Fatty Liver: Warning Signs & Symptoms: MUST WATCH | Dr. Nick Z.

Fatty Liver: Warning Signs & Symptoms: MUST WATCH | Dr. Nick Z.

In this video, you will discover the symptoms
of fatty liver. Hi ladies and gentlemen, I’m doctor Zyrowski
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Now in this video, I’m going to uncover the topics, “Symptoms of Fatty Liver”.
This is important to know and the reason for it is because first of all, globally, 25%
of the population suffers from fatty liver. Also, over 100 million Americans suffer from
fatty liver. And if you have fatty liver now and don’t do anything about it, it can turn
into much more severe liver condition. So, we have to be very serious about this.
And the other thing that we have to consider here, when we look at a fatty liver, is that
it basically means that your liver is over 5% fat. It’s unhealthy and the liver is
the organ that supports all other organs. When the liver suffers, the whole body suffers.
We’re going to talk about the risk factors involved in fatty liver, symptoms of fatty
liver, and then lastly, we’ll end with what to do about this fatty liver issue.
Let’s dive in, so the risk factors are important. The reason I wanted to talk about these is
because sometimes when we look at just the symptoms of fatty liver, it can be correlated
with so many other things. But, if we can use this stage one, stage two system here
where we look and we go, okay, well we have this going on and we have this going on, there’s
a good chance we need to do something about this.
So, let’s talk about the risk factors first. Pre-diabetes, type 2, and blood sugar instability/
insulin instability. If we’re having issues in this area of blood sugar and insulin, then
we have a much higher risk of the fatty liver problem so we have to take that into consideration.
Obesity is a huge risk factor, increase cholesterol, and increase triglycerides. When we looked
at people who have been getting their blood test and they constantly have these high numbers
in cholesterol and triglycerides. Then, once again there is a good chance that you could
be having fatty liver if you’re having these different symptoms.
Increase blood pressure if you’ve been taking your blood pressure and you know just time
after time that you are still suffering, then once again it can lead to fatty liver.
Toxic exposure, sometimes the work environment is very toxic for people, if their working
in factories but also, in other cases some people are just very toxic from their home.
They’re using a lot of chemicals, a lot of toxic beauty products, toxins in their
clothing, in their food, not eating right, so big problem there.
Now, we want to make that sure we’re avoiding toxins of course. Corticosteroid use, I can
tell you there’s so many people who have muscular skeletal pain, they have the flu,
they have some sort of virus and they go in and they get these steroids, and they think
that it’s just a one-way approach. Everything in life has a paid price to action. The paid
price to action to these in helping you feel better, if they did help you feel better,
is that they’re very hard on your liver. It can actually lead to fatty liver. Viruses, Gastric bypass surgery, increases
your risk of fatty liver and also middle age and up. Anyone who is middle age and up is
more likely to have fatty liver than someone who’s younger. Now I’m not saying that
the younger population doesn’t get it because people are living so terribly today in the
way that they eat and everything that unfortunately these younger generations are getting these
problems but it’s mostly middle age and up. And so, the other thing that you have
to consider too is you have to make sure that you’re really watching your food intake
especially when it comes to the blood sugar instability and insulin problems.
Next here is symptoms, okay now this is important because once again, if you have these symptoms
then there’s a good chance you that you have fatty liver if you have these risk factors
as well. Fatigue and weakness, so you wake up tired, your tired all day, and go to bed
tired. I know Gynecomastia is also another issue, this is basically when men have too
much estrogen free floating in their body and they start to get basically man-boobs
is what their referred to as. And pain over the liver area and so if you’re getting
pain in the upper right quadrant, this is a problem. And I’ll to get the rest of that
in a second because it’s combined with a couple other issues.
Decreased Bile, their liver is what’s producing the bile so you have decrease bile, it’s
going to disrupt your digestion and cause some different symptoms for you so you’re
going to more bloating and things of that nature happening.
Increased liver size, okay so if you have pain over this area, this upper right quadrant,
you have increase liver size it can even lead to some chest pain, okay. Once again, no heart
condition but you have some chest pain in there and it’s just irritating all time,
well then once again, you could potentially have a fatty liver.
Confusion and trouble concentrating is typically because people who have fatty liver also have
blood sugar and insulin instability as well and it causes confusion and trouble concentrating.
So, there’s a couple things you’d have to consider beyond this, okay. First of all,
you can get some testing done. You can get an ultrasound, you can get your blood test,
look for a liver enzyme, the AST, you can look for some different factors in there that
are going to show that there’s a good chance you have fatty liver.
But the other thing that you can do is you can actually just start taking a proactive
step today. First of all, changing your diet which is going to be absolutely crucial and
then the other you can do is to start taking some different nutrition’s that are known
to help reverse these issues. You know, Milk thistle, Alpha lipoid acid, N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine,
Selenium, all these different nutrition’s, I’ll put a link to the formula that I use
in my clinic in order to help people reverse fatty liver in the description here below.
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40 thoughts on “Fatty Liver: Warning Signs & Symptoms: MUST WATCH | Dr. Nick Z.

