Freeletics Nutrition: Catharina’s 15 Weeks Transformation

My 15 Weeks With Freeletics Training & Nutrition The turning point came when I was on vacation I saw some pictures of myself and my brother said “you’ve got really chubby” My new motto No excuses Time to train I trained whenever I could Wherever I could Today I tell myself one thing when I feel like giving up Keep going, don’t give up Stop thinking about it Keep going, keep going My cravings Christmas is always the hardest Gingerbread, homemade cookies and Chocolates I have something in my teeth, right? Time to change my nutrition That’s exactly the point It all comes down to what you eat You can continue to slave away and work out all the time But if you only eat crap and stuff yourself with junk food then you might as well just go and lie down on the couch The stronger me I could spend the whole day whining about how hard everything is that I just want to lie on the couch But I don’t Stop focusing on how stressed you are Start focusing on how blessed you are My results Look how loose that fits And I’ve already eaten breakfast! It used to be so tight WEEK 1 WEEK 4 WEEK 8 WEEK 11 WEEK 13 WEEK 15 I really didn’t want to go on a diet I wanted to change my lifestyle And that’s exactly what I did BEFORE AFTER

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