Foods To Eat On A Diet | My Mental Struggle With Dieting

Foods To Eat On A Diet | My Mental Struggle With Dieting

– Squats. Chest press. Squats. – Ian? What the hell is this, mate? – You’re right, Jonny. I’m just doing my upper
body lower body exercises. Like you said to do in the last video. – Not together! It’s a super set. You’re supposed to do your squats. – Are you sure?
– Then your chest press. Am I sure? Of course I’m sure, Ian. It’s my job. – All right, mate. I’m sorry.
– You know what, mate. – I thought I was doing it right. – You carry on. But at least you’re training. I can’t do this anymore. Carry on with it. – Squats. Chest press. – Good morning. I didn’t see you there. I’m actually running late for work so I’m going to jump on the train and then I’ll catch up
with you afterwards. And make sure you’ve subscribed. See you in a second. It is about 5:50 in the morning. I’ve been up since 4:45 and I’ve got two clients this morning so I’m travelling into the gym now. I have to get the first train at 5:15 when I have a morning client. The first train takes
me to central London. I do like it in London at this
time in the morning though. It’s super quiet. Besides you crazy person walking around like it’s a scene in the Walking Dead. It’s pretty nice at this
time in the morning. I’m not feeling too bad today. I didn’t wake up hungry, I slept pretty well. I’m actually feeling pretty good. But that’s because it’s only
been two days since my re feed so come from Friday, once it’s been five days since I re fed, I’m going to start to feel very hungry and the mornings become a lot harder. I’m pretty late. I’ve got to be at my
client in five minutes and this is a 10 minute walk. And I’ll catch up with you shortly. I was going to go to the gym and train back and
biceps after my clients, but truthfully I’m so hungry now. I said I was doing well earlier. I’m not doing so well now. So I’ve come home, I’ve got my Fresh Fitness Foods bag here. This is my meal prep, or at least about 70% of
my meal prep for the day. Breakfast for today. What do we got. High protein vanilla yoghourt, raspberry compote, almond
and buckwheat granola, micro mint, fresh and dried raspberries. What on Earth is micro mint? Honey, I shrunk the mint. It’s so funny. Breakfast is 540 calories. It’s looks like that. I’m pretty lucky to
have this at the moment. I must say thank you to my clients that use Fresh Fitness Foods
because I get a small little kickback every time
they use it and it means that every now and then
I get to have my food prepped for me which is awesome. It is week four of my mini diet. I’m 101.1 kilos. I have to be honest, I cheated on my diet a little bit over the weekend. I just let go a bit. One food led to another. So yeah, my weight is up a little bit. I felt a bit annoyed at myself. And I know people who’d
be watching this they’d be like John, you can’t
be annoyed at yourself. You’re in good shape. But I, like a lot of people, look at other people and
compare myself to them. I’m looking like people on Instagram like I can never be as lean as that. And the truth is most people are falsifying their photos anyway. And it’s not even most cases
how they actually look. And I know this, I know I
need to do better at it, and I’m trying, I’m working away at it, but I guess I just wanted to let you know that even if you are
watching this right now and you’re someone that compares
yourself to other people, you’re not alone. I do it as well and I’ve beaten myself up for it. I’m aware of it, and what do they say about addiction. The first stage to recovery is
acknowledging your addiction? Well I’m acknowledging the fact that I’m a bit body dysmorphic in this video. On a lighter note, I am
feeling better about the diet. Yesterday I reduced my
calories from 3,100 to to 2,900 to try and rump up this rate weight loss. I’m definitely hungry. I’ve got to have some food
before I go and train. Later on in the video, I’m going to give you
a full physique update. However for now I’ve got to go to the gym so I don’t have that much time. I also want to use today’s video to talk to you about certain
foods that I recommend whilst you’re on a fat loss diet, in order for a diet to be successful, you need to be consistent. And your food choices can
really impact your consistency. By that I mean you don’t want to be eating too many foods that
don’t have much volume. So foods that have a
massive caloric impact but don’t really provide you with a lot in terms of grammes or satiety so they don’t make you feel very full. I’m going to eat this. I’m going to drink this coffee, I’m going to reply to some emails. And then I’m going to go to the gym. And then I want to catch
up with you after the gym to go through a little physique update and show you where I am in
week four of my mini diet. There it is. Hi. I’m going to do a quick physique update now before I have some
food and then we can talk a bit more about some of the foods that I like to eat while I’m dieting. This is the week four physique update. It’s Friday. Last time we spoke was Tuesday. And I was just editing this
video that you’ve just watched and my mood is drastically different to how it was on Tuesday. I guess it’s brought on by
