Healthy Eating Guidelines : How to Turn a Regular Recipe Into a Low-Fat Recipe

Healthy Eating Guidelines : How to Turn a Regular Recipe Into a Low-Fat Recipe

My name is Christine Marquette, and I’m a
registered dietitian, with the Austin Regional Clinic, and I’m going to talk to you about
how to turn a regular recipe, into a low fat recipe. Now, there’s a lot of different ways
to reduce the fat content of your foods. It kind of depends a little bit on the recipe.
We’ll start with baked goods. If you’re trying to bake cookies or bake a cake or something
like that, that calls for oil, a lot of the times you can cut the oil in half, and then
add that missing portion of oil, with something like an applesauce, if it’s a lighter colored
baked good, or you can even use something called No Bake. It’s basically a combination
of applesauce, prunes, and a few other fruits, that will really give your baked good the
moisture and the feel, missing from the oil, so that’s one option for baked goods. Another
option if you’re actually preparing an entree that uses oil, you just want to avoid deep
frying. You can use a very small amount of oil to coat the surface of the pan. If it’s
something for example,a meat that really doesn’t need any additional oil, the little bit of
fat that is in the meat, should be sufficient. If you feel like things are sticking a little
bit, you can always add a little bit of vegetable broth, or chicken broth, or even a little
bit of juice. That little bit of extra moisture will really help prevent sticking in the pan,
if you’re pan frying something, sauteing something, so that’s a very easy way to reduce some fat,
in regular recipes. Other options, if you’re using something that calls for cream, heavy
cream, regular butter. All of those things you can actually reduce the fat, by using
a reduced fat version of that product, and you don’t want to go fat free on the milk
or the cream , but as long as you go with a reduced fat cream, or reduced fat milk,
that will cut the fat content down significantly, and will still allow you to have the texture
that you need, in that particular recipe. Other ways, if you have recipes that call
for a lot of cheese, it’s basically just reducing the amount of cheese that you’re using. That
will cut down on the fat as well, and there you can determine what you’re willing to compromise.
Some people can cut the cheese in half, other people will only cut it down, by say a quarter,
so that’s a little bit up to you on the actual taste, the flavor, the texture of the product
that you’re making, but very often you can decrease it by half. Another option is when
you decrease, say for example it’s cheddar cheese by half, you may want to also add just
a little bit of Parmesan or Romano. That particular cheese is already pretty low in fat, and will
reduce your fat content significantly, so just a few tips, for some of the different
recipe options, cutting the fat in those.

3 thoughts on “Healthy Eating Guidelines : How to Turn a Regular Recipe Into a Low-Fat Recipe

  1. My liver enzymes numbers are very high ,cholestero(bad)l numbers are very high and have been told that it could be a sign fatty liver disease. Soo..My DR has put me on a strict diet of no butter, cheese, milk, red meat, eggs (all dairy) no fast food or sugar. I guess we are eliminating to what is wrong with my liver..what is scary is that..medicine can't fix this and the worse case scenario..get a liver transplant. which mean I would be on a waiting list..and that means I could die waiting.

  2. thats why I'm at your channel to find alternatives to eating like my DR wants me too. I have a husband and two teenage sons. and I want to live. I have noticed that cooking in the microwave eliminates all oil. what do you think of soy cheese? Is there fat in that at all?

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