Healthy Diet Plans – 6 Easy Steps To Succeed At Weight Loss

Healthy Diet Plans – 6 Easy Steps To Succeed At Weight Loss

Hey guys! This is Heather from
So one of the questions I get ask most often is how to transition? How to get started?
How to put your plans in place? A lot of you know what it is you need to be doing in order
to eat healthier but actually getting started, laying out the path for you to follow, that’s
the hard part. So what I’ve done is out together some of
my best resources and articles from the site into a strategy for you to help you with whatever
it is your goal is. So whether its weight loss which I know it is for a lot of you or
whether it’s just getting more energy, these steps will help you achieve that. So I’m really excited for you guys to check
that out but before you get into it I wanted to talk first about your attitude towards
whatever it is your goal is. So if you think of weight loss, I think of that as a short
term goal and the long term goal would be the end result that you want to see. The benefit that you get from being lighter,
having more energy, able to do activities that you can’t do right now, being healthier,
feeling better, feeling more self confidence, those kinds of things are the benefits that
you get from losing weight and there are also the benefits that you get from eating healthier
even if you don’t need to lose weight. So if you reframe your attitude from trying
to cut things out and reframe it from that deprivation to really being excited about
creating health for yourself then that totally changes the game and it makes it so much more
fun. So I really hope that you guys can take a
minute and think about what is it you want out of life and how healthy eating is going
to get you there and that can really help motivate you to go through all of these things
because to be honest it’s not always the most fun especially when you see other people
not eating healthy you can start to think well why I am bothering. Just remember whatever it is that’s driving
you to be healthier and it can really really helps to make a list if you keep it somewhere
where you look very so often. Make a lot of all of those things you want for yourself
and then you can check in with them every so often and make sure you are on track. Alright, so I’ve got 6 things on my list,
they’re easy, don’t be scared, just 6 things will get you started and if you look
at all 6 of them, you can come up with a plan for yourself, a strategy, and that’s it’s
all about. If you want to reach a goal you have to have a plan, right? So number 1 is to look at my food diary template
and start keeping track of what you eat and how it makes you feel. So a lot of people
food diary and they keep track of what they eat and it keeps you accountable and that’s
great but I want you to take it one step further and I’ve put in on my food diary places
where you can track, how your sleep quality is? How much energy you have through the day?
What your mood is like? How your digestion went? And that can help you start to see connections
between what you’re eating and how you feel and I find that is the biggest motivator for
keeping on with healthy eating is seeing how awesome you can really feel and seeing the
effects of bad food when you eat them, seeing how that effects your energy levels can really
keep you from indulging too often. Number 2 is to check out the calorie calculator
on my site. It will help you figure out how much you should be eating base on your age,
height, weight, gender, and activity level. You need to take all those things into account
and it is only an estimate so take it with a grain of salt but it should help you if
your trying to lose weight especially this can be important just to give you a general
guideline of how much you should be eating. I don’t want you to take it seriously, people
usually got caught up in tracking calories too intensely so that’s not what I am encouraging
but it is helpful if you’ve gotten out of touch on how much you should be eating all
through the day so check that out. Figuring out healthy portion sizes is something
that had gotten really really difficult these days with huge restaurant portions so I have
an article about how to judge healthy portion sizes and how to figure out what proportion
of your diet you should beating from all of the different food group so that is the next
step. That should put you pretty much in touch with
how much you should be taking in through the calories and the portion sizes and then what
you need to do is go and get some healthy food so you can check out my healthy grocery
list. It has all the foods that I keep in my kitchen, what you want to do is just clear
all of the junk out of your kitchen and fill it up with really healthy foods. Reduces the
temptation! Step number 5 is to figure out what you want
to make during the day which I know is sometimes an issue for you guys as to what you think
you should be eating in certain times of the day and you are always asking me what I eat
so the average day that I put together shows you what I eat on a regular basis and that
can hep you figure out what kinds of meal you should be planning for yourself. Alright, last step number 6 is to figure out
how to cook all those healthy foods so I made a list of the 5 best healthy foods that you
should be eating and ways to make them in a way that taste good. I put some recipes
for you guys in as well so try it out so check that out. So, all of these I put together for you guys
on my site, I’ll put a link under this video, if your already
on the page just scroll down and you will see all of the links to the things that I
mention and you can get started, get excited, figure out why you want to do this though. That’s one of the most important things,
get yourself focus on the positive benefits that you’re gonna see in your life and it
will make it so so much easier. So I hope you guys have fun with it, let me know what
you think and I will see you guys next time.

8 thoughts on “Healthy Diet Plans – 6 Easy Steps To Succeed At Weight Loss

  1. If you don't mind me asking what do you do for a living? Are you a health coach? If not, you should consider because you have alot of great information and are very motivating 🙂

  2. Hi 🙂 Right now I'm a pescetarian but I don't have the knowledge and cooking skills yet to transition to a vegetarian and then vegan. Is there any book you would recommend that I can start reading about different foods out there that I may not know of. Like I just recently found out about Quinoa lol I'm just having a hard time since I don't have that much time to cook since I go to college and 3/4 of my day is spent on that. It's also hard since I'm away from my house the whole day. Thank you 🙂

  3. Cut out the sugar, white flour like pasta. Once you get to your ideal weight, then you can look at introducing back on a cheat day. I personally add green smoothies into my diet to maintain my ideal weight. Its all about balance…

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