Healthy Breakfast Recipes Kids Will Love (WJW)

Healthy Breakfast Recipes Kids Will Love (WJW)

♪ The teacher is teaching
the golden rules. ♪ – All right, welcome back. So we know it’s such
an important week now, almost every kid is back in school. And we know that breakfast
is the most important meal of the day and that
goes definitely, especially for our kiddos as they have
to be in school and study. As we head back to school
we thought we’d get some healthy breakfasts ideas that you can turn to quickly to feed your sleepyheads. Danielle Dimengo is a dietician with Akron children’s hospital and
we hired you for this job, because you are the best when it comes too stuff like this, it’s super healthy stuff
– Thank you. – that can be fast
because we know the kids, they are hard to drag out of bed. There might be last minute homework. Always a catastrophe in the morning and then they get on the bus
– Exactly. and they don’t eat.
– Exactly. And these are even ideas
that you can make the night before just set aside several minutes. 30 minutes at the most and we don’t wanna skip out on breakfast, it really is the
– Important. – Most important meal of the day. – Before we start, lets start the toaster. – Yes. – So then we’ll come back down to this. So we’re just gonna put a piece of toast, a piece of bread and a waffle in there. – A wholewheat waffle. – A wholewheat waffle. Okay while that’s going. We’re gonna do this. – Okay, so the first recipe I have here, are egg muffins and when you’re looking at breakfast choices you want to make sure that you have protein there, as well as a healthy carbohydrate. So in the form of a fruit or a wholegrain high fiber food choice to keep you full. So I have egg muffins here, and I made them right
here in a muffin tin. – So you just sprayed it, you didn’t have to use the little – I sprayed it down.
paper cups. – You can but you wanna make
sure that their parchment not paper. – O, okay.
– They will stick. I learned the hard way on that one. – Okay, All right. – So I put …
– So these look great, how’d you do that?
– Broccoli and cheese. So whipped up it’s 12 eggs and you whip that up and
you mix in your vegetables and some cheese, put it in the oven for 30 minutes. I paired some fruit
– Okay. – on the side, because
we do have our protein, but we want some carbohydrates too.
– I don’t know if you can see this, but that is just
absolutely adorable. Look how cute. – It’s so important to have fun with food, especially when you are making dishes for kids, so you wanna …
– And look how cute this is. You make like just a little
– Yeah. – Like a palm tree.
– Yes. – That was a suggestion from
– Adorable. – From one of my patients. I love that. – So you set that up,
they’re gonna eat it. – Yes. – While their running
around trying to get ready. – Absolutely. – Talk about these, these
really pack a very healthy powerful punch.
– Yes, and these are no bake. They’re peanut butter, oatmeal, protein balls, So it’s just oats. Some ground wall nuts. I put some honey in there, vanilla and you gonna roll them up and you’re gonna freeze them for at least an hour, I left them
overnight in the freezer. I made them last night and
then they’re ready to go. – Perfect, instead of
grabbing one of those … Uncrustables or something like that. That’s super healthy.
– You control the ingredients. – They can eat it, right. You control the ingredients.
– Yup. – Lets talk about breads and wheat’s and whole grains,
– Yes – And all of that.
– So we have the toast in the toaster here. A couple of recommendations I have. You wanna go with a 100% wholewheat or wholegrain.
– Okay. – Those are interchangeable
and if it doesn’t say a 100% wholewheat, some key words to
look for on the ingredients, are one of the first ingredients should say wholewheat flour,
– Okay. – You also should see at least three grams of fiber per serving. – And your bread should be heavy. – Yes.
– It should be heavy. – Yes, then it’s filling. Fiber is filling, so you want that to get you through the day.
– Okay, white bread they just find a lot of stuff, it’s not really healthy. – Right, yup it is enriched.
– It can be bad for you. – So …
– Yes. – Okay, so we are going
to make these little cutie guys here, are these animals? How adorable.
– Yes. – Are these?
– So this is a wholewheat waffle and a piece of Dave’s killer bread. I love that brand, got
all the different seeds in there and whole grains. So, I sliced up some
– So cute. bananas for you and that
toast should be ready there. And I thought
– Okay. – We could make those up. – All right here, so here we go. – All right.
– So some of the choices. I prefer peanut butter.
– Okay. – That is a good mixture of
healthy fats and proteins. The kids love the Nutella, but that is gonna be lower in protein, higher in sugar. So we don’t really want
– Sure. – That combination. Same with cream cheese, not that it’s terrible, but it’s more gonna be fat based and not so much protein. Okay, so we’re gonna start our eyes. Christine Wayne are gonna come and help us make a healthy
– Yes. Happy meal.
– How are you? – And so if you can set this on. You guys are seeing it’s
taking me 30 seconds to do this.
– Really anytime. – (mumbling) one of those too. – How cute.
– And I even sliced those strawberries last night. You don’t have to worry
about them going brown. – Awesome.
– So moms we know you’re running around crazy too and there you go. – These good? Are these … – I made these over the weekend. – Did you?
– You did? – I haven’t cooked in years. And it’s no big.
– Yes. – And mine do not turnout like this. So maybe there’s too many
dry ingredients to the wet? – Maybe you do want to
make sure it’s really, it’s all moist and easy to roll up and … – Yeah. – We have all these great ideas on
– So good – On our Pinterest
– Isn’t this good? Page as well – Thank you also for,
you do such a great job. – Ah, thanks. – So, just thrill
– Enjoy. – your kids in the
morning. How cute, right. There you go. I did that in like five seconds, so .. – That’s perfection.
– (mumbling) – Edible, – Would you like it?
– Do you like it?

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  3. They dont seem like real parents themselves.. must have other people doing this stuff for their kids bcoz when u have fussy eater a palm tree or butterfly is an amusement but u cant make them eat food.As well who feed their kids that ammount of peanut butter on a slice

  4. Don't feed your youngsters junk food. The makers of that 'food' spend hours in a lab determining how addicting the so-called food will be by adding processed additives and chemicals. The body will crave it. Your child will not want anything prepared or healthy after a few tries of the garbage.

    Just a friendly warning to new parents. Don't just look at the huge pictures and phrases such as "LOW FAT" or "GLUTEN FREE!". Instead look at the ingredients. If it isn't an ingredient that you are familiar with, 99.9% of the time you shouldn't eat it. The acceptable amount of sugar according to the FDA is not acceptable. There is a reason why USA is #1 in the World for diabetes and heart disease. Good luck. It is tough in this country as we are just seen as walking '$ symbols'.

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