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  1. Who would have thought that a species designed to eat plants would be healthier not eating body parts and animal secretions?

  2. Grains for health!
    "Dr" Perlmutter and others are saying that grains are bad for the brain when the science shows it's the opposite!
    Thank you Michael!

  3. And obesity is thriving in the west. The info is out there and free, but they choose to kill themselves with pseudo food.

  4. Thank you for your work. You have helped provide the information I require to inspire true positive change in my life!

  5. Genetics play a part as well. Nutrition is a good thing but not the key to avoiding it. Family history plays a big part in this disease.

  6. Modern food problem: we have all foods all the time. Cultures that thrive have scarcities of animal products or another culture may have very limited grains, just not both at the same time like we have now

  7. This makes no sense. Alzheimers is considered Diabetes type 3. Animal protein and fat do not cause diabetes at all. Grains and excess carbohydrates do.

  8. Okay let's pretend the brain is simple and is not effected by other external factors like stress, environment the increase in psychopharmaca and pain killers. Also the lack in diversity in their routines and their increase in media consuptium in forms of social media or youtube definitlly are innocent right ? 🙂

  9. Did they do a study on potatoes and or cereals? I don't think that it is totally dependent on meat, I've been much healthier since I reintroduced red meat back into my menus.

  10. I went vegan for 7 months and felt wonderful. I fell way off the wagon, and your videos are great encouragement. Thank you.

  11. Western diet includes increases of sugar, alcohol, preservatives, caffeineanimal product, and trans fat. It also decreases fiber and micronutrients. Cherry picking against meat itself is a bit elementary. Did you see the study where Vegan Americans have similar risks to meat eaters due to simply eat the same western diet without meat? Notice he says "Western diet" as the culprit which encompasses all aforementioned and then he goes directly after meat specifically. Nutrition is more complex than veganism, Paleo, or keto ideals and when someone sells otherwise it's already questionable. And Americans live very diffently than the Japanese used in that study.

  12. ⭐⭐⭐ Plant based is the best! Animal products do so much harm… I feel like I have the flu or a sinus infection when I eat any meat/dairy/eggs even by accident now (or someone sneaks it in to be "funny"). Same goes for oils.

  13. Vegan here. I am confused. I want to believe this bc this is the way I eat, but I've also read that a ketogenic diet has shown to help SOME people with alzheimers. My dad and grandmother died of alzheimers. My aunt has it now. So it's a real concern for me. I want to avoid it.

  14. Fast food and soda have become the foods of choice over the past 50 years.
    These correlate with increase in Alzheimers and heart disease.
    Heart attacks were once confined to the elderly now people in their 40's are having them.

  15. My mother has Alzheimer’s and she drank about 10 cans of diet soda a day.

    The brain needs sugar to survive. Rice is a source of sugar. So that’s what’s likely a correlation.

    Diet soda trick the brain into thinking it’s eating enough sugar.

    But animal consumption in cultures like Eskimo Inuit tribes eat allot of meat. So much meat and fat and there isn’t as much Alzheimer’s risk there.

    Likely American meat is tainted to unhealthy levels that it’s super unhealthy to eat.

  16. Just so everyone knows Dr Ornish is currently doing a study to see if a plant based diet can reverse early stage Alzheimers. There's more info on his website if you're interested. The thinking from what I understand is that plant based diets would help because they increase blood flow to the brain by clearing atherosclerosis.

  17. Obviously the prevalence of Alzheimers / Dementia will be much lower in countries with a much lower life expectancy. Those are age related illnesses.

  18. I wish someone would make a study on the dietary aspects of Alzheimer's disease in it's development and even if diet can reverse it.

  19. To all the people who are saying that the studies didn't account for other factors. They did, alright? Don't think researchers are not smart enough to take that into consideration. Thank you for understanding! ♥

  20. 0:50 – 75% of SAD diet are carbs, and most of those carbs are junk carbs, including bread, bagels, pasta and other grains.

  21. I had a theory that the increase in dementia is due to undiagnosed CJD .
    There would be a mass panic if this was true . Dementia patients are never autopsied ………

  22. Yet another essential talk to spare our brains … and our lives! Thanks Michael for your continued dedication to helping people everywhere live longer and finish stronger! Love your presentations always.

  23. you make up your mind (vegan>all) and then look for facts. i dont like that approach.

