Full day of eating Keto | Easy Keto Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner | LCHF| Low Carb series- 1

Full day of eating Keto |  Easy Keto Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner | LCHF| Low Carb series- 1

So in this video you can see the full day of Keto food including morning Breakfast lunch dinner and snacks and this is especially suitable for working people. in my family I am trying Keto diet but rest of my family is Following the normal foods. so I’ll be cooking normal food for them But for me separately, I am cooking kept foods. So if you are trying to do keto diet if you are already following keto Stay tuned with me. And also other people who don’t follow keto diet I will be posting normal food videos for them So let’s start guys, so it’s early morning five clock and an hard-boiling couple of eggs which is very easy to do and then here I have taken organic coconut oil and to a non-stick pan. I’m adding one tablespoon of organic coconut oil And I’m making sure that is well coated with the pan And I’m adding about two to three cloves of garlic And I got this super leaf mix from Aldi It’s basically a mix of baby spinach and rocket leaves So I’m adding about two handful of these green leaves into the coconut oil Now mixing everything together and I recommend to use Himalayan pink salt But I couldn’t find at this moment so Im using normal salt a little bit Mixing everything around and I’m turning off the gas and I’m adding bit of crushed pepper on top so That’s all ready so here what I’m doing is I’m just Arranging Two hard-boiled eggs cut into two and the spinach leaves that be prepared earlier and on top of it I’m adding a little bit of mozzarella cheese to get more fat And then a little bit of herb is always good yeah So here are taken basil leaves and I am sprinkling. I’m not too sure where to put it. So Presentation is key. Right. So yeah, so here I’m cutting a little bit of base leaves on top of the egg and spinach So here we go that’s our easy breakfast Now on to the lunch here, I taken beef mince So you can use chicken mince or any other meats you like. so again onto the same pan I’m adding a tablespoon of coconut oil This is a nonstick pan from Teflon And then I’m adding a little bit of crushed garlic and Then here goes the 500 grams or half a kilo of beef mince And Make sure that you just break the whole meat chunks Into pieces and yeah, I found my Himalayan pink salt so how I’m adding a about a tablespoon of Himalayan pink salt into the Mince and I’m mixing everything together After that, I’m adding one tablespoon of coriander powder I like flavoring my dishes. So one tablespoon of coriander powder And then half a teaspoon of cayenne pepper or Kashmiri chilli We don’t want really hot spice in it because otherwise it will lose all the flavor for this specific dish So I used 1/2 a tea spoon of kashmiri chilli then 1/2 a teaspoon of cumin powder and mix everything together and make sure that the heat is on low as I always say because when we add spice powders into the meat There’s a high chance that the the powders get burned if the meat is if the flame is on high And then finally switch off the flame and add Little bit of crushed black pepper So our main dish for lunch is ready So mix everything together So to go with this beef mince here I’ve taken cauliflower rice like t.There is cauliflower rice recipe videos is in my channel so I am Linking that in the description below and you can find it here on top of this video so you can make the homemade homemade Cauliflower rice, but today I’m running late. So I got this package from Aldi and I’m just steaming it up It takes actually alright, it tastes good but when I check the carbs in it ,it’s about 13 grams per serving so Keep that in mind cauliflower rice So to assemble a Presentation is key. I’m putting a little bit of cauliflower rice, and I’m topping it with some cheddar block You can use in cheese of your choice I like cheddar and then so I’m topping it with some cheddar and a little bit of chili and it really worked guys when I Microwaved it for lunch. So the cheese got melted a little bit on top of the cauliflower and it was so tasty And guys know now we are ready for Dinner, so when I came here I checked my cup board. I found some coconut flour some LSA mix. Here I have taken 1 cup of coconut flour And quarter cup of LSA mix And then into that I’m adding a little bit of Himalayan pink salt And then I’m adding quarter cup of hot water to mix everything in And guys I’m just making that in to little balls with hands That’s ready to go And I as usual you know if are following keto, it’s really hard to substitute The wheat flour or the plain flour with this almond flour and coconut flour So we need to use the parchment paper to get out from the stickiness So on top of the parchment paper, I’m putting these These LSA coconut flour mix And then I’m just pressing it with hands and On top of that. I’m putting another parchment paper and with the back of the measuring cup. I’m just flattening it up And it’s almost ready but if you want to roll it . I couldn’t find a rolling pin so I just used The cling wrap So, yeah, it’s ready to go and Then just shape up with using the edge of a knife and you can either bake it or You can actually fry that in oil or butter. So here I here I sprayed a little bit of oil and then I baked it at 200 degrees Celsius for 20 minutes and here we go. So I just assembled a little bit of beef mince left over On top of this coconut bread and then I added a and I topped it with one avocado and a Little bit of Thai chili to get a kick and If you couldif you are like me, you can add a little bit of lemon fresh squeezed lemon juice To enhance the flavor. So here we go guys Dinner is ready So pretty isn’t it? And if you want to add a little bit more fat add Olive oil if you like mmm tada So easy dinner is ready. So this is the dinner so so we had mainly eggs for breakfast beef mince for Lunch and then dinner we got this leftover mince and we’re coconut bread with avocado so easy to make So for snacking I got This beef jerky from Aldi. So I Took a couple of beef jerkies from it and then about six to eight almonds Hope you like this video see you in the next video Stay tuned and let me know if you want to see more keto videos or if you enjoyed this video So ho see in the video. Bye

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