Free Live Tv, Movies, Music And Urban Content – Best APP for Urban Content and Free TV| Get Da Strap

Free Live Tv, Movies, Music And Urban Content – Best APP for Urban Content and Free TV| Get Da Strap

strong okay because we’ve given our kids where did he freeze are you finished
I can’t wait to see what kind of update you make to your ceremony Arad fields
Jordan’s good YouTube in a building with your uncle Monty Python we’re talking
about how can you get the best urban content plus live streaming TV plus
getting bills plus get a great working version of terrarium well we’ve got an
app for you called getting strapped done by my man the king ain’t talking about
the King of the South Tia I’m talking about the king a DVD DVD King shout out
to him and Audra Mayfield we’re going to show you how to get it
right now so you can get streaming with great urban content in this video what’s good my peeps like I said we’re
doing our urban video and before we do that y’all know we got to put on these
plus seven glasses of the sexiest he’ll work on skilling this craft bringing you
a better YouTube experience something better to look at sponsors are my video
for those are you looking for great IPTV quality limited buffering great streams
good for all your sports check out HDI PTV scrolling across the screen and for
those of you that are still trying to get a BP in to block cable companies
dropping you check out ipvanish in my video description link and let’s jump on
into this one now you’re gonna want to stay to the end I’m going to show you
the app but there are a few steps you’re gonna have to go through if you’re
running a fire TV stick it’s much easier if you have an Android device and one of
those great REI remotes but a lot of us are doing fire stick so let’s click in
it gets trapped make me think about 50 cent on power he got his strap and he
got his ass beat down didn’t it alright so then we get here okay just gives you
the little disclaimer and when you get here ladies and gentlemen
I love his layout he’s put a lot of time into this particular app now I’ve got
mouse toggle because you have to use that if you don’t have one of those
remotes and I will show you how to get that at the end of this video so if
you’ve already got mouse tubs you know it’s a simple double-click on your play
button and there’s your toggle and you can scroll through all the various thing
he’s got a good chat he’s got real talk interviews he’s got his social media
he’s got music a lot of these apps don’t have news so lets clicking this one see
what he’s working with you got hip-hop videos hip-hop Awards rap battles
everything that you want to get in terms of your urban content will escape out of
this particular blocks and if you want to scroll down to see more of this you
need to escape out of your mouth toggle mode so just keep clicking down and
there to get you down to the bottom he’s got horror movies he
you can subscribe to his YouTube channel and if you want to make a donation to
them you can here or either one of these links
y’all know developers don’t get a lot of payment nor do they get recognition
because they don’t want to be on Front Street yeah I know how things is going
down right now and then we’ll scroll on over here so I
can show you guys how well this terrarium is working then I’ll show you
how to get it he’s got what’s in theater he also has
what’s in HD let’s click on the theater alright let’s
check out pepper a man sues me predator by the way if you ain’t see white boy
Rick good movie check that one out I might be doing a review on it if you
guys let me know in the comment section are you still rockin with me on my movie
reviews so there’s a theater copy damn you escaped on out of that quit and let
me go over here and show you guys the HD movie version pretty much everything
that you would normally see from terrarium and will click on fallen
Kingdom Jurassic world which was another good movie just to show you guys how
well his stuff is working he keeps it updated and if you’re finding me for the
first time please subscribe to this channel click the notification bells so
your dad every time to drop these like game video there it is just like that
that fast now that’s escaping out of there and
ladies and gentlemen it’s just that easy he’s got a movie world that has nothing
to do with terrarium that gets you a lot of good movies some and theatres with HD
quality I’m gonna show you how to get it right now so you can start enjoying the
urban King the DVD King the man himself so if you’re running a fire TV stick all
you got to do is come here to where it says search and I want you to input
downloader and what’s going to pop up is this app right here download it you go
ahead and install it now if you don’t want this for the first time you’re
gonna need to come to settings before you do all of that you’re gonna come
over here to my fire TV that’s what it looks like it used to say devices they
changed it because they’re getting ready to drop a new fire stick
you go to developer options turn on a to be buggy turn on apps from unknown
sources yep you want to turn it on both of those need to be on then you go ahead
and download downloader and we’ll meet at the home screen next so in here
you’re going to need a code to get a URL and you we’re not gonna have to use file
link this time I like when you have to remove step so that you people can get
this stuff quicker so you’re going to come in here and in there you’re gonna
want to input because I’ve got it saved in my favorites already you want to
input misfits mods dot-com four slash apps its scrolling across the screen so
and you don’t got to worry about it it’s in the video description link along with
all the great life games deals go ahead and put it in once you do you give it a
click ok now there are some other apps you have to get because DVDs Kings app
will not work unless you have Google Play services and a Google app store if
you just go ahead and download just get the strap app alone it’s not gonna open
so the first two things I want you to come down here and download and they’re
all in sequence ladies and gentlemen see this with Google Play Store for our TV
devices Google Play Fire TV apk download both of those you got to
have them and if you watch my video from yesterday you’ve already got it when I
showed you guys how you can jailbreak your fire stick so you don’t have to do
this again so if you’ve already got those you’re good to go
then I want you to scroll down here to where it says mouse toggle fire TV 2nd
gen go ahead and get it right here you can go ahead and download that too
you’re going to need that and we’re going to open it i’ma show you what
needs to be on in there and last but not least last but definitely not
is you get that strap and you strap it onto your fire device and you’re gonna
be good and it’s right here and he would simply click it and with all of these
you’ll click them and then you’re gonna drop down and install now the Google
Play services in the Google Play app those are going to take a hot minute
maybe a minute or two because those are pretty decent size files once you get
everything and you install everything I want you to click done at this section
go back here and click delete click delete do the same thing for every one
of these because you’ve got the app on your device once its installed you don’t
need this taking up more space and then enjoy some of the misfit Mart apps that
they got for you to make its name pretty easy and quick and then we’ll escape on
out of there so just come over here go back home and then you can escape out of
this app and at this point in time you should have get the strap Google Play
services Google Play Store and mouse toggle all of your device so we’re gonna
open mouths toggle because sometimes Mouse toggler you know sometimes you got
to warm these things up sometimes they get a little stuck
you gotta warm them up a little bit so with Mouse toggles it should the status
should be started if it’s not all you’re gonna want to do is just come over here
click that on and click back off and click that on click back off and wait
for this down here to say start it and ladies and gentlemen you’re done you’ve
got one of the best urban apks out there to get you the content you want plus
extra stuff plus the live TV plus the terrarium one-stop shopping
brought to you by DVD King shouts out to him and my boy Audrey Mayfield who did a
great video on how to get these things in troubleshooting and that’s gonna do
it for my video don’t forget to like my video please comment and subscribe go
get yourself a life game go get yourself that urban content and until that next
sexy as hell video we’ll see you you

31 thoughts on “Free Live Tv, Movies, Music And Urban Content – Best APP for Urban Content and Free TV| Get Da Strap

  1. Thanks for sharing this. I have been using it for some time. DVD King has put a lot of work into this. One thing however. He needs to make it a bit more user friendly. Right now it's hard to navigate the APK on my Shield without a mouse.

  2. Hey Lamont. I am getting an error message telling me that the page I am trying to reach is restricted. Can you help?

  3. i guess it not working for me on my fire tv device lol ive tried all mouse toggle and google play, google services its weird lol thats ok its like it tries to load get the strap then goes right back out of it

  4. I got the app to download and the toggle to work,but when press a movie to watch, It buffers for a second,stops buffering..but no movie shows up..can u tell me why it doesn't play?

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