100 thoughts on “Father And Son Swap Diets For A Week

  1. Me- a certified fitness professional and nutrition specialist here to tell you that coffee is actually good for you. It is a diuretic and you will need to supplement your water intake according to the amount of coffee you drink. In other words, stay hydrated my friends 💕

  2. This would be my mom and I. She has so much self control and I absolutely suck at it smh. Just shows that we need to be more disciplined and eat better.

  3. I'm all for Eli being a good son…but can ya'll not encourage MLM schemes that target POC? Thank you! Nomas falta el Amway and Prestige pots and pans…smh…

  4. Y’all understand that you can’t just drink Herbalife alone and expect to be skinny in a month lol. Herbalife pretty much is like a protein powder. You have to put in the work. Lazy asses lol.

  5. Ok. I had to double take as I almost scrolled passed this video as it said Eli's dad. Damn his dad is handsome.

    Hahahahaha that's the highlight comment…is that Eli's dad is fine and handsome.

  6. Your dad is a snack. Damn! he is fine, I could it that all day and night, I need him as part of my meal plan, haha. He looks like your brother

  7. ok, is there anyone else looking at this wishing they were getting throat fucked by eli and fucked from behind by his dad? anyone? anyone?!?

  8. Eli never takes these challenges seriously. I have not seen one video where he successfully sticks to the plan and doesn’t lie about it. It irks me so much!!!!

  9. His dad is that kind who looks better as he ages. Which is nice. Good for him. The son could do it too. But like he said he is always busy and on the go maybe just maybe he will change and meal prep is food and grab that instead. 😊

  10. Yes coffee is going to be nasty if you drink it black, especially if the beans are acidic, burnt, etc. Get that man some steamed coconut milk and monk fruit sweetener!

  11. Please stop promoting herbalife… that company is a pyramid scheme. Everybody else gets paid and the latinos that believe that the company is making them richer are under so much debt right now.

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