Fasting mimicking diet treatment for multiple sclerosis (remyelinating axons & halting autoimmunity)

Fasting mimicking diet treatment for multiple sclerosis (remyelinating axons & halting autoimmunity)

[Rhonda]: You mentioned the multiple sclerosis
with your fasting-mimicking diet, and also the fact that this diet, sort of, shifted
to a more fat-burning state, which is, sort of, it’s definitely in line with ketosis,
which you can get from fasting, but also in line with people that are doing a more ketogenic
type of diet. And in your clinical study with people with
multiple sclerosis, or was it in the mouse, one of the studies you had. I think it was the human study, do you wanna
talk about that? You had a ketogenic diet, you had the fasting-mimicking
diet. [Valter]: Yeah, we did the same in mice and
human, right? So, it was a fasting-mimicking diet and ketogenic
diet in both cases. And in the mice, of course, we could demonstrate
some things, and there’s very clear effects. Which was, the fasting-mimicking diet causes
the white blood cells, so the immune cells, as I mentioned earlier, to be destroyed, partially
destroyed. And then, it turns on the stem cells. And when you make new cells, of course, they’re
no longer autoimmune, right? So, the original cells are autoimmune, they’re
attacking the oligodendrocytes in the spinal cord. The new cells, we’ve shown they’re no longer
immune. And these leads to about 20% of the mice being
disease-free, right? So, I mean, 20% of mice are cured from this
autoimmunity, which is very much like multiple sclerosis. And the other thing that happens is that the
oligodendrocytes with the inflammation goes down, right? So, I mean, the general inflammatory state,
around the spinal cord particularly, goes down. And so, this is very important because it
allows the progenitor cells or the ones that give rise to new myelin, so they rebuild the
spinal cord. They can now do their job and regenerate the
system. So, now, again, as I mentioned earlier, for
cancer, you have this coordinated effect, which you take the bad cells, replace them
with the new cells, and then block the inflammation, rebuild the spinal cord. Now, you can say this is incredible, this
is magic, right? [Rhonda]: Right. [Valter]: Well, again, it’s not, it’s just
that the body has to have this ability. Like you cut yourself, the system that goes
to work is incredible, right? [Rhonda]: Mm-hmm. [Valter]: And so, it’s like saying, you know,
if I found a way to regenerate part of my arm by fooling the system into thinking that
it just got cut everywhere, right? If you wanna see fasting, you can see it like
that. And that’s why it looks so magical, is because
it is an evolved process that has been, you know, been evolving for billions of years,
and so, it knows exactly what to do to fix a series of problems. [Rhonda]: Yeah. [Valter]: I mean, if you can see the wound,
you know, in the spinal cord as you would think of as the cut in the skin, so… [Rhonda]: I have this thought I wanna say,
but also you should the people with multiple sclerosis had improvements according to some
tests or something as well, right, with the fasting-mimicking diet, and also the ketogenic
diet, which… [Valter]: Yeah, and also the ketogenic. Last saw with the ketogenic diet, and this
is Markus Bock, in Berlin, that was the lead person in the study. But, I mean, the amazing thing is that a week
of fasting, followed by Mediterranean diet, which is really a regular diet, did better
than six months of ketogenic diet, right? [Rhonda]: Oh, wow. [Valter]: So, continuous, right? [Rhonda]: Okay. [Valter]: And that’s what makes it very impressive… [Rhonda]: So wait, it was one week of fasting-mimicking
diet. [Valter]: One single time, right. [Rhonda]: Five days, and then 25… [Valter]: Seven days. [Rhonda]: Seven days, and then the rest of
Mediterranean… [Valter]: And then, the rest of the six months,
a regular Mediterranean diet. [Rhonda]: Oh, really, just one? [Valter]: Yeah. [Rhonda]: Wow, that is… [Valter]: This is what makes it remarkable,
you know. So, now, we’re approaching the FDA, and I
think we’re going to propose one cycle every two months. And, you know, so hopefully that… [Rhonda]: For another trial, for another clinical? [Valter]: Yeah, a much larger trial. [Rhonda]: Is this something that can be available
to physicians that are treating people with multiple sclerosis, or oncologists that are
treating cancer patients? Because you’ve, kind of, shown, you know,
you’ve shown that this is a very powerful metabolic therapy that can be used to…honestly,
it seems like if we’re talking about getting rid of damaged cells and replacing them with
a new fully functional ones, it can be applied to a lot of diseases. [Valter]: Yeah, there is no doubt, yeah. So, we’re now doing mouse working many autoimmune
diseases. For example, we’re doing in cognitive diseases,
and so, yes. What we’re saying now to clinicians is the
following, and to patient is the following, and sometimes we get attacked for this, but
I really feel that this is the way to do it. Which is, if you feel, if there is a treatment,
whether it’s multiple sclerosis, another autoimmunity, or a degenerative disease, or diabetes, or
cardiovascular disease, I mean, all these things that we tested in some way clinically. But if you can wait because there’s something
that works already very well for you, then wait, right? You shouldn’t try something, “This is not
fully tested,” meaning that we don’t have a, “Yes, this works.” You only get that when you do 2,000 patients,
or, you know, let’s say at least 1,000, right? And then, you have to look at the statistics,
you have to look at the response, etc., etc. We’re not there yet. So, we’re saying, “If you can wait, wait.” If you cannot wait because, you know, you
have multiple sclerosis, and you cannot take it anymore, or you have cancer, and you’re
stage four, or even you’re stage one and you’re getting devastated by the side effects, so
go to your oncologist, your cardiologist, your diabetologist, your immunologist, whatever,
and say,” I can’t take this anymore. This is not working.” And, of course, there’s gotta be a decision
made by the clinicians together with the patient saying, you know, “Should we take a risk,
you know, in adding to this fasting-mimicking diet to the treatment?” And that’s together, they have to come up
with an answer, is a worth the risk? And to some people, it is. You know, we’ve had some people with Crohn’s
disease, they said, you know, “I can’t wait anymore,” and they did it, and they did extremely
well, you know, after the fasting-mimicking diet. So, we haven’t published that yet. And so, I think same for multiple sclerosis
and all these diseases, you have to see where you’re at, can you wait, can you not, is there
something that is working that they make the decision, and is it for now or is it for five
years from now? [Rhonda]: Yeah, I think that makes a lot of
sense, Valter.