  1. Dr. Nick Zyrowski i have question to ask. I am already doing the (If & Keto) but i read that the lemon juice & baking soda fade which is suppose to help you loose 3 pounds a day actually harm your body. In your opinion is this true? I know you were telling us the benefits of drinking baking soda. I wanted to get your thoughts on that. Please keep up great work i follow and believe in You. You have helped me tremendously.

  2. I’m so glad that I didn’t have to deal with fatty liver prior to Keto, my husband and a few friends were given this diagnosis and they weren’t notified as to it’s real meaning. I’ve been helping my husband with Keto and IF to correct his blood sugar and fatty liver issues, but my friends are picking vegetarian and low-fat diets. I don’t know how to tell them that an increase in carbohydrates and low fat with exacerbate their issues.🤷🏽‍♀️

  3. So many issues caused by bad diet, I’m wondering if you can let me what is the cause to see little bumps under a person eyes?
    I’m thinking I have been told that it’s cause from too much fat in the diet

  4. I was wondering, Can your liver be affected by a virus like Septicaemia one year after having it, or will it be better anyway, because nothing else has happened to you. ? Or more importantly, can a huge prolonged dose off antibiotics, (IV drip for 5 days, & pills for a further 3 weeks,) irreversibly effect the liver, or immune system. Or would it all be back to normal by now.?
    Thanks for sharing these warning signs, & take care. ❤🙂🐶

  5. There usually aren't any symptoms of fatty liver until it gets into the advanced stages. Great video, I'm glad he is drawing attention to it. Cut the sugar and starches and the liver heals. Yes, a Keto Diet can heal a fatty liver. I am proof.

  6. Hi a couple of months ago I watched a show on TV in the UK about Type 2 Diabetes, a group of people were put on a very low calorie diet for 8 weeks and most of them reversed their Type 2 diabetes, one of the surprising results that they discovered is that the fat in the livers of the participants disappeared very early in the experiment before any other fat was reduced in the body

  7. 1. More often than not, there are no symptoms until the very late stage.
    2. Overuse of alcohol is a TOP risk factor.

  8. Dec 2017 – Did my annual checkup which included ultrasound test of my liver. Test results showed that I have NAFLD. Never had any of the symptoms mentioned in this video. That's how sneaky fatty liver is. Sometimes it's almost undetectable to some (like myself).

    Jan 2018 – Nov 2018 — Did LCHF (but not necessarily keto) + IF. I eliminated all processed foods (simple carbs), and sugary drinks in my diet. Nov 2018 annual checkup – liver ultrasound test came back negative. No more NAFLD. Also lost 30 lbs, and 3 inches on my waistline (from 33 – 30).

    Nov 2018 – current — Continuing LC with moderate fat and protein + IF.

  9. Thanks doctor,
    Does anyone can take N-ACETYL-CYSTEINE ?!? Is it safe?!?
    Plus what’s the daily recommended ?!?
    Thanks again

  10. I don’t know what to do my triglycerides are high and my ldl cholesterol high since I been on keto three weeks,should I be worried or is this temporary?

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  12. What's your educational background that makes you such an expert on the subject? https://youtu.be/g3x7mT6p46s

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  14. Why are you claiming all of this quackery, why you are hiding the fact that you didn,t spend 6 to 8 years studying and training in university hospitals!

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