First Day Back on a Ketogenic Diet | Full Day of Eating

First Day Back on a Ketogenic Diet | Full Day of Eating

Hi everyone, it’s Esther here. I hope you’re having a great day! It is my first day back on the ketogenic diet. If you’ve been watching my recent videos you know that I’ve been out of the ketogenic diet. I just tested my blood ketone levels. Out of a ketogenic diet yesterday. And I’m going to be checking them periodically as i get back into ketosis. S o I’ll be sharing those results with you. If you want to find out more about this experiment. Why i chose to do this, just click on the card above. It’ll take you to my series, then you can get caught up on what i’ve done so far. But i’m about to share my breakfast and then i’m going to head to work so i’ll show you guys what i eat for breakfast. And this will be a pretty standard meal plan for at least a whole week i’m going to say. I’m going to try to be consistent and eat the same things so I can get a really controlled study on getting back into ketosis and how foods will affect my ketone levels. So hope you guys enjoy. If this interests you subscribe to get notifications on my videos and hit the little bell button. That will actually notify you every time I post a new video so that you can keep up with all of this. Hey guys it’s my first keto meal of the day. I have two eggs. I just fried them. I have three slices of bacon and a half of a medium avocado. I cooked the eggs in one tablespoon of butter and then I made this for my husband. He doesn’t like avocados so I just did the bacon and eggs for him. Hi everyone it’s lunch time. I’m going to be sharing my lunch with you guys. Also just wanted to mention, I forgot to mention in my previous video but all of the food I’m eating right now, It’s going to be really strict keto. I’m cutting out dairy, no nuts, no artificial sweeteners, and no caffeine. I’m sticking to animal proteins that are fattier in cuts. I will be eating cruciferous vegetables, green leafy vegetables. I’m cutting out nightshades from my vegetables for now. And, what else? And then as far as fats I’m going to stick with you know olive oil, coconut oil, butter, animal fat, those sorts of things. So just want to let you guys know that I’m cutting a lot of things out. I’ll be checking my ketone levels and then I’ll start adding foods like dairy and nuts back in and seeing how those affect my ketone levels and the differences that I’m seeing. Okay so here’s my lunch for the day. I have roasted mackerel. I like it pretty crispy so i made it as such. I have that over a bed of spinach seasoned with salt and pepper. And I have the other half of my avocado that i ate this morning. And then this is my salad dressing. It’s just extra virgin olive oil. I have it on the side like this because i measured out three tablespoons exactly in order to hit my macros for the day. And then i used this, I used a brush, dipped it in here to have a glaze for my mackerel. And then this is the result of whatever I didn’t use for that. That I’ll just pour all over on top of the salad. So the end of day is fast approaching. It is already dinner time. I can’t believe it! It’s been a pretty good first day back on the ketogenic diet. I will say I’m trying to get my mind back into the place of being on a very structured meal plan. It’s been a really long time since I planned all of my meals out like this. I used to do it all the time but I’ve just kind of gotten away from that. So I’m constantly having to remind myself like, no you can’t just go get a cup of coffee. Or you can’t just go grab some snacks out of the fridge, or a piece of cheese, or handful of nuts. And it’s like I got out of that habit of planning stuff out so. I’m constantly having to remind myself of those things. But other than that it’s been good. It, like, the quitting the coffee is really hard. I’ve always struggled with that. I’ve quit before and then I always end up going back to it because I just love coffee. I love the taste of it. If I’m having stress at work or anything it really ups my mood to have coffee. But I’m just, you know, I’m committed to really testing all of this stuff out so I don’t want to do anything that’s going to jeopardize my ketone test or throw anything off. I’m committed I’m not going to cheat and drink any coffee right now. I will add it in later just because i want to, you know, test it with my ketones and see how it affects that. Same thing with dairy. I love cheese so that’s really hard, cutting that out right now. But i’ll get used to it all. This is my final meal of the day. I have chicken thighs cooked in coconut oil, broccoli cooked in duck fat. It doesn’t look like much but this is actually a way more calorie dense meal than it looks. The reason why is because the chicken thigh is a fattier piece of the chicken and I cooked it in a lot of fat, and that is very calorie dense. So even though, this almost looks like a dish that I would commonly have when I was on a bodybuilder type of diet where i was high protein. But this is actually way way way higher in fat than what i would have had back then. I will say the chicken. It’s a little bit less than what i accounted for. I was shooting for 4.5 ounces but I went ahead and cut it up and separated out all the chicken I had. So everything for the rest of the week is 4.5 ounces. This is just what was left over out of that. so it’s about 4 ounces. But everything else should be pretty on track for the rest of the week. But i’m going to eat this and then i will do a ketone test for you guys. that broccoli with the duck fat. Oh my God amazing. Real winner. I am definitely going to be eating that way more. It just makes the broccoli taste so much better. I should have been cooking it this whole time like that. But anyways I’m going to go do a blood ketone test now so I’ll show you guys my results on that. Okay so first test is the urine test. Not much going on here. Still very low in ketones. Here is the little chart. So I am still. Judging by this I just have trace amounts of ketone levels. It really looks the same as yesterday before i started ketosis. So for my blood glucose I’m at 91 milligrams per deciliter. Yesterday i was out 107 milligrams per deciliter when i checked it after a full day of eating yesterday. And that was when i was out of the ketogenic diet. Ok and for my ketones I’m at point two millimolars. Yesterday I was at point one. So I’m up by one point. It doubled. Very cool! Ok so those were my results from today. I’m writing everything down and tracking it in my journal and I’ll probably post all of this on my website So if you want to see actual results and if you need, you know, a piece of paper in front of you with the logs of each day. I will be posting that on my website there. And yeah so basically I’m at 107. Sorry, I’m at 91 milligrams per deciliter today. For my blood glucose levels, I was at 107 yesterday. So from cutting out carbs today my blood glucose levels are down. And I was out 0.1 millimolars in my blood ketone level results yesterday. Today I’m at 0.2 millimolar. So they’ve already doubled. I need to be at point five to 3.0 millimolars in order to be in a ketotic state. So I’ll continue to check my ketone levels and show you guys how they’re changing. But that’s all I have for today. So if you enjoyed this video please give me a thumbs up. And if you want to continue to see this project of me testing my ketone levels and testing different foods on the ketogenic diet and how they affect my glucose and ketone levels definitely subscribe. And click that notification bell if you haven’t already so you can receive notifications when I post a new video. Thank you guys so much for watching. I will see you next time. Bye everyone!

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  1. Glad you are back on. I decided to experiment and got off for about 5 weeks. Gained about 1lb a week which is not bad considering I ate like crazy and didn't exercise. Getting back on Keto tomorrow and doing a strict 8 week ketogenic diet and 4-5 days of exercise.

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