    I actually checked both sides and i think eating factory shit makes people ill and it doesnt fucking matter if you eat meat or not. going vegan or keto or paelo or atkins or mediteranian diet… THEY ALL WORK for people because they all cut out the industry sugar and chemicals.

    although alot can be said about the moral and ecological side of nutrition, you nitpick the studies on health in favor of vegan food.
    you, mister doctor are an ideologist at its finest.

    You tell your followers and yourself what you want to hear in short 3-6 min videos and make a living off of it. which is not a problem at all, but what is a problem in my opinion is that you claim to be scientific when all you are doing is to literally skim through research papers to find quotes that prove your pre-made assumption. Whereas the keto people are doing the same, obviously.

    we have not yet had a RCT study, a randomized control trial that compares vegan and keto with a SAD diet as a control group. that would be a fair fight and I BET it shows they both work. considering 10kg of grain for 1kg of meat and 8 billion people is another story, though.

  24. They call alzheimer's disease type3 diabetes. It is apparently caused by junk food etc that promotes insulin resistance. We do not know enough about what we intake as to food, medicines, vaccines to have the whole picture. But clearly insulin resistance is a big factor. And the "science" of this video is not the be all and end all of carbs vs meat eating by any means. Actually, there is a study that shows people who eat a balance between meat and carbs live 4 years longer than either mostly meat or mostly carbs. It is at least as rigorous as the one in the video.

  25. To bad you cant make a animation cartoon on how good and bad food travel through the body reinforcing and tripping our armies with in us.

  26. Weirdest thing…. I went onto a vegan diet about 2 months ago because of some kind of digestion issue. I enjoyed eating meat and was not interested in becoming vegan but it did make a difference. I was craving for some meat so I had some of my wife's Rib eye steak yesterday. It tasted delicious but I could smell the scent of a dead animal. haha holy crap… plus my gut issue came back with a vengeance so needless to say I might be a vegan indefinitely…. god damn it…. I love cheese too…. sucks when you're forced to be healthy….

  27. Would not be suprised if the low dementia rates in India are caused by turmeric. Traditionally alot of their dishes use turmeric. Also its one of the most studied spices. It has so many health benefits, most of its mechanics are still poorly understood. If you want to protect your brain. You only need a teaspoon of turmeric a day. Maybe add a little black pepper for better absorption.

  28. It appears based on his last interview that the famed James McDougall is beginning to show the effects of Alzheimer’s disease, and he's only in his early 70s. He looks emaciated as well.

  29. Yoruba in Ibadan has 1.35% dementia and 1.15% with AD, while that ethnic group in Indianapolis has 3.24% dementia and 2.52% with AD? I'm suspecting the group in Indianapolis is pretty small, so these numbers may have no statistical significance. A quick check indicates: "… that’s the way the Yorubas like to eat, they like a combination of soups/stew/ assorted meat plus eba or pounded yam.", so meat and starch, We may also conclude those in Indianapolis are eating some variation of the Standard American Diet which follows the food pyramid — lots of grains, some vegetables and fruits, and a little meat.
    Current scientific inquiry strongly suggests dementia is linked to insulin resistance which is very common in those eating a diet high in grains. To the extent that the relatively small differences in outcome may be valid, it would appear the American diet's emphasis on grains may be the contributing factor. However epidemiological evidence is of such low quality that it would be unwise to draw any conclusion without examining results from controlled trials.

  30. Yes it's called type 3 diabetes. No mention of apoe4🤔. You need to update your research unless you are just trying to push your ideology to the next level.

  31. There's plenty of great veggie options out there since I've always hated beef alot of the veggie options
    were easy to incorporate, specially if cheeses + some eggs were not omitted to choices, even some

    fast food is becoming meatless friendly, if not onion rings potatoes some burritos are meatless options
    specially if the bean burritos+relleno chilis are available add sour cream and aye chi wah wah.

  32. 🍃🍃🍃Dr. Greger, do a video on the NLRP3 Inflammasome, which promotes cardiovascular disease via a leucine-rich and high cholesterol diet! Like so he can see.🍃🍃🍃

  33. And keto videos spew out tons of ‘clinical evidence’ of brain diseases correlating with the rise in grain consumption and sugars since the 1950s. I’m seriously pissed off with medical ‘professionals’ with their extremely contradictory conclusions. I really have no idea what I should be eating.