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  2. This is really amazing and I also think MS will be extremely or impossible to cure by traditional medicine, instead neurologists should learn about diet and fasting to help patients.

  3. Western medicine just turns off the immune response with drugs. Fasting does the same thing by killing off the antibodies in your blood by starvation. Unlike the drugs, when you fast our body also goes to work healing and cleaning house rather than fighting the contamination of a constant flow of food. It’s like having a fully staffed factory but taking a few days when the factory doesn’t produce so the workers fix up the equipment and take out the trash with the free time and some leave after a while for lack of pay. Then when the factory starts up they need to hire new young strong workers. Is fascinating stuff. It may cure cancer if done before cancer gets too big. Big Pharma can’t make money off this so they don’t want this info to get out.

  4. The medical community refused to admit the correlation between MS and mercury toxicity.. Mainly from metal dental fillings that contain up to 50% mercury.. Study after study has shown that most, not all, MS is from mercury… Actual healing can be achieved by ridding the body of mercury. Have the fillings removed safely from a mercury free dentist.. Then removing mercury stored in the brain with a process known as chelation.. One agent used for chelation is DMSA.. which was widely used until the early 90's ,, when the government banned it, though it's a natural supplement..It can still be gotten from S. Africa. Pharma will stop at nothing to prevent people from healing themselves, instead of fight the symptoms with all the drugs they push… Fasting will help with MS and many other things.. However, if the brain is toxic with mercury , relief of the symptoms is only temporary.. The toxins must be removed !! I'm not asking anyone to believe me… Just look into it for your self before dismissing what I say..
    Happy Healing ….

  5. I did 12 hour fasting 5 times a week and one three day fast once a month for three months and it made no difference to my MS. So I need to step it up to a three day fast once a week – that would be tough. But I did discover that taking CBD oil did reduce the lengths of my attacks.

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