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What’s up fittest family this is Nikhil Nautiyal & welcome back to my channel. Friends you must be knowing that in the month of May I made a video about bodytype on my channel. With which if you don’t know your bodytype- so with the help of that video you could know your bodytype. Now, first of all if you’re a new viewer and don’t know about your bodytype, then you can pause this video right here and watch this video first and know you bodytype. People who already know about their bodytype they can continue this video. Now at the end of that video I asked you guys to comment your bodytype along with your name and whichever bodytype will reoccur most we will launch a new program dedicated to them. Now, I’m very happy to announce that the most commented bodytype was Ectomorph. That means we are launching-Program Ectomorph/Hardgainers and in this program we will cover all those things that what is an ectomorph, what is a hardgainer? What problems do they face? & How can we find the solutions for those problems? All these things will be covered in this program. And the most interesting part is that this program is absolutely free for you guys. So, all you have to do is to subscribe this channel and press the notification bell icon so that you don’t miss the upcoming videos related to this program. So make sure to subscribe to the channel & press the notification bell icon. Now, most of you guys must be knowing that Ectomorphs or Hardgainers faces biggest problem of weight gain & muscle building. So through this program, we will not only help you in gaining weight & building muscles but we will also tell you How to workout? Which exercise to follow? How many reps? How many sets? & which body part workout on which day? This was for workout. There will be a separate video of full day of eating. Which supplements will help you information will be given for that too. So, that means, this program has full fledged A-Z complete information. Also friends, 1 question has been asked many times-that whether my designed program are only for males? So, let me tell you-that this is not the case. All my designed programs are for both males & females. And now, just let me give you the program overview. So, I have divided this program into 3 parts on the basis of frequency. That means- how many times in a week you guys goes to the gym. Starting from 3-5 days/week. So, lets talk about the people who goes to or can go the gym for 3 days in a week. So, friends if you’re one of them who can go to the gym for only 3 days in a week, your workout program could be like this. Starting from-on Monday, you can train your legs plus some cardio. We can rest on Tuesday. On Wednesday we can do a push workout in which we will train our chest, shoulder & triceps and we will finish our workout with some cardio. Thursday again will be our rest day. On Friday, we will do a pull workout in which we will train our back muscles, traps muscles & biceps muscles and we will finish this workout again with some cardio. Saturday, Sunday will be our rest day. Now, in this workout program, if you can go 3 days/week, then you can change 2 things starting from-eg.- if you don’t want to train on Monday, Wednesday & Friday, then you can train on Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday. That means you can firstly change your workout days Secondly, you can shuffle/interchange your workout eg.- if you don’t want to train legs on Monday, then you either do your push workout or pull workout. So, here we can change our days as well as we can shuffle our workout. The choice is yours-that how you guys want to follow. If you want, you can follow it as it is. So, guys, this was for the people who can go to the gym for only 3 days/week. Let’s talk about the 4-day frequency. Now, people who can go to the gym for 4-days in a week, their workout program can loo like this starting from-on Monday, we can train our legs + some cardio on Tuesday, we will do our push workout-in which we will train our chest, triceps & shoulders + some cardio. On Wednesday, we do our pull workout in which we will train back, traps & biceps + some cardio. Thursday will be our rest day. On Friday, we will again train our legs muscles + some cardio. This cardio will be optional. If you want to do 1 more cardio session, then you can do it if not, then no need. This is optional. And Saturday & Sunday will be our rest days. Now, in this program you must have noticed that we are training our legs muscles twice. Reason being-people who are ectomorph or Hardgainers, it takes too much effort in developing their lower their lower body as compared to upper body. Especially the calfs muscles in the lower body, it is very difficult to develop them for ectomorphs. So that’s why in 4-day frequency. I’ve introduced 2 sessions of legs. Also make sure that your 2 legs sessions must in clued min 48-72 hours gap in between. And this was for people who can go to gym for 4 days in a week let’s talk about the people who can go 5 days in a week. Now, people who can go 5 days/week to the gym, their workout program could look something like this. Starting from Monday, we can do legs + cardio, Tuesday, we can do push workout + cardio. On Wednesday, we can do pull workout + cardio. Thursday will be rest day. On Friday, you will again do legs + cardio again this cardio will be optional. On Saturday, now we are doing chest + back and Sunday will be our rest day. Now, in this workout schedule you must have noticed that your chest & back training has been repeated and now we are going to train them together. Reason being chest & back are 2 major muscle groups which requires more training for their maximum growth. So, I would recommend that you guys should not do any changes in 5-day frequency chart, & follow it as it is. Now, because I love you guys so much, so much, so here is one bonus for you. people who go 6 days in a week to the gym, how their workout schedules looks like, let’s see that. Now, if you guys, go to the gym for 6 days in a week, then your workout schedule should be like this starting from, on Monday, you can train your legs + some cardio, on Tuesday, you can do push workout + some cardio. On Wednesday, you can do pull workout + some cardio. Thursday, again will be legs day. Friday, again will be push day. Saturday, again will be pull workout and Sunday will be your rest day. Now, in this workout schedule you can notice that we are following- legs, push, pull, legs, push, pull split. If you want, you can shuffle this workout schedule-starting from push, pull, legs. Push, pull, legs, whichever you feel feasible to you. You can shuffle it as per your priority. But I must tell you that to follow 6-day frequency, it requires too much dedication & consistency. It requires too much discipline. So, if you guys are experienced, then only I would recommend you guys to follow this split. Also, if you guys have been training for almost 1 and a half years, you understand the training principles then only I would recommend you guys, to follow this split because, if you’re not aware of the basic concepts of fitness, and you forcefully places this much stress on your body, then it might be possible that this workout could place a negative impact on your body until & unless your diet is on point, your sleeping patterns are good and your lifestyle is healthy too. Then only, this split will benefit you. Now, that we know about the frequency of our workout program. So, we will begin our program from 3-day frequency & take it till 6-day frequency. And just like in my previous video I shared some important tips for Hardgainers and Ectomorph. So first of all if you haven’t watched that video, then you can click here to watch that video. Apart from this, in my upcoming video you will get a Full Day of Eating video + a video on important supplements guide. So, that was my video for today. Now, I will see you in my next video with the information regarding important supplement guide for hardgainers. And guys, if you find this video helpful, then make sure to like this video, share this video with your friends & family. ,if they are also facing the same weight gain & muscle building problems. Make sure, you subscribe to the channel for more useful video like this & press the notification bell icon too so that whenever I upload the next video, you guys won’t miss it. And people who are interested in online personal training, they can mail me at [email protected] And if you guys haven’t followed me on Instagram, then do follow. Username is Nikhil Nautiyal and the link is available in the description box. So, do follow. And that’s all for today. So alright then till then stay tuned to Nikhil Nautiyal fitness & I will see you next time. Till then “STAY HEALTHY” Guys 🔥🔥

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