Healthy Eating Habits During The Holidays [MY NINJA TRICK!]

what’s up phoenixes its Christmas! In this video
I’m gonna be telling you how to stay healthy at Christmas I know it can be a
really triggering and overwhelming time when we tend to just binge eat and
overeat and so before we get rockin and rollin with the turkey and the sweets
and all the craziness I’m going to show you how to stay healthy during the
holidays and make sure you saved in the end this video because I’m going to show
you a ninja trick that I use personally so I don’t feel the need to constantly
want to like overeat and binge eat on all the sweets and delicious things at
Christmas so be sure you say to the end of the video so you can check that up so
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based on helping you and the battle with food and your body so who am i i miss
amantha I’m the founder of hungry for happiness and I’ve helped thousands of
women and men and the battling have with food in their body around the world so
if that is you you are in the right place ok let’s get started the first
thing is stay present stay present what had tends to happen is we get so caught
up nur minds that our minds are going and going and going we’re thinking about
all the things that we just kind of like check out them we’re not connected to
our bodies when we’re not present we can’t be connected to our bodies and so
that is the most important thing is just continually ask yourself when you’re
with your family when you’re at parties when you’re at events whatever it is
just ask yourself am i present and if you’re not just take a deep breath into
the nose let’s move a mouth and just grab yourself cuz there’s nothing that
allows us to get in the moment quicker then simply using our breath it’s like
this incredible relaxation system that we have access to all the time and
here’s the thing when we’re present we simply can’t
Bengie we can’t overeat and so always making sure
you’re checking in with yourself asking yourself and my present and if you’re
not using the breath to help you the second thing ask yourself the
question is so simple am i hungry right is so easy to just like mindlessly eat
and drink if we’re feeling like uncomfortable or with family or we’re at
a party and maybe we’re like feeling a little bit awkward that’s okay allow
yourself to feel awkward allow yourself to be there and have that experience of
feeling uncomfortable and just being with it right what tends to happen is we
feel this feeling I’m like oh god I’m in a social setting and I don’t know these
people and I feel really awkward or oh man my brother is triggering me or my
mum said this or whatever people are triggering us at this time of year but
just stay in your body and stay with that feeling because the easiest way to
start to binge eat an ovary is to ignore that feeling want to run away from it
and let go right away for the sweets or the wine or the chocolate so just ask
yourself simply take a moment and ask yourself am i hungry that is going to be
able to help you so much decipher the difference between is this an emotional
hunger cue where I just want to numb the feeling that I’m feeling or am I
actually hungry and this is legit and so ask yourself that question and that’s
going to help you so much to not overeat and the third and final thing takes them
a long time if you’re anything like me I’m a total impact which means I just
soak in people’s energy from all around me and so people are feeling anxious all
automatically feel anxious cuz I’m an empath that’s just what happens I like
soaking people’s energy and so it’s really important for me to take time by
myself like go check out go for a walk spend some time in your room journal and
do whatever you need to do to just get some alone time and just allow yourself
to be in your own and your own space because it tends to
happen is when we’re kind of feeling anxious and then we soak in energy from
other people at holidays there’s so much stuff going on constantly just really
allow yourself to like take that time for yourself and in a moment here I’m
gonna be teaching you one of the most powerful things I learned on how to get
over this time the holidays that’s really emotional and can be triggering
and before I do that I want to share with you the five-day food freedom
challenge so if if overeating and binge eating is something that you really
struggle with I want to invite you to join me in my five-day food freedom
challenge where I’m gonna be taking you through step by step by step to help you
and the bottle with food and your body okay so here’s my trick this is
something that US helped me so much over the years and that’s understanding that
when we’re around family which can be highly triggering at the best of times
understand that everyone who triggers you is trying to teach you a lesson they
don’t know that but that is what’s going on is there’s a lesson to be learned and
so if you get triggered and you get annoyed at something rather than getting
drunk or overeating or doing whatever just allow yourself to feel that pain
allow yourself to feel that pain and ask yourself what part of me needs to be
loved right now because if someone is triggering an emotional response in you
all that means is there something in you that needs to be loved there’s something
in you that needs to be healed and to allow that to be a lesson allow that to
be an opportunity for growth rather than an opportunity for you to numb out and
binging and so that for me with one of the most important things that helped me
so in the comments below I want you to tell me does family trigger you is this
a highly emotional can you just let me know give me a yes
or no I would love to know in the comments below and so something really
important to remember as well is everything is a lesson in this
everything is a lesson and the feeling that we’re feeling in our body that we
wanted none even that’s a lesson pain is there to teach us something it’s not to
be numbed out it’s not to be ignored and so allow this holiday season to be so
full of love and joy and presence and connection and you absolutely have
everything it takes to create that experience for yourself all right so I
want to know at the end of the holiday season if this was your best one yet
because you use these tools so in the box below I also want to know out of
those three things which one resonates most with you which one is going to be
easiest for you to follow so I hope you guys enjoy this video give me a like if
you liked it if you didn’t like it give me that as well and let me know if you
have any questions in the comments below and I’ll be there to answer them
happy holidays I love you thank you for being here and we’ll see you next week

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