Gundry – How To Lose Stomach Fat Naturally – Lose Tummy Fat Diet

Gundry – How To Lose Stomach Fat Naturally – Lose Tummy Fat Diet

Hello! Dr. Urban here continuing my series
on gut health issues as they pertain to particular medical problems you may have.
You may or may not have heard of the metabolic syndrome which is a collection of what
scientists call risk factors. You may have heard of some of these risk factors;
obesity, elevated blood sugar, elevated blood pressure and on it goes. But I want
to talk about one of these risk factors, that is, belly or stomach fat. Over the weekend I
was attending some games. A man came up to me and as he sidled up, I noticed
that he looked in pretty good shape. He was probably 60 and he was in good shape
except for he had a moderate collection of belly fat. The tummy fat I got me to thinking.
What does that mean? The meaning is that if you have belly fat,
you have at least one of the risk factors for metabolic syndrome and in my
opinion you probably have other factors lurking under your skin. You just don’t know.
It might be pre diabetes e.g. What is going on? When you see yourself or someone with a belly fat, you
have a fat storage problem. Stop right there.
It’s not about exercise or a certain pill. All these things can help.
Reduced stress, taking Garcinia supplements, maybe a little cinnamon for blood sugar. These
are attempts to change the situation, but belly fat is a fat storage
problem. So when you look at someone that’s healthy like a fifteen-year-old
kid with belly fat, they have a fat storage problem and they may well be on
their way to other health issues. So what do we do about it? Going back to the
metabolic syndrome – there is a unifying principle that’s brand-new.
It is by Dr. Stephen Gundry. In his
book, “The Plant Paradox, Dr. Gundry presents a collection of strategies and a plan to
break you free from many of these common conditions. “The Plant Paradox” is
a book. You can get it on Amazon. I have a link in the description
below. So what is the message? The message is that belly fat, isolated or not, is a
problem. It’s a fat storage problem. The individual may have other problems associated with
it. You could well be developing these other problems. Get
on it early and follow “The Plant Paradox” program as I am doing. People are
getting great responses. It’s a breakthrough scientifically and it’s
revolutionary in the diet realm. In the description below is a link to t”The Plant Paradox. There’s a second link to the website. My website is called There’s an “e” on at the end of the microbiome. You can see
all the videos that I’ve collected to date. That’s it for this video Do subscribe to my channel as other health
videos are coming. Take a look at my other videos. Get Dr. Gundry’s book.
Start looking around. You may be thinking you’re treating belly fat with
exercises and you are, but you wonder why things fail and things are very
difficult to treat and why you hit a wall with certain treatment strategies?
“The Plant Paradox” spells it out for you. I wish you well. g Get the book. Always look
in the description below for updates that I might add. I might modify the
information. Wishing you the very best with the book. Dr. Urban

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  1. You just TALKED.. But told us NOTHING about HOW 2 LOOSE the weight. 👊👊u use 1 Dr's name to sell YOUR crap. I got more stomach fat from listening to your 💩👎

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