  34. If anyone thinks grains and asian cultures are a good mix I suggest you use your brain and what little perception you have and look at an average asian body to see the effects

  35. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/28217094

    Front Pharmacol. 2017 Feb 3;8:20. doi: 10.3389/fphar.2017.00020. ECollection 2017

    In Vivo Evidence for Therapeutic Properties of Cannabidiol (CBD) for Alzheimer's Disease. Watt G1, Karl T2

    Alzheimer's disease (AD) is a debilitating neurodegenerative disease that is affecting an increasing number of people. It is characterized by the accumulation of amyloid-β and tau hyperphosphorylation as well as neuroinflammation and oxidative stress. Current AD treatments do not stop or reverse the disease progression, highlighting the need for new, more effective therapeutics. Cannabidiol (CBD) is a non-psychoactive phytocannabinoid that has demonstrated neuroprotective, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties in vitro. Thus, it is investigated as a potential multifunctional treatment option for AD. Here, we summarize the current status quo of in vivo effects of CBD in established pharmacological and transgenic animal models for AD.

    The studies demonstrate the ability of CBD to reduce reactive gliosis and the neuroinflammatory response as well as to promote neurogenesis. Importantly, CBD also reverses and prevents the development of cognitive deficits in AD rodent models. Interestingly, combination therapies of CBD and Δ9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the main active ingredient of cannabis sativa, show that CBD can antagonize the psychoactive effects associated with THC and possibly mediate greater therapeutic benefits than either phytocannabinoid alone. The studies provide "proof of principle" that CBD and possibly CBD-THC combinations are valid candidates for novel AD therapies. Further investigations should address the long-term potential of CBD and evaluate mechanisms involved in the therapeutic effects described.

    https://youtu.be/sb6g5-A1ljA  Alzheimer’s b4 and after CBD

    https://youtu.be/yOPLmcFsQ0k  Before and after mental illness Alzheimer’s

    https://youtu.be/KEkvOrtC4lo  CBD oil, Dad’s first dose

    https://youtu.be/q5zX947d9dE  CBD provides help for Alzheimer’s sufferers 

    https://youtu.be/lD74d-S2dH0  Treating dementia and Alzheimer’s – Interview on the effects of CBD on Alzheimer’s and mental illness

  36. Interesting info. The research you shared mentioned Alzheimer's disease in Nigeria is lower. Is it lower because life expectancy is lower? According to WHO the life expectancy in Nigeria is 52.5. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.pulse.ng/bi/lifestyle/new-report-shows-nigeria-has-the-lowest-life-expectancy-in-west-africa/8135dh1.amp
    Life expectancy and demntia and Alzheimer's in Africa is something I've been reading about for years, I'm very glad you did a video w/this info in it so I could ask this question to someone who researches the research. My mother didn't get demntia until she was over 80 we are in the U.S. I gave up eating animals July 2018 watching your videos and other videos about not eating animals helped. I must say w/all the videos saying meat is good around, I most definitely went after the ones about not eating animals because that's what I wanted to do, now I'm working on not eating sugar, dairy and oils. I don't cook with any of them just eat it occassionally when I go out. Most times my eating is dairy and sugar free. I also gave up eating foods with added calcium, calcium supplements increase demntia and AD, so I don't wanted added to food I eat. Thanks for all the video sharing you do.

  37. Its not the meat, Its what comes with the meat; like bun, french fries, rancid oils and so on. Meat is very good, very good. We have eaten meat since, ever. Was people in the hunter gatherer era and before that stoken by Alzheimer? No 🤨



  39. I prefer the pseudo grains over bread, rice and pasta. My seasonal allergies largely went away when I sharply reduced gluten. Thank you, Dr. Greger.

  40. Just weird that conflicting evidence is the heavy metals found in whole rice, which I didnt see specified in the studies. I would think most of the studies would be white rice.

  41. DR Gregor, how are we designed to be vegan if we've never been vegan in history? that doesnt make any sense.. where would vegans who drink spring water get there b12 from in nature??? all you vegan doctors say we used to get b12 from our water but science suggests that we are supposed to get our b12 by eating animals since we dont have the digestive system for b12 producing bacteria to thrive? whats with all this trickery?

  42. "grains" is a super large group of species. There are probably some that are healthy and some that are unhealthy. rice is a grain, does that mean it's the same as corn or wheat? Also, old cultivars may have different effects from new cultivars. Furthermore, how you process these grains will have a big impact too. More research is needed – the studies you mention here aren't super convincing on their own.

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