Healthier KFC Zinger Burger – 3 ways!

Healthier KFC Zinger Burger – 3 ways!

36 thoughts on “Healthier KFC Zinger Burger – 3 ways!

  1. If you'd like to give this recipe a try, head here for the method and ingredients for the 3 different options I absolutely loved this!

  2. But Barry it can’t be a true KFC Zinger burger as their are only a few people In the world that know what’s in the KFC herbs and spices coating…..

  3. Hi Barry! Can you please make a collaboration with fellow uk YouTuber @Beardmeatsfood? You guys make the giant something something, beard eats it all moahahaha. Greetings and love from Sweden!

  4. Shroooms! This is an really nice 'n tasty idea to use those big boys instead of drying or make a soup out of it! Cool video, thanks!

  5. Am well up for trying the mushrooms one, I find that I am eating WAY TO MUCH bead No joke I Could sit and have toast for breakfast, lunch and tea #, so yeah I think it's about time I find new ways to eat my chicken burgers, Just thought what about Two chicken burgers with a mushrooms in the middle with some cheese on top of it that would be nice more chicken mmm

  6. We have a SMEG oven and used the same pyrotechnic setting and the glass door exploded. I'm lucky I didn't get hit. It's so scary!

  7. My choice would have been the lettuce one, but I would have used double the lettuce. I've been afraid to use the self cleaning mode in my oven and now for sure I'm not going to use it.

  8. Barry, greetings from Manchester, NH, USA! I want to get your silicone baking mats but I can't find them anywhere. Can they be purchased? Thank you!

  9. I’ve never thought of using mushrooms as a “bun” that’s awesome. I’m with you as I really do like mushrooms, I would make a pun and say I’m a fungi, but I won’t do it, I’ll let you do the bad puns 😉 much love and respect but the recipe looks awesome and I will try it. Thank you.

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