eat only good stuff, a ton of fruit and vegetables and a lot of protein sources plus they fast plus they fast ramadan plus they are active throughout the day, u get me

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  18. I totally agree with you. But most of the world would reel back in horror at "the Muslim diet". Although you're right, saying it's anything to do with any kind of religion is usually a switch off. SOrry. I do agree with you.

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  20. Scrambled eggs and ham?!?! That's NOT light. What he's saying isn't right. My uncle is a doctor and he told me about it. You DON'T eat breakfast. Only a piece of fruit is allowed until 5 pm. At 5 you eat dinner. Hopefully just salad and meat since grains aren't good for you.

    In biblical times people ate no breakfast, and in Europe people eat a much lighter breakfast than in the US. It's has precedence, but Mosley is misleading in his description.

  21. Bert Herring TEDx talks explains it much better. Mosley is such a tool….


  22. Fasting ?? HAHA you rather mean food party after sunset? Everybody gets fat and diabetic? So stop stinking out of your mouth calling it Ramadan. And what comes after Ramadan? Lets pray!
    Sura Verse 9:5 "Then, when the sacred months (Ramadan!!) have passed, slay the idolaters wherever ye find them, and take them (captive), and besiege them, and prepare for them each ambush.

  23. My friend did this and do you know what happened…
    diahhoreia, depression, crying, headache, dizzy, spasms
    for 10 days!

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  25. You gave no details and yet you say "don't do it." Well, I have had the polar opposite reaction. I've lost weight and feel more in control of my appetite then I have in years. I don't feel deprived on my "fast" days: 3 slices center cut bacon – 1 med egg + 2 egg whites = 154 calories + healthy choice turkey and sweet potato = 250 calories (plus a 100 calories to go.)

    We can all benefit from eating less and especially eating smarter. So, I counter your assertion with, #justdoit 🙂

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  31. SubhanAllah Our Prophet (PBUH) Fasted on a Monday and Thursday and encouraged all muslims to do so. Although it is not compulsory, we can attribute many benefits of fasting

  32. Without meaning it, I have done a very similar diet. If I had plenty to do doting the day, I would just run errands after my breakfast that sometimes was one waffle (boxed), a portion of fruit (papaya pineapple, cantaloupe) and a glass of fruit juice (pineapple with spinach and grapefruit). Then I would run around al day and maybe have a handful of almonds or a banana or a hard boiled egg and always some dark chocolate. Until dinner that would be at 7 or 7.30 when I could have a fried banana. Plenty of tea with stevia all day long. I would do this 3 times a week and I found that I lost a lot of weight. The rest of the days I would eat sensibly but I have plenty of snacks and desserts. I stay away from pizza, pasta and potatoes. Just some days a week I would have sweet potato fries, some regular fries, whole wheat bread, pitta bread sandwich, opened chicken burger etc. I even have KFC if I want or a chicken wrap from McD. Hope this information helps because it is not easy for some to loose wait, specially if you try.

  33. ya we knew this or practicing this for last 1400 years – not new to us – prophet Muhammad(p,b) had fasted Monday and Thursday in every single week!

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  35. I am thankful to you for the following insightful vids you post. Could you read my posts and let me know your thoughts.

    MARCH 3rd 2015
    I have T2 diabetes in march this year myHb AC1 came up as 11.6mm/L average at 10.2% and was informed I needed to go on insulin and at that time I was taking glyclizide to control TD2.

    Recommendation to go on insulin

    JUNE 17th 2015
    Since then I researched Intermittent fasting took no medication and have been keeping to 7 day fasts.
    Hence I had another reading in June 9.5 mol/L – 73.0 mmol/mol average 8.8%

    I had another reading and still have been intermittent fasting 7 days a week.
    9.2 mol/L – 64.0 mmol/mol average 8.0%

    I exercise daily and have been advised to take metformin is this the right thing to do?
    Could you or someone help with any answers?

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  38. Prophet Muhammad pbuh encouraged us to fast Monday and Thursday, the day 13, 14, 15 of the lunar calendar, and to eat 1/3 of the stomach only and leave 1/3 for water and 1/3 for breathing. He described the stomach as the worst bowl to fill. Praise God who taught Prophet Muhammad this information over 14 centuries ago while he was illiterate.

  39. It saved my Life, need I say more… sure I do… This can change the World, cut $ Health Insurance by way more than Half… and if Health Insurance is taken care of, because it will cost you 1/4 or less than now… The Rich will lose that Big Profit, the Banks, that own the Insurance company's…. they don't want that Domino to Fall, because then we'd be asking for the next thing, when where not fighting over Health Insurance… and more Profits lost to the Rich…!!! its a wonder, they haven't…____….Dr Micheal Mosley… it would be to obvious and if they got caught…lol… They won't allow anything about Fasting on TV in America… and the News articles in what use to be America have been half ass, and not helpful at all, they act like it's a fad diet, or they don't know how Dangerous it is… etc, etc… But think about, if Health Industry is basically gotten rid of… it leave's more money in your pocket… not there's… I could go on, story's of how my mother of 77 cured her Type II Diabetes of 4 years with 2 months of heavy Fasting and many other story's of people I know that I got on the 5-2, and lost 30 to 78 pounds and cured there other Health problems, like one with cancer,… but there is enough on YouTube, thank God for YouTube… or Fasting would have died a long time ago… It's all about Money… again….

  40. Cannot be a good idea to tell anyone to eat and drink what they like for five days a week. Bad idea, had advice – speaking as a lay person!

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