Full Day of Eating on Prep | Regan Grimes | 3100 Calories

Full Day of Eating on Prep | Regan Grimes | 3100 Calories

what’s up muscle & strength it’s Regan
Grimes here and we’re back at it again with another full day of eating video
but this time we’re on prep all right so this is meal number one
we’ve got 60 grams of cream of rice for a carb source for our protein we’ve got
four ounces of chicken and two whole eggs alright guys so meal number two I’ve got
six ounces of chicken and 125 grams of rice and we’re gonna dig in some times on
my chicken a rice I throw the pancake syrup all over it yeah I’m just kidding
gotcha my little helpers here every meal
they’re the best cuz they’re not vocal about it like I couldn’t care less that
they sit here and do this hey all right it’s time for meal three here
we’ve got very exciting it’s almost like the last meal six ounces of chicken 125
grams of white rice alright guys so what we have here is meals four
and five pre-workout post-workout six ounces of chicken each and 200 grams of
white rice that’s white rice cooked all right guys we are here in London Ontario
at the barbershop time to get this cleaned up because this is looking a
little bit scruffy you’re the best East Town Barbers
Chelsea got meal number four here this is gonna be my pre-workout meal and it’s
got the 200 grams of white rice and 6 ounces of chicken deliciousness meal number five guys very different
meal from the previous ones we’ve got six ounces of chicken and 200 grams of
white rice it is a little bit different I get an apple deliciousness I’m a pro
knee driver alright guys so I got to get a few
groceries and then we’re gonna finish off this full day of eating it takes a
while it takes the whole day actually all right guys it is time for the final
meal of the day and it is not the same as all the other meals I’ve had today it
is a little bit different we are having salmon so a fatty protein source and
then also I do get a little bit of carbs 8-ounce salmon 125 grams of white rice alright guys that’s a wrap for the full
day of eating video during prep I hope you guys enjoyed that video and thanks
for watching make sure you subscribe below check you next time

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  2. God damn y'all must be really strict with diet when in comp . I suppose when y'all not in comp y'all probably have a junk (eat anything)day once a week .

    Thanks for sharing bro !

  3. Wondering what your full day Roid stack looks like. Everyone will show what they eat but not what they are injecting. Hahahaha.

  4. Lol someone should show this guy where the vegetables are. A diet of meat and carbs will just give you a heart attack when your 55 years old. Sure looks healthy on outside but inside isn’t. That’s science

  5. Waiting for the day when body builders come on and say full day of protocol😁😁😁😁😁😁 that be a scene to watch

  6. Cholesterol has joined the chat….
    Sodium has joined the chat….
    Insurance has joined the chat…..
    Vegetables has left the chat…..
    Water has left the chat…..
    Fibre has left the chat…..

  7. So these bodybuilding meal videos have been around since late 90's, and apart from the changing faces eating the meal over the years, everything else is exactly the same. So why do we still need this repetition? PS. He must have a real well paying job to have such a nice house right?

  8. how come 200 g of white rice cooked has 69 calories ? Should be less right ? By the way I love full day of eating videos :))

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