69 thoughts on “Flashback Friday: The Problem with the Paleo Diet Argument

  1. Thanks Michael. Very good point regarding how recent the hunter gatherer era was in our evolutionary history, and how little effect it will have had on our evolution.

  2. The true paleo diet would be fast food. That's what a caveman would eat, and that's what the caveman inside your head wants you to eat. Calories.

  3. But but … non of the great apes eat a grain based diet. They eat fruit based diet plus some insects, eggs and occasional meat.

  4. Evolution is a myth. Darwin admites so himself. Please stop indoctrinating me with your uneducated world views. Unsubscribed

  5. ok, every diet has some disadvantages, but can someone tell what me what are negatives of being vegan.
    no way that there are none.

  6. Humans ate almost entirely plants until they moved to more marginal areas in the north. This was a few tens of thousands of years ago, not two million.

  7. 2 million years? try 6000 years. the flood happened about 1000 years after creation, then the Sumerians first appeared at 3100 B.C. There is zero historical record older than that date. No don't, I already know what you're going to say and trust me, I already have a scientific answer lined up.

  8. When you keep repeating a lie it becomes the truth.. are people this gullible to believe in evolution? I agree in plant based, but we were created.. was anyone there recording things to prove this science nonsense? So the human DNA evolved, yeah ok.. We were created by our creator..

  9. The 90 percent you talk about is when we were hanging from trees tho.
    How about focusing on when we became bipedal, and our digestive tract changed, our rib cage became smaller to accommodate our growing sized brains.
    You know, when we evolved to be more like what we are today…

    Doesn't fit with the narrative, does it.

  10. Yo! Dr bobble wobble, emm errr, emm errr, emm errrrr. Can you please do more live video. It cracks me up seeing you try and string a coherent sentence together

  11. This video is Swiss cheese. Full of contradictions, misinformation and theory proposed as fact. Very dishonest and dangerous.

  12. I can't tell you how many times your voice in my head rings in unison with an argument against a friend, I'm like "what sir? You have a claim?! Well let's – put-it to-the test!"

  13. The evolutionary arguments don't yield any useful data.
    Tests on living patients yield useful data.

  14. That is what I always told my Paleo Friends. I want to get older than 30 years. And nobody really knows how much animal protein they had in their diets. I guess not much, because it was very hard to get .

  15. I have a question. Usually when a person stops eating animal products their blood test cholesterol goes down, but do the, already, clogged arteries get unclogged? Or is the damage too late to reverse? Thanks.

  16. NutritionFacts.org – Dr Greger, can you do a video on the studies done on the Leukocytosis that occurs when we eat cooked food or at least one about our consumption of Acrylamide (a known carcinogen) when we eat cooked starch? Here is something from the FDA about it. https://www.fda.gov/food/chemicals/acrylamide-questions-and-answers

  17. Arguments about nutrition in the deep past are ridiculous because everything has changed and the trait that has made humans at the top of the food chain is their adaptability. We appear to be low meat omnivores. A full fledged carnivore diet isn't even possible for our numbers. Japan has the highest lifespan of modern societies and the highest number of centenarians. They did a meat protein study and guess what? The centenarians had a higher than the average Japanese amount of meat protein in their blood. Measured protein. They followed a group of healthy people between the ages of 60 and 70 and the survivors had a higher amount of meat protein in their blood than the group at the beginning, meaning the low meat protein ones died in higher numbers.
    We seem to do just fine on a reasonable amount of meat, approx 10 to 20 percent of the diet. The longest living group in the world are the SDA of Loma Linda, Ca. and the centenarians get about 10 percent of their calories from dairy and 5 percent from eggs.

    Veganism is a healthy diet, but we're a long way from proving it's the healthiest. Dr. Ornish's diet was only a part of the regimen to reduce heart disease and we know them all. Reduce stress, get a reasonable amount of exercise, and eat a healthy balanced diet. Nothing was proven about diet.
    We just hear these constant conclusions that are not provable based on sketchy data. The main reason vegans look good is because their average bmi is lower and bmi is a very strong indicator of life expectancy. If you need self delusion, fine, but that's all it is. Some type of mostly plant diet with low stress and moderate exercise, along with a normal bmi will get you your longest lifespan barring accident or whatever.