being in a energy deficit. I’ve got a bit of a cold as well which isn’t helping the situation. I’m a little bit sleep deprived. And the last few days have been difficult in terms of my diet. I’ve wanted to cheat on
the diet most of the days. I pushed it up slightly
by 150 calories yesterday. So I’m not feeling too great. This is also due to the fact I’ve been getting on the scales this week and my weight hasn’t been changing. But I’m starving, I’m
tired and I’m hungry, but my weight isn’t changing and I’m fixating so much on those scales and not seeing it change
that it’s getting me down. But it’s funny because this is something that I encourage people to
avoid as much as possible. Obsessing over their weight or the numbers and trying just to look at physically how they looking, are they changing. And obviously I’m changing. I’ve just edited that physique update. There is change and I’m getting leaner. But I’m still having some
mental difficulties with the scales and it’s
getting to me a little bit. Now the segment I want to share with you before we finish this video
is about some of the foods that have really helped me
whilst I’ve been dieting. There are some really nice combinations that will make you feel fuller, won’t provide you with too many calories. And there’s also nice little snack or sweet treat that you
could try in the evenings. Let’s have a look at
some of those foods now and I’m going to do it all with a nice big diet smile on my face. We’ve got a pretty good variety
of things going on here. Loads of nutrition from these, from the fruit, the berries
and the strawberries. Kale, we’ll get into that shortly. We’ve got some seasonings, some low-cal spray. Some great veg here. Sesame seeds as well which are great especially for great hair. Rice puffs. They’re not low on carbohydrates, but they’re certainly low on added sugar. I have some just here. I feel like I should check that just to make sure I’m not making this stuff up. Ingredients whole grain brown rice. It’s just brown rice. Of course it’s brown rice. It’s called puffed rice. I mean, Johnny, the clue is in the name. I guess you never know these
days the amount of additives that go into these foods. So in front of me are some of the foods that I like to have in my
kitchen whilst I’m on a diet. I actually like to have these
in my kitchen all year round. These ingredients when
combined can make some really delicious low calorie meals
or side to a main meal. For example, the white cabbage
combined with the onion, pepper, apple, lime and sesame seeds make a great slaw. I like to combine them
with some fish sauce and rice vinegar which you can pick up in typical Asian supermarkets. And the great thing about making a slaw is that you will create with
those ingredients a huge amount of food that will only be
around 100 to 120 calories. You could make it last
over two or three days. And the best thing
about that is over time, the apple sweetens up even more
and it becomes so delicious. Second up we’ve got my go to evening snack which at the moment is a
combination of simply plain Alpro which is a really great
low calorie yoghourt with rice puffs that
I spoke about earlier. Great thing about those are
there are no added sugar. Berries, I like to use blueberries and strawberries at the moment. And it’s so difficult to go
up on you calor with those. And also I like to add some sugar free low calorie syrup from my protein. That’s the maple flavour. I highly recommend the maple
flavour over anything else. I’ve tried them all and
that’s the best one. I go easy on that as well
because it is highly manufactured so I don’t wanna have too much of that. That is a really great low calorie option that’s going to help you and your sugar cravings
that you might be getting. Finally, roasted kale. So this bag of kale is 200 grammes. It’s incredibly cheap that’s why I think that was about 75 p. I roast the kale with a couple sprays of low calorie olive oil spray and then use some garlic
grounds jar that we have that has chilly flakes in,
thyme, oregano, sea salt. I roast that up and the whole
thing is just 58 calories. Just look at the sheer size of it. That’s just 58 calories. And that’s already going to start to make you feel pretty full. And it’s quite delicious roasted. Gets a bit crispy, I turn
it every five to ten minutes to make sure you don’t just get a really crispy top and
a kind of soggy bottom. So I turn it throughout making it crispy all the way through. And it’s really delicious and
still relatively nutritious. I hope you enjoyed today’s video. I hope you found some of
it useful in some way. The ultimate goal of my channel is to try and help one
or two people per day so I hope I helped you today. As always, please subscribe to my channel. If you haven’t, make sure you
turn on the bell notification so you don’t miss out on any
more future content from me. If you liked this video,
give it a thumbs up. Throw me a comment below. I’d like to hear from you. And as always. Can I reach my camera. I’ll see you on the next video. Bye bye.

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