Healthy Eating Tips : Eating Healthy Raw & Cooked Foods

Healthy Eating Tips : Eating Healthy Raw & Cooked Foods

I’d like to talk another aspect of a healthy
diet. Something that is not usually discussed in relation to the five food groups and so
on. And that is raw food. The benefits of raw food and the benefits of cooked food.
Like other aspects of nutrition we’re looking for balance here. And it’s important to get
raw food in the diet for the live, I should say the active enzymes in there. Enzymes are
considered the life force of foods. So if you put a raw food, like a raw potato in the
ground it will grow into a plant. If you put a cooked potato in the ground it’ll just decay.
So that’s an example of the life force in raw foods. And there are different opinions
about what proportion that you constitute in the diet. There are some people that are
advocating these days a completely raw food diet. Which I don’t subscribe to. I think
we need more of the balance. But this is something that’s increasing in popularity as seen by
the emergence of the raw food restaurants and the raw food “cookbooks”. So raw foods
of course we commonly think of are vegetables and fruits. But there are other raw foods
as well. Raw eggs for example. If you remember the Rocky movies. Remember Rocky downing his
raw eggs in his blender shake in the morning. Even raw dairy products like raw milk. And
in some states this is available. Not all. Raw milk comes from a certified dairy. And
what that means is the herd is checked on a regular basis, in some cases daily, to keep
them clean and to prevent pathogens. So a certified dairy turns out a very safe raw
food product in my opinion. And raw foods could also be sprouted nuts, seeds, grains,
even fish. You’ve heard of Sushi. Sushi consists of a lot of different types of raw fish. And
we can talk about the proportion. As I say I don’t subscribe to a completely raw diet
but I believe as much as seventy percent of the diet can be raw. And the problem with
raw foods you might need to be careful about. Sometimes raw foods harbor pathogens, like
raw fish, bacteria that might be on certain raw foods. Too much raw food in the diet can
actually weaken digestion. And certain conditions you would not want to eat a lot of raw foods.
Like if a person were suffering from Candida for example, which is too much dampness in
the body. We don’t want to contribute more dampness by eating a lot of raw foods. Some
of the advantages of cooked foods. Cooked foods. Actually cooking makes some of the
nutrients more available to the body. As in the case of carrots. You can get, assimilate
more carotenoids by cooking the vegetables. Not over cooking them. But al-dente as they
say. Tomatoes. Tomatoes contain Lycopene, another member of the carotenoid family. And
we know that men who get more cooked tomato products in the diet have a lower risk of
prostate cancer. That was not seen in those consuming the raw tomato products. So, again,
we need a nice balance of raw and cooked foods in the diet. Well here’s a gourmet approach
to raw foods. This is something like you might find in some of the raw food restaurants.
This is a spinach quiche. It’s got an almond crust. And it has spinach, kale, celery, collard
greens. And it’s got sort of a mild almond creme topping. Looks delicious. Here’s another
one. This is a Mediterranean wrap. This has sprouted lentils and lettuce in here. Also
delicious. So these type of gourmet raw foods you would have to look around. Try your local
natural foods store. You’ll see more and more they’re carrying some of these gourmet raw

8 thoughts on “Healthy Eating Tips : Eating Healthy Raw & Cooked Foods

  1. I eat healthy food and I admire healthy food. Have no problems with apetite I eat well and all that but… I think I need a little more weight. I'm 19, 182cm tall but have only 60-65kg. I think that's beacuse of my metabolism for I don't eat lesser than avarage or heavier persons and I'm very energetic. Is there any way I can increase my weight?

  2. @jm463 The only reason that can happen is the hormones in meat.
    Also, some of that muscle is acturally fat & water retention. And meat-eaters are more likely to have more of that.

  3. @whitbyjet65 …And their muscle is "Marbled" with fat.

    I'm now 95% raw for 2 years
    Vegan for 16 years
    Feeling better = happier
    My tinnitus went away

  4. @MikeLockard Well that can't be accurate or complete. If there was no difference than all the benefits(below) wouldn't occur;

    — Us Raw-foodists notice smoother skin, fat-loss. more energy, getting rid of diseases(fibromyalgea, diabetes, My tinnitus went away after 18 years.)

    And most of us report "smiling for no reason"

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