  18. You cite Cohen (1989) to support the myth that hunter-gatherer life was short. But the way life expectancy was calculated was by taking into account high infant mortality rates. So if you lived to 15, you could expect to live to 65. This obvious falsehood puts your entire thesis into question

  19. This is the better argument against paleo diet. I'm vegan, but the question is: why people (and I include myself) sometimes seem to want some animal products. Since I've become vegan, I've never broke my determination, but sometimes I scarve for some animal products, and I don't know if it is cultural of genetic.

  20. This is such a simple explanation for why a population which suddenly finds itself living longer due to a lack of natural predators, and better sanitation, would suddenly start dying from a disease that never really affected it before. A disease that takes about 4-6 decades to really start showing itself. It seems so clear, and yet there is so much confusion around it.

  21. There you go again with this evolution nonsense……Listen, regardless of the evolution nonsense, its been proven that we are designed to eat plants…..and that the system has been set up to provide plentiful nourishment for us with the HUGE variety of different edible plants….and we have GOD to thank for this and NOT evolution …..and even YOU note that our "supposed" ancestors are STILL 90% plant based eaters and have not "EVOLVED" into meat eaters…..so if you understand just how silly you sound talking about evolution….you need to understand that we didn't come from apes (ridiculous for such a learned person as yourself to say such nonsense) and that we have and will ALWAYS be whole food plant based eaters as we were designed to be just like some of the other animals have been designed as such….the whole meat eating system has been set up by Satanic beliefs of sacrificing and consuming a sentient lifeforms….and this was designed to destroy what God created….its a perversion of how he wanted us to live under our free will……animals were created to serve us and to maintain our world….however, I will say, perhaps the occasional fish protein is not that bad for us……anyway, I totally agree with your vegan premise…its the evolution nonsense you keep referring to that is quite frankly beyond stupid comments by you….we are designed to eat plants….there is NO evolution involved …and there is NO test for that…

  22. As an anthropology major I once wrote a 30 page paper for graduate credit on the Paleolithic diet. The dept. supplied me with replicas of molars. The wear clearly indicated they were eating a lot of pre-historic grains. The Paleo crowd buys in to the caveman cartoon idea, and it's not true. Hunting was likely a wintertime activity in the colder climes, but not the main source of subsistence. Why hunt when you can gather.

  23. I really like these videos where who is speaking is left to the imagination. I feel it highlights the information much better and helps me to focus on what is being said rather than who is saying it. Great research!

  24. My goal is to live as long and be as healthy possible, way past childbearing years, so a whole food vegan diet suits me well.

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  26. Well, if you are healthy you can eat what you want, it is a known fact that sugar, causes the cracks in the arteries, and cholesterol gets the blame for filling it in. You run on glucose, we run on fat, and we eat vegetables, but not the ones that have simple sugars. You can quote all the papers you want, but your way of eating, will not help a diabetic, although I will concede that some diabetics, maybe through their genes say they have been cured of T2, but even the diabetics association of America, recognize LCHF now.

  27. I had a convo.with the a popular figure in the paleo diet community, a few years ago. He did not know even basic answers to obvious questions about the rationale for the diet, or how to replicate it authentically, today. He even childishly ridiculed my correct use of a term, in favour of a popularly-misused term which, as you can imagine, made me even more skeptical.

    Myself, being an old lady who’s been around the block, and he, being a 20-something thinks-he-knows-it-all, I did my best to model mature responses and critical thinking, during our brief exchange. I was genuinely curious, and he was the one being interviewed as a kind of expert on the diet. I was respectful, and he even mentioned that, in his decision to respond to me, as he’d received his fair share of hostile correspondence.

    I came away not being particularly impressed, as he was “followed” by thousands (maybe millions) on social media, yet he didn’t seem to know anything about nutrition, agriculture, palaeontology (ironically), anthropology, etc. Actual science? Fugedaboudit. It was like he was a popular Instagrammer who adopted a Paleo diet, and developed a cult following, causing him to believe he was somehow uniquely qualified to lead. Every time I would see him mugging for Paleo in the media, I’d cringe, a little. Just a classic case of today’s society more fixated on style than substance. Science? What’s that got to do with nutrition?

  28. Our Ultra-Ancient Ancestors ate Plants hence hardly evolved for millions of years, too busy chewing than anything else :